Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic Dog and Cat Bed with Hooded Blanket for Warmth.

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  • SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Featuring an attached pet blanket, our covered cat bed is a must-have for animals that hide or burrow! Along with our amazingly soft faux fur interior, the hood provides breathable warmth and creates a sense of security for better sleep, promoting better health and behavior.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Our warm cat bed’s flexible design means pets can sprawl out or curl up depending on what’s most comfortable for them! Surrounded by cushioned walls, they have extra head and neck support and can settle deep in the snug crevices.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: With an exterior made of upholstery-grade microfiber, our pet furniture adds a touch of sophistication to any room! Paired with a bottom that resists dirt and water, it also helps protect floors against mud, slobber and accidental messes.
  • PET-SAFE MATERIALS: From super-strength nylon to cozy faux fur, our durable dog bed is made with only premium, pet-friendly fabrics! As an added bonus, they’re washing machine and dryer safe, providing a quick and simple cleanup that couldn’t be easier
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We’re so confident you and your pet will love our dog cushion, we’re including our money back guarantee with each order! We suggest the small bed (23×23”) for dogs and cats up to 25lbs, and the medium (26×26”) for pets up to 35lbs

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Small – 23" x 23", Medium – 26" x 26"


Dark Brown Ilan, Dark Brown Mason, Gray Ilan, Gray Mason, Oyster Mason, Tide Pool Ilan, Wheat Ilan, Wheat Mason

10 reviews for Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic Dog and Cat Bed with Hooded Blanket for Warmth.

  1. LHazle

    My papillon LOVES this bed. He has several different beds around the house. The cuddler beds are our favorites! The inside material is soft, not hairy-furry, but animal soft. The outside is soft yet sturdy. The cuddler design provides great cushion all around and allows your pet to burrow, hide toys, treats, etc. This model has the blanket flap so your pet can hide, snuggle, etc. I’m sure when it gets cooler he’ll be under the flap. Thanks for an awesome, washable pet bed. 😀

  2. Chris

    Let me start by saying if you’re thinking of buying this just do it. You won’t regret it! It was so worth the purchase! It’s super soft, durable, and has plenty of padding on the bottom and all around for your furbaby to be comfortable no matter the position he/she sleeps in. I have had this for about 3mos and I have put this in the washer and dryer 1 to 2x a week. It comes out exactly the way we purchased it! It hasn’t lost shape, padding, not even the soft furry stuff that’s in it! I’m super excited for this product and so is my furbaby! He loves it! I purchased the small size and my yorkie is 6 lbs. He has soo much room that I could probably fit 2 or 3 more of him in it. I put his favorite plush toy (same size as him) with him and still plenty of room. If he’s hot he’ll lie on top of the blanket part and if he’s cold he’ll just go under it and it keeps him warm. I really like the material. Only wish they made beds like this for us!

  3. Diane

    I love how much my dog loves his new bed! He jumped right in before I could even take off the tag. He is a 15lb cheagle who loves to burrow in heaps of blankets and the 24” is perfect for him—big enough to move around while still being cozy thanks to the walls. The bed interior and exterior are both super soft, and the grey Ilan is a nice, neutral, cooler grey color. This still shipped pretty quickly despite not being a prime item. Not sure how this will hold up in the washer yet, but so far it’s great!Update Oct 2020: this bed has done us well for the past 2 years! It’s easy to wash and is still soft and decently plush after every day use. We even bought another one for upstairs, and our dog prefers this bed to the expensive Casper dog bed we bought him (insert eye roll and heavy sigh). The one we originally bought him is just now starting to rip at the connecting blanket seam, but I think this could’ve been delayed if we carried the bed by the sides/bottom instead of by the blanket attachment when moving it. It’s a simple sewing fix but with a toddler in the house and another baby on the way, nobody got time for that so we’re planning to purchase a replacement. Still love this bed!

  4. Leah K. Baker

    We have three of these beds for two 20-25 pound Boston terriers. They LOVE this bed. Once they’re in it, they snooze out, and are quiet for hours. The impressive thing I found is that my 1 yr old pup, who has never opted to sleep anywhere besides under my arm, has spent several nights on the floor in this bed. This means I have been able to roll over peacefully in the middle of the night without running into a furry, snorting lump of dog. Even my poor, old big doggo has tried to utilize this bed, even though she has a couple of her own size to use.Bottom line, this is hands-down the best bed I’ve had. You can even very easily toss it into the washer to clean it. Nothing beats that!

  5. MJ

    I got this one because my pup is a burrower and I decided to train him out of my bed, but I am a sucker who was worried about him being cold in his normal bagel style bed from Majestic Pet. I like that the cover mimics bedsheets and isn’t held up with a wire like one I’ve tried before. He basically ignores the flap anyway, but did take to the bed quickly and hasn’t ripped it to shreds, both pluses for me. He is a mini schnauzer and it is a great size for him.

  6. Movin’ south

    We have two fabulous, non-allergenic Oriental Shorthairs, one very large and long (tight fit in kitty litter box!) and one quite petite. We adore these very smart, funny cats, except for one thing: Because they have very short fur, they are constantly seeking warmth. And more warmth. Even on summer nights, they make our sleep challenging as they burrow in deeper and deeper next to our bodies. In winter, there’s even more night-time activity. As the night goes on and they want to get under the covers, and knock (on us) to help them. We adore them, but not at night; it’s not unusual for them to stir one or both of us out of a deep sleep five or more times. We’ve tried several other cat beds, including heated beds, but they always showed back up on our bed. The minute this bed came out of the box, they haven’t once tried our bed. Fabulous!! We’re sleeping SOOOO much better!!! And they seem happy as clams as well; they stay there long after we get up and often are in it during the day. So far, they haven’t gone under the cat bed blanket, but the little one is getting closer. I’m putting occasional treats under the blanket, and they’re getting them, so just a matter of time, trust and temperature. Together, the two cats weigh about 17 pounds, and there’s enough room for a third cat. (We lost one last year, and the two OSH cats regularly curled up with her in a smaller bed.) Now going to get another smaller one for our anti-social 24 YO cat! Thanks for a great invention!!

  7. rin

    My building has such unreliable heating in the winter that it’s tempting to let my dog sleep in my bed. This bed has put my concerns to dog is short but a bit long in the torso (about 24″), so i went with this size, and theres a bit room to spare. it’s so soft and fluffy and he sleeps well. i definitely, completely recommend this to washability, ill edit this when i cross that bridge.

  8. Jessica N Lynch

    This little bed is wonderful. The bolstered sides make our little pup feel cozy and secure, and he loves using it as a headrest when he hasn’t buried his face into the sides. He hasn’t quite figured out the blanket portion yet, but he still finds it super comfortable! The sides are high enough to be cozy but not so high that he can’t get in and out (he’s a three legged little shorty). We bought the same size in the regular cuddler bed by Best Friends by Sheri and that one was far too large for some reason. For reference, we got the 23”x23” and it measures true to size. Our little guy is a 9.4 lb jack russell and chihuahua mix (we think). He’s about 20 inches nose to tail and 13 inches tall. He loves the bed!

  9. Jenny

    I got the medium size and my 24lb beagle loves it! She loves to burrow under the hood of the bed. I’m also very impressed with the quality. The material is soft and cushion has a good thickness to it.

  10. LuluC

    We bought the small size in grey mason for our 12 lb Chihuahua. We’ve only had it for a little over two weeks, so I can’t say how it will hold up long term, but our boy loves it! I was afraid it would be another wasted pet purchase as so many end up being for our two cats and one dog, but he got in it within an hour of opening the box. He uses it just as pictured in listing, resting his chin on the rim while he watches the birds and squirrels through the slider. It’s very soft and fleecy, but firm enough to give him cushion on the bottom, and enough give in the rim that he seems very comfortable resting his head there. I would have liked to see more cushioning in the bottom, maybe a foam layer. Where the button is in the center of the bottom, there’s no fill. Put in foam, make the cover removable and it would be perfect and I’d even pay a little more. The grey mason fabric is very nice looking and all the seams are nicely sew. The bottom is a different material that can be wiped off. He snuggles under the little blanket piece. It serves the purpose of keeping him in the kitchen with us as he now has a comfy place of his own instead of retreating to his night time fabric house-bed in the bedroom to hang out alone, just to be comfortable. There’s enough room for a dog that might be about 10 lbs heavier, but a dog that size would fill the bed, where my 12 lb dog has room to stretch out. Very pleased. May get another for the living room.

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