Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag Fur.

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  • SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality zippered Donut Cuddler cat and dog bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up; The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Cozy, flexible, and finished with vegan faux shag fur, our warming luxury zippered dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat; Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow, animals will have full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health
  • VERSATILE DESIGN and MAINTENANCE: Available in beautifully natural colors, our cat and dog donut cuddler beds are a seamless addition to any room’s décor; Finished with water and dirt-resistant bottoms, accidental messes will be prevented from reaching your floors; The removable shell is also safe to machine wash and dry (do not leave bed to air dry, as this will lead to tangling and matting of the fur)
  • PET-SAFE MATERIALS: Our pet beds are responsibly sourced, made with durable luxurious nylon faux fur and non-toxic premium filling to ensure safety and comfort for you and your pets
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Designed and shipped from Los Angeles, CA, our local customer service is only a phone call or email away to address any concerns and questions to ensure you and your pets are happy with your purchase

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Small 23" x 23", Medium 30" x 30", Extra Large 45" x 45", Large 36" x 36"


Frost, Taupe


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10 reviews for Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag Fur.

  1. FLBeachmom

    Martini gives her new cuddler two Paws up!! From the second we opened it she has been in love with this Bed. She looks so comfy it makes me a little jealous LolI think it does get a little hot though because I’ve noticed after a while she keeps getting out of it to lay on the hard cool floor. We live in Florida so the warmth will never be a good thing.I think this Bed is awesome however other reviews about the middle not having a lot of stuffing is correct. My Maltese is only 6 pounds but if you have a dog with any weight the padding in the middle won’t do anything and it will be like they are laying on the ground.The small bed is a perfect size with a lot of extra room.My Maltese is 17” long and has plenty of room in the middle to sprawl out.She likes to hang her head over the edge and burry her face in the sides.The white with a grayish black undertone looks very sleek in my home as well.I did see the Tan one at Tj Maxx and Home Goods for half the price but I really wanted the white one. All of my furniture is white.

  2. Becky

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone is giving this bed a 1 star review. I’m someone who is diligent about reading other people’s feedback before buying an item, so the reviews matter. I was looking for a dog bed that didn’t look like a dog bed. I have a terrier mix, about 14 pounds,18 inches long, who’s been using the same ugly brown/tan (you know, the typical dog product colors you find in the store) bed for the last 3 years. I’m redoing my apartment, and the thing was such an eyesore that I decided to see if I could find anything that didn’t scream ugly. For reference, I bought the smallest bed – 23×23, because I didn’t want it to take up too much space. First, I got it a week sooner than was estimated. Second, I was a little worried when the bed showed up flat in an air-sealed bag. But when I opened it up and took it out of the plastic, it took almost no manipulation for it to become it’s intended shape. I sort of expected this item to be a let-down, because it looks so nice in the pictures. But it isn’t at all. It’s insanely soft, super fluffy, and my dog fits in it perfectly. It normally takes him some time to warm up to new things, but he already gravitated towards it after two nights of it being in our home. A lot of people mentioned a lack of cushion, but my dog enjoys sleeping on the floor, so I can’t imagine this is a problem for him (or for any dog). Finally, regarding the color (for the “frost” selection) – I’m working on an all-white apartment, and I was thrilled to finally find something for my dog that wasn’t the beige-y, brown-y grossness that I can’t seem to avoid when shopping for him. This is a true white bed and looks classy and sophisticated. I think the liner underneath the shag threads is a dark grey, but it doesn’t change the color of the whole product. If anything, it looks sort of like salt and pepper hair on a guy. Anyway, super happy. Buy this for your pet.

  3. PNWesterner

    I’ve avoided shaggy/fur beds because they can be a pain to clean and I’m not keen on the aesthetic, but I needed to bribe my cats with something to keep them off my pillows. I read the reviews and I was pretty sure my tabby cat who is 12 lbs (and also the worst pillow offender) would like it.Sure enough! I unpackaged the darn thing and noticed a few things right off the bat:- Quality. It looks much nicer than I expected. I’ll admit that I thought this would look like a cheap Davy Crockett hat, but that’s not the case. Also, the whole thing is washable.- Soft and fluffy: This bed is very thick and and luxurious. You’ll read more below, but it’s an awesome option for cats that are always looking for warmth or like mine, are a little older and enjoy laying on something soft.- Size. This is big enough for both my cats (one is 12 lbs and the other is 16). I often find them sharing the bed and man they they generate a lot of heat in this thing and stay very toasty. Although it’s large enough for both of them, it’s not overly large. As much as I catch them laying in it together, I also catch them enjoying this independently of one another.- My cats took to it immediately. As soon as I got this bed, I threw it on the ground and sat them inside. Normally they’d jump out right away (and be a little indignant), but in this instance they made zero attempt to move. They sleep on it everyday since it’s arrived.Overall, it’s a win-win. Cats love it and now I don’t get hair all over my pillows and blankets.

  4. KP

    This is the most comfortable dog bed ever. Sometimes, after sitting on my floor to stretch or do yoga, I put my head on this thing and wish I was my dog. Look at how comfortable he looks. He also has this weird habit (from being ignored by his previous owners, I think) of putting his toys in his bed and then flinging the bed around by his teeth, going to collect his toys, and repeating the process. He has ripped several beds doing this strange self-play thing, but this bed has held up for months! Mostly though, he curls up or stretches out in it, and looks like the most peaceful pup on the planet. For reference, he’s 18lbs but long and skinny. Also, the color means I see none of his light dog hair all over it – bonus!

  5. Adam R

    It’s starting to get very cold in the bay area California, and we have a few stray cats, so I decided to find a solution to making sure they are nice and warm during the winter. I looked into self heating, igloo type beds, beds that had thin sherpa lining, the cat beds that are rounded at the corners, I even built a cat house and filled with straw.. nothing of these has ever worked as well as this bed. She instantly took to the bed, she looked miserable before the bed, and wow her attitude is much different! She chirped at me and looked happy kneeding the bed with her paws.. her butt was all the way into the creveses on the side and she just looked super comfortable in this cold weather! It’s very fluffy and the fluff immediately warms your hand or of course… your cat! So if shes happy, I’m happy!!! 5 stars

  6. frankie zappo

    My dogs love love LOVE it!!! I will be purchasing 2 more so they each have their own. It looks so fluffy and comfortable and it’s so so very soft!! My tiny Pomeranian looks like a queen in it!! The smallest size is perfect for her tiny 10 pound body!! My 25 and 30 pound Jack Russells even fit in the smallest size but I will be purchasing the larger one for them. I read some reviews stating that their pets wouldn’t lay in it but my dogs adapted to it right away!! Try washing it and introducing them to it. Once they lay in it they will love it believe me!!! I wish they made human size!! I’m jealous!! 😂 It looks nicer than other dog beds I’ve purchased too! Looks of high quality and looks great with my furniture!! I have not washed it yet but it feels like it would hold up well. Will update once I do wash it. My dogs normally dig in their beds trying to fluff it up and make it more comfortable but they have not had to do that with this one. Absolutely great purchase and great price!!! Definitely recommend this dog bed!!! I have 3 happy dogs now!!!! 🐶😊🐶😁🐶😀

  7. Banshee

    I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about this cuddly soft bed. As soon as I took it out of its packaging and shook it out, I tossed it on the floor and my Yorkshire puppy lost his mind. He ran and jumped in and out of it several times. Not only has it become his favorite place to snuggle up for a nap.. It’s also a place for him to play and have fun. His little toys get somewhat lost inside and it’s a game for him to root around and find them again. Extremely high quality as well. You can tell from the stitching this bed is going to last a good long while. Very impressed with the quality for the price. Best New puppy purchase I made. As you can see from the pics, I’ve got one very content puppy on my hands. He LOVES this bed!

  8. Lin

    My puppy LOVES it! At first I ordered it at $35 but then the next day it was $25. So look out for the best price.

  9. Christine Tutor

    My Goldendoodle has been through eight beds. All of them have been ruined by her chewing through them or making a mess on them. This bed is cozy and comfortable. She absolutely LOVES it! She made a mess on it a couple of weeks after we got it, but I washed it, and it came out just fine! I bought the large, but I almost wish I had bought the smaller one because the large is HUGE. I’m still very happy with my purchase. She has not chewed through it, as the zipper is well hidden. I’m so glad I finally found a good dog bed that is long lasting!

  10. Lou

    Cane Corso/ Italian Mastiff- 2 year old female @120 lbs… A cuddler from day one! She loved immediately, it can support her head, and she can curl up like she does when she wants to sleep. I researched a lot of products and Amazon shoppers/ fellow Cane Corso parents and their big puppies have given this product their seal of approval! She hasn’t tried to rip and shred it (thank God theirs not a hidden squeaker in it🤣😂🤣). It gives her a place of her own and a place she can hide her “precious” treasures. I hope all of us will have a more peaceful night and less anxious stay overs when we have to leave her home for a bit. It can be moved from the living room to bedroom or our vehicle if needed. Total cuteness and comfort!

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