Eshop-Planet is an Online Affiliate free “magazine” with a portfolio of best selling products worldwide. Eshop Planet is an idea; a project created and ran by me. The idea of this project is based on my interest to find online a website that shows the best selling products from the best sellers worldwide and of course the best prices online. This is the idea and I am able to offer it by participating in various affiliate programs such as Amazon, Linkwise, Ebay. etc.

My Target is to display the best favorites List of Products from trusted websites and best sellers, which can guarantee quality for money. All products are sold directly from the supplier; Eshop Planet does not carry any of the products listed on the site. The purchase will be performed with the terms and conditions of the supplier’s shop and for any questions you may contact directly the supplier of your product.

The affiliate links do not affect the price of the purchased products; the Affiliate Program is based on commission between the dealer and the promoter.