Akai Professional USB MIDI Controller for FL Studio with 64 RGB Clip/Drum Pad Matrix (Fire).

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  1. FL studio music production essential – dedicated USB MIDI hardware controller for the FL studio DAW platform with seamless plug-and-play connectivity
  2. Workflow revolution – 64 velocity-sensitive RGB pads for creation of patterns in the step sequencer and recording notes/ Synth parts on a pad-based MIDI keyboard controller in performance Mode
  3. Beat production simplified – transform fire into a beat maker essential with a MPC style 16-pad layout in drum Mode
  4. Maximum tweak-ability – 4 Banks of assignable touch-capacitive MIDI knobs/ encoders for controlling mixer, channel and custom user-assignable mappings
  5. Improved navigation – instantly navigate the channel rack, browser, tool bar and playlist Windows; dedicated controls to browse audio and project files with clear feedback from the oiled display


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Controller Only, Includes FL Studio Fruity Fire Ed

10 reviews for Akai Professional USB MIDI Controller for FL Studio with 64 RGB Clip/Drum Pad Matrix (Fire).

  1. Eeshvar Das

    Love this Akai porofessional Fire so far!Plugged it in and started working right away with the latest version of Image Line FL Studio.The Fire is causing me to go back and focus on the core FL Studio channel programming after many years of tweaking FL Studio to do whatever I want.The physical channel sequencing, channel and mixer knob twisting, pattern selector, transport control panel, and other features bring me back to the heart of how Image Line originally designed FL Studio.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Love the controller, one of my favorite features is the scale locking and the mode selection, especially if you aren’t familiar with how to play piano you can really lay out some cool melodies without knowing much about music theory, super creative process with all the pads and imo its very easy to play chords with this controller compared to a standard keyboard which requires a lot of practice. If you are new to fl studio and producing this is the best option on the market right now because it comes with fl fire version and some sample packs.

  3. Dennis

    If you have any issues getting started, I highly recommend “In The Mix’s” youtube videos on this thing, he’s excellent at explaining it.At first glance, this just looks like and extension of the sequencer in FL Studio, and while it does handle that function amazingly, there are so many more things it does. Notably, you can turn it into a 3+ octave keyboard that can be customized to any scale you want. The different key arrangement takes some time to get used to, but actually end up becoming intuitive and you can progress within chords effortlessly. I do wish the buttons were a little more tactile, but for this price they do they job very well.I do still find myself switching between mouse, keyboard, and the fire, but the fire has taken over quite a few main commands, especially velocity, panning, and tuning of any note. That’s probably the strong suit of the Fire, the seamless link with the sequencer commands, and the weighted feel of the knobs as you change settings. Even though there’s only 4 knobs, they can do 16 different things with only a couple clicks, 8 of those fully customizable.If you don’t already have a MIDI controller/keyboard for your FL Studio setup, don’t hesitate to get this – it will open up your production immensely. If you do already have MIDI controllers and synths, this is still something to consider if you are well-versed in FL Studio. The way it integrates the program into a tactile controller will augment everything you do and can significantly speed up your workflow – letting you get farther in your work faster.

  4. Oliver B. Brummel

    Honestly the most awesome piece of tech I’ve got on my desk. I got to see this as it was being released, watching as they talked about it. I’ve been playing with this for a while and it’s good fun. No problems with it at all.

  5. Will

    Super stoked about my new Fire controller. It immediately provided me with a means to improvise rhythm patterns directly in the channel rack of FL Studio. Plus, I can do the same with samples in Slicex. The keyboard option will also be useful for playing soft synths without requiring another midi controller. Furthermore, I can adjust the volume and EQ levels on both the channels and the mixer. The Fire is perfect for my, otherwise analog, electronic music improvisations, allowing me to use my favorite DAW to perform and record them. As a bonus, the pads are beautifully bright and responsive and the overall controller is built with the usual Akai quality.

  6. The World of Technology

    If you use FL Studio, this is really the controller to buy. My favorite function is that you can set the scale and key for the pads.

  7. Andreas

    Pro input midi device for FL Studio.Great and intuitive workflow.Fast arrangements, easy and fun to work with.

  8. Dan M.

    I really like this controller quite a bit. I’m in such the habit of using my mouse instead that I forget to use it though. Takes a little getting used to the different modes but as far as a step sequencer it’s easy to use and works great. I only have the one but apparently you can use up to four at one time, which is going to be where this really becomes useful in my opinion. Overall it makes using the sequencer in FL Studio much easier than clicking with a mouse, and faster which is what I like. Been using for about a month now almost daily and it’s clearly a quality product, which is what I have come to expect from anything made by Akai going all the way back to the reel to reel recorder I got in the late 70’s. Happy with this and recommend if you use FL Studio.

  9. Tony G

    Works great with FL Studio and looks amazing! Works seamlessly with FL and is easy to setup and use

  10. jessica

    Hella worth the money . Very satisfied. Very strong. I will definitely order again. I love it alot. I recommend to everyone.

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