Award Winning Hape Happy Harp Kid’s Wooden Musical Instrument.

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  1. Creates lovely music with a pleasant soft sound
  2. Well suited to little hands with a desire for realistic sound
  3. All nylon strings for comfort and safety
  4. Includes playing and tuning tips as well as five songs to begin playing, two picks, and a tuning wrench
  5. Hape toys are all non-toxic, child safe, and of the highest quality



10 reviews for Award Winning Hape Happy Harp Kid’s Wooden Musical Instrument.

  1. P & LA

    Beautiful sound, especially considering that it’s my 3 and 6 year olds playing! The 6 year old can play the sheet music that slides under the strings. The 3yo mostly just strums, though he did follow along on one of the simpler songs once. It needs a good bit of tuning (several of the strings are never tight enough when we play again a day after tuning), but it’s a simple and quick job.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Better than expected. Kids played it all the way home from Washington to North Dakota. Entertaining and fun. Good quality.

  3. jon

    Nothing wrong with this. Quality is nice. Would by again. Only wish it came with a cowbell. I really think we need more cowbell

  4. Dee Stover

    Kids love to play it

  5. Bob Dylan,AmyGrant,Michael W Smith Fan

    I got this harp for my Granddaughter she loved it. At age 7 started playing very first day

  6. sally

    I tuned this to chords. I wanted an auto-harp sound. I tuned the lowest 5 strings to C,E,G,C,C. (I doubled the top C because it blends with the next chord.) Strings 6-10 A,C,F,A,A. Strings 11-15 G,B,D,D,G.Many songs can be accompanied with the three resulting chords (C chord, F chord, G chord). You play each chord on four of the strings. The doubled notes blend with either adjacent chord, providing a buffer between.The tuning given in the instructions is just a chromatic major scale, so you can only pick out melodies. I was ready to return this, but the chords worked out.

  7. John Schwindt

    my kids love this thing. it works, it is a very nice harp to have for younger kids. this will sit in your lap, and it is large enough for young kids to use without help

  8. Hape Toys

    I tuned it quick it sounds “good” not cheerful but good. Sounds like China. I don’t know how els to say it but the instrument sounds “dark”. After tuneing it one note apart and go across all the stings at once it sounds like an opening to the text of avatar the last air bender. For lack of a better description.

  9. Amazon Customer

    This was a great toy for my 2.5 year old who LOVES to make music. The only challenge is that it can be hard to keep track of the small parts (i.e., picks) as there is no place to put them on the instrument.

  10. Melody R.

    This is an excellently made product. I mean, a REAL musical instrument that my boys are enjoying. It even has the tool and instructions on how to properly tune it! It is very sturdy, has great sound quality, and the sheet music makes it easy for all three of my boys to play. It has encouraged them to learn other stringed instruments!

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