Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker (Wireless Charging Stand + Bluetooth Speaker) Charge While Taking Video Calls.

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  1. The Belkin Difference: Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 35 years
  2. Wirelessly charge your smartphone while listening to music, streaming videos, or video calling with friends
  3. Fast wireless charging at speeds up to 10W for Qi-enabled devices, including iPhone SE, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S10, S10+, S9, S9+, Note10, Note10+, Note9, Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 3, 3XL, more
  4. One-touch pairing makes connecting devices via Bluetooth easy
  5. Charge in portrait or landscape orientation, so you can keep doing the things you love while you charge
  6. Keep your case on while you charge – compatible with most lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm

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10W Dual Pad, 10W Pad, 10W Stand, 10W Stand + Speaker, 15W Pad, 15W Stand, 7.5W Pad

10 reviews for Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker (Wireless Charging Stand + Bluetooth Speaker) Charge While Taking Video Calls.

  1. Koelner

    Nice to just sit this on the nightstand to charge the phone overnight. Also nice while traveling if you have a nightstand there. Needs a flat surface to sit on, but does have some rubbery non-slip ring on the surface to avoid sliding if placed at a slight incline. Better for leaving the phone to charge, not for playing while charging, due to the flat angle. Could be a little more lenient with phone placement: if it’s not perfectly centered the charging does not kick in. Not a major issue but it does happen sometimes.

  2. jonicat

    Belkin and Mophie did a side by side evaluation. I placed two brand new iPhone 8+ phones on the Belkin and the Mophe and set a timer.The Belkin over a 30min timer charged only 2% more than the Mophie. No big deal.Both feel nice. Personally the Belking is nicer looking than the Mophie.Buy either one.Aside from the looks.. they both perform almost the same.The Mophie is a black disk about the same foot print of a typical coffee mugThe Belkin is a white disk about the same dimensions of a typical tea cup saucer.The Mophe does have a little nicer power supply..BOTH are approved by APPLE

  3. C. Green

    Using this with an iPhone 8 and 8Plus ……. works as intended …… seems to take just a bit longer to fully charge then if the phone was plugged in with an Apple cord ……. phones get a bit warm (not hot) as well ……Great purchase as we have it placed in a very convenient location …… and its very easy to just place your phone down as you come into the house, and still have the phone near-by as it charges ……

  4. Chris W

    My wife uses the iPhone and love these Belkin charger. She has not had any issues with it, since Christmas 2018. We have no had issues with it overheating, even though some reviewers have.When the phone is placed onto the charger, the indicator light will light up green, so you know you have a connection and are charging. My phone has a medium thickness case on her phone, and has no problems. We tried my dad’s phone, with an Otter box, and had no problems with the thicker case.

  5. Bob

    No cord to plug in… just place on pad…pad light are done! Works with military grade pelican case on iphone x! Easy!

  6. Dr. Eck

    The Belkin BOOST UP was one of two wireless chargers recommended for my iPhone X by Apple. Since I have used and trusted Belkin products for as long as I’ve used tech devices, it was a no brainer to buy this product. The cost was a little pricey, but my experience has been you get what you pay for. That’s why I buy Apple devices. The charger has worked perfectly. I lay my phone exactly in the middle and get the green light every time. I’m also charging through an Otter Box case and this hasn’t been a problem. I have no problem recommending the Belkin BOOST UP to other users.

  7. Ms. M

    The light indicator is great to let you know you’ve hit the magic spot for charging is great! No beeping – thank you! Charges fast. Love the white colored model to keep my home bright and after many months, it shows zero signs of dirt or discoloration. Phone does get just a scooch warm but hey, it’s being charged wirelessly, so a little warmth (like it’s been hugged up against your body) isn’t completely unreasonable.

  8. Reviews from Me

    Good little charge for home or office use. At 15W it is the most powerful charger recommended by Apple for my Xr iphone. It charges (at least on paper) 50% faster than the charger that came with my phone. I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison, but it definitely is quicker. A little large for travel; when I do travel, I take the charger that came with my iphone. Recommended? You bet.

  9. dave

    Works great!! Just lay your cell phone on top of this Belkin wireless charger and it charges in a few hours no problem. I even leave my cell phone case on my phone. No need to take the phone out of the case. Just lay it on top of the Belkin wireless charger. Charges fast and without issue. Love not having to plug my cell phone into a charger. Just lay it on top of the charger and the green light comes on. Starts charging right away. Works great and good price. I highly recommend this Belkin charger.

  10. MISahnov

    Very simple to use. I noticed that some people said this had to be placed a certain way in order to get a charge, but I haven’t had any issues. Just place you phone centered on the circle and it should charge. I’m ok with the light, it’s small and not as bright as some people are saying it is. I have my charging station by my computer and whenever I’m not using the phone I just set it on for a charge, when I need it I just pick it up and there’s no cord to hassle with. It’s great I love it.

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