Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, with Alexa Voice Control, Black: Electronics

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Brand Bose
Connections Wireless
Model Name Headphones 700
Color Triple Black
Headphones Form Factor Over Ear


  • Keep your phone in your pocket and your head up to the world with easy access to voice assistants for music, navigation, weather, and more
  • Turn any space into a workplace — With powerful noise cancelling, astonishing sound, unrivaled voice pickup
  • Personalize your environment with 11 levels of noise cancelling control distractions or let ambient sound in
  • Access Alexa with the push of a button, or use the wake up word
  • Optimized for the Google Assistant; Access your voice assistant with a simple button press
  • Listen comfortably for hours a streamlined, lightweight stainless steel headband and angled ear cups make for a perfect fit
  • Get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life and time based power information
  • Stay connected to the world without reaching for your phone; Intuitive touch controls on the ear cups keep everything simple
  • Bose SimpleSync technology allows you to pair your headphones 700 with the Bose Soundbar 500 or 700 for a personal listening experience

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Arctic White, Silver Luxe, Triple Black

10 reviews for Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, with Alexa Voice Control, Black: Electronics

  1. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been testing the Bose 700 headphones for ten days in a variety of environments.These are my first pair of noise cancelling headphones, so I have nothing to compare the noise cancellation to, but they are excellent in noisy areas. My other headphones are Sennheiser HD 598 paired with FiiO E10K USB DAC amplifier, which I used to compare the sound. I also use SoundMagic E80s and 1MORE Triple Driver In-ear headphones.I’ve used the Bose 700’s paired with my ASUS laptop and LG V30 phone. After setting up the Bose Music App and downloading the update, they have been flawless. They easily pair with either device. The range is what I expect. I can listen to music in my bedroom from the computer downstairs. I haven’t had them cut out anywhere in the house, but they won’t make it out to the garage. I’m no audiophile, and my ears are old, but I am impressed with the sound quality. Using the Poweramp app on my phone gives me lots of adjustments to the sound signature. Wired they trigger the V30’s DAC high impedance mode.Touch controls work well, although I had to watch myself in a mirror for a bit to get the hang of it. Although I haven’t made or taken a lot of phone calls, the ones I did, sounded great and the people on the other end could not tell I was using the headphones.Battery life is excellent. The Bose app is a bit kludgy and the documentation (manual) could be better. The app can always be updated and I hope Bose continues to improve it.For me, the only Con is after an hour the headband pressure on the top of my head begins to bother me, but I rarely listen longer than that. Also, the supplied 3.5 mm cable is short and flimsy. I’ve already replaced it.Overall I’m completely satisfied.

  2. Pej H.

    I like these, a lot. Asurion couldn’t fix my water damaged QC35, so the Amazon credit from them went towards an upgrade. My partner has the QC35 II, so I used that unit for comparison.Setup:I did have to wait a little bit for the device to be detected during pairing on my iPhone XS, but it eventually connected, activated, and noted that there was an update. I let it finish up with the update, which took about 20 minutes.Sound:So, I did adjust the EQ just a tiny bit to raise the bass in Spotify, but I did the same on my QC35s. Now, I did raise them just a little more on these, so the other reviewers are right when they say the factory EQ-ing on these is a bit more flat.Now, once I had things tuned just right, I found the sound stage on a song like Charles Bradley’s Changes really really impressive on these. I heard an actual stage echo effect from Charles’ voice on the right side, something I had never noticed before. The song’s stage felt noticeably smaller when I tried listening back on the QC35 II. Beyond Charles Bradley, they handle my varying tastes and genres great.Feel:They definitely have a little less give on the sides, so some with large heads may feel a little discomfort. I’ve got a bit of a big head, so I’m still getting used to them, but it’s nothing that causes me to take them off. They do seem to transfer heat out of the cavity less than on the QC35s, so it could get a little toasty for some.Tech:I love the 10 Step ANC. There is a fade effect when switching between them or fully pausing ANC/Music to hear someone. I found on the QC35s, the audio quality of music dropped when the ANC was reduced, that’s not the case here. I felt no drop in audio quality. Haven’t tried Alex, but Google Assistant is snappy.This review is a work in progress and I’ve had the unit for 4 days, so I’ll be back!

  3. David

    This is my first Bose purchase, so glad I didn’t let the negative reviews keep me from trying these. I had read all the problems others were having with the app but they connected to my Galaxy Note 8 with android 9.0 instantly. From there I paired them with my Surface Pro and desktop PC both with Windows 10 and they work great with both. I had no problems switching between either PC and the phone, just had to pause playback on one and start it on another. So far the only problem I’ve found is the play, forward, and back touch controls don’t work with the pc. The volume touch controls do though, all the touch controls work connected to the phone.The sound from these surprised me a lot after some of the reviews. They sound great, they have plenty of base and are very clear with all the music I’ve played. The ANC works very well, I’m able to still hear voices a little with it on 10 though. It works best with things like motor and AC noise. They are very comfortable to me, I haven’t had any discomfort at all with these even using them with a hat on. I hope Bose can get the app worked out for the iPhone users it’d be a shame for them to miss out on a great set of ANC headphones.

  4. M. Greenberg

    I’ve owned these for half a day so far and have decided to keep them around. I’m an audiophile who spends money on kickstarter earbuds, custom-made preamps, and (in general) quality hardware which reduces my audio experience as little as possible. Trying these cans in-store at BestBuy allowed me to appreciate the hardware quality of the exterior… quality matte plastic moulding, amazing comfortable faux-leather surfaces on your skin, and a synthesized voice and audible feedback to assist with your navigation of the three hardware buttons and touch controls make these headphones easy to wear during work sessions, public transit commutes, or in a crowded home with loud kids. As a brand new product, the tension on the cans over your ears and on your head can become uncomfortable within an hour of use. Subjectively, I don’t consider my head to be particularly large or larger-than-average and will need to play around with adjusting the cups to sit lower or higher on the band which also release/tighten the tension respectively to see if this becomes a long term problem with use. Taking short breaks with the headphones off (10-15 minutes) helps and gives a good excuse/reminder to take a break from work to relax the body/eyes/ears.The sound quality is reasonable for the headphones. When using the headphones with noise cancellation off, ambient noise seems to lack a very strong low end frequency response (sub ~250Hz, not measured) and might reduce your meatspace experience in some cases where mixed ambient and input audio are desired. That said, direct input still seems to perform quite well with solid frequency response all around which lets the very highs and very lows to be pretty well-balanced.A test using the headset for phone conversation over bluetooth yielded very nice results. The setup involved the cans paired with my laptop streaming music and my Project Fi Pixel 3 phone on standby. Using the Google voice assistant to start the call resulted in some clumsy voice detection/understanding problems (“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that, who would you like to call? I don’t know that name, who would you like to call? Ok, will that be mobile or home? Ok, will that be mobile or home? Dialing…” _sigh_) which I don’t believe are the fault of the cans at all. The test included loud ambient music in the room with the person wearing the headphones and found the other user to experience practically none of the ambient noise through the call with a very clear bead on the callee’s voice despite close proximity to the music source playing at a moderate volume (such that the ambient music was leaking through the room walls and making it hard to isolate whether the headphones were leaking the ambient noise into the call…which it seemed _not_ to do with this casual test setup). Noticeable was the (300-700ms) delay from the user on the headphones which seemed to not be present from the non-headphone user. It was hardly a concern and either due to the latency in the network transmitting the audio (which, again, was a local wifi call between handsets…. though I am unsure if the handsets route audio locally or not) or possibly in the audio processing from the headset. This latency was par for most mobile calls and should be completely unnoticeable in a remote environment when you’re not there to hear to source before the transmitted audio through the headset.A few gripes about the design and ergonomics of the device:- the button placement: very easy to accidentally active these buttons which adjusting the placement of these cans if not aware/careful.- the direction of earcup rotation: when placing the cans around the neck/shoulders, the earcups rotate up (into the air) rather than down (onto your chest). Questionable choice here as it makes the headphones somewhat uncomfortable to hold there, but perhaps Bose never expects you to remove the phones… unsure if that’s a reasonable expectation or not.- the synthetic leather matte black surface inside the top of the headset and on the earcups attract oil and will certainly show for those of us with that sort of skin. This may require some extra TLC and upkeep to keep as pristine as one might like. The white set might fair better in this regard.Overall summary:A pricey purchase that I would have trouble justifying as a personal expense (these were expensed by my employer and intended for daily voice conference usage and isolation during work hours in busy coffee shops) and really comes down to the longevity of the product over time. If these headphones end up lasting me longer than 5 years, I would be VERY satisfied with the purchase. At a price point closer to $250-300, this would be a much easier personal purchase to make.As a user which “babies” their hardware, I am eager to see whether this will stand the test of time. Direct input (from a bluetooth source that is not ambient noise) has a very solid frequency response which does not noticeably detract from the music experience. Longterm use may be uncomfortable depending on your head size. The noise cancellation works wonderfully and almost too well, leaving me at a “5” setting more often than a “10” as complete cancellation feels too isolating and uncomfortable to feeling the lack of “air” around me. BLE connection to multiple devices (two) at once allows for seemless transitions between either input. This is also a first time purchase of a Bose product. Looking forward to seeing how the device matures and support is handled over time. Firmware updates are provided automatically to the headset through their app. Battery life “appears” long but I have yet to complete a full discharge cycle to be sure. I was pleasantly surprised to find the phones report +5 hours of use remaining at 20% battery charge and +20 hours at full charge (the audio assistant delivers the charge level as “hours of use” remaining, not battery level…which is still viewable in the Bose Music app. Nice touch, Bose).

  5. Dave

    First, I never write reviews. Second, I agonized over an ANC headphone purchase for months. I’m kind of picky with electronics, and I often change my mind about what’s important. Anyway, I hesitated to buy this particular item due to the percentage of negative reviews it was receiving. I understand it’s a newer product, and the review sample size is still small, but I was concerned. Four hundred dollars is a fair chunk of coin, and I wanted something I was not going to regret buying.I do not regret my purchase at all. I listened to as many pairs of headphones I could find. The NC700’s are not the best sounding pair I listened to,but they do sound very good. I am not going to grow weary of Bose’s sound signature anytime soon. They do not sound like the B & W’s or the Bang and Olufsen’s, but they do not suck. I mostly listen to music that is being streamed and/or compressed anyway. After that, they are far and away the most comfortable headphones I have ever had on my head. I a big guy with a fat head, and they feel awesome for extended periods. They are also an exceptional choice if you wear glasses. That wound up being a fairly important issue, because I tend to work long hours while wearing glasses. The Noise Cancelling is as good as it gets. There is not much else you can say about it. An added bonus for me was the best call quality of any headset I have ever used.So yeah, buy them. They are expensive, but they are a remarkable piece of form and function.

  6. Amba

    Sony WH1000XM3 is regarded best now, but my credit goes to Bose. I just sold off my Sony.1) Sony supports Hi Res and LDAC. But compared to Beyerdynamics, the high fidelty sound cannot be experienced in Sony.2) Sony has too much bass. Bose was just right.3) Bose metal actually feels nice to grasp as opposed to plastic.4) Connects to dual bluetooth at once.5) Fits on my ear perfect. To everyone, be cautious of reviews on comfort. Sony was always pressing my ear. Bose QC35 and 700 didnt press my ears.6) Noise cancelling is superb and no ringing noise from Bose.No airplane jack. What the f***

  7. Nima

    Bose QC35 (and before that QC25) used to be the best noise canceling headphones on the market, until Sony WH-1000XM3 arrived last year. Bose couldn’t sit idly by, so here we are.I received my NCH 700 pair today and have been using them for the past few hours. Compared to QC35, they do a noticeably better job in making the ambient sound disappear. Really impressive! They are well made and feel premium and sturdy. The cushions are roomy and comfortable, and I expect to be able to wear them for a longer period of time (like on a long flight). Just like QC35, the NCH 700 can be connected to 2 bluetooth devices simultaneously. I tried with both my iPhone and MacBook. Bose says the battery would last 20 hours long per charge, the same as QC35, though I haven’t tested that yet.PROS compared to QC35:+ Noticeably better noise canceling and a range of 11 levels you can choose from (0 to 10); Still have to test them on a windy day, where both QC35 and WH-1000XM3 suffer.+ Can disable noise canceling altogether (set to level 0) in wireless mode; QC35 could only do that when connected through a wire. So NCH 700 might be safer to wear outdoors (with NC level set to 0).+ Touch controls as opposed to physical buttons; very intuitive to use and would likely improve with future software updates+ Improved bluetooth range and increased buffer (to cache songs when you briefly go out of the bluetooth range of your device)+ USB-C charging port which is the standard these days; I wish they included a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box+ More futuristic design and premium looking; built with more metal and less plastic+ Slightly better sound quality+ Easy setup and great iOS app!Now the CONS:- Slightly heavier (0.55 lb vs 0.52 lb)- Slightly less comfortable; the head cushion is not as wide and supportive as QC35I’m happy with my purchase. Typical Bose product with their signature sound quality. I hope retailers drop the price of QC35 soon; otherwise, for their current MSRPs ($350 vs $400), I’d definitely pick NCH 700 over QC35 again!

  8. Daniel James

    Received these Saturday from Bose after I pre-ordered them when they were announced.I am thoroughly impressed so far.Packaging is simplistic and straight to the point with two peel back tabs that let you inside. From there, you will see the NCH 700’s case which was smaller than I thought because they don’t fold up like the QC35II’s. The case fits in my work bag just fine. However, I do have say it’s not as small overall as the QC35II’s case. The NCH 700 case has a little magnetic flap inside that stores the audio and USB-C cable. No airplane adapter. Thank you Bose for going USB-C with the NCH 700’s. What’s left is manuals and warranty cards.The feel of the NCH 700’s is nice. It’s a streamlined design that grew on me and looks very modern. Weight is slightly more than the QC35II’s. Build quality is significantly superior with more metals being used and most importantly, the comfort is similar. I would maybe give the slight edge to the QC35II in comfort due to the lower weight, but the NCH 700’s is still a very comfortable headphone. The headband adjustment is smooth and should accommodate a wide variety of head sizes just fine. Ear-cup openings is similar to the QC35II with the left and right labels inside the ear cups for easy notation on how to put the headphones on.Controls are great and I can say the touch controls are very responsive and intuitive. Swipe up for volume increase. Swipe down for volume decrease. Swipe forward for the next track. Swipe backward for the previous track. Double tap to play and pause. Tap once to accept and incoming call. Tap and hold to reject the call. Tap and hold to go to a shortcut predefined in the app. The current shortcut available was to have the voice prompt alert you of the current battery life in which she tells you the estimated time until the battery is dead. There’s 3 dedicated buttons on the NCH 700’s. The two on the right is responsible for Power on/Bluetooth pairing and voice assistance/mute mic. The one on the left is to cycle between the 3 preset noice cancelling modes defined with the app. The right earpiece houses the USB-C port and the left earpiece houses the audio input port.The app provides a lot of functionality control. You can on the fly scroll though the noise cancelling/ambient modes from 0-10. 0 being like having no headphones on at all and 10 being in your own little acoustical chamber. You can launch Bose AR apps and experience augmented reality with he NCH 700’s. Pretty cool. You can select the sources that are connected and add a new source or remove an existing source. The NCH 700 can connect to up to 2 devices at once. You can set your voice assistant between Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. You can set how much of your voice is heard during phone calls or voice assistant interaction. If you’re familiar with the QC35II’s Bose Connect app, it’s pretty much similar settings you can control.Sound on the NCH 700’s is clean, open and balanced when at moderate volumes. No frequency really stands out so you get an accurate representation of your music. I would say they sound similar to the QC35II but with a tighter bass. The Sony WH1000Xm3 in comparison sounds more warm and full with a more engaging and alive presentation similar to being at the concert. The Bose sounds more accurate and clear and more like being in the studio. A flat and accurate sound will not sound exciting to everyone however so do keep that into consideration if you’re eyeing the Bose.. Sound is subjective overall so you can’t go wrong with what you enjoy listening to. I really enjoy the NCH 700’s sound. It’s a smooth and clear sound that plays well with all genres. The main issue I have with the Bose NCH 700 sound is that when you want to crank the volume, the bass literally begins to disappear in the mix due to the active EQ implementation from Bose. I personally do not like this as it makes these headphones sound harsh and tinny.Noise cancelling is insanely good on the NCH 700’s. The Sony WH1000Xm3 is still a bit more effective at reducing outside noises especially in the midrange and treble frequencies. Unfortunately, both headphones get those distortion artifacts when the ANC pressure within the ear cups is disrupted from sudden vibrations to the headphones. For example this can be caused by being on a bus while on a bumpy road or running with your headphones on. The ambient aware mode is very natural feeling on the NCH 700 and it’s great being able to have awareness while listening to audio in situations where you don’t want to blocked completely from the world. Would be cool if it had the Sony’s right hand palm over the ear cup feature where it seamlessly kicks in ambient sound and lowers the music volume so you can quickly hear someone or something and then once your hand leaves the right ear cup, everything reverts back to normal. The Bose NCH 700 does this with the button on the left ear cup. If you press and hold the button for about 2 seconds, it pauses the music and pipes in the nosies around you. When you press the button again, it reverts back to the previously set ANC setting and resumes playing audio.The NCH 700’s perform exceptionally for voice mic quality on calls and interacting with your voice assistant. It’s amazing how clear your voice is projected onto the other line while using the NCH 700. These are killer for conference calls even if you dare take them in the middle of Times Square, NYC.Overall, the NCH 700 is a welcome evolution to the Bose headphone line up and I’m sure these will win the hearts of many. Highly recommended!

  9. Mr.Noseley

    You put these headphones on and the worlds noise clutter instantly dissolves. Great (audiophile quality) sound reproduction AND the best noise cancelation in the business as I have the sony 2000xMk3’s and the comparison is night and day as the Sony’s noise cancelation is just about as good as last years Bose QC

  10. Honest Reviewer

    Pros:• Beautifully designed. It looks like it’s made from one sheet of stainless steel and feels pretty dam solid. No visible screws, no joints, very sleek.• There is a soft touch plastic on the device. It’s a nice feel and I have to believe they went this way to reduce weight.• Adjusting the speakers is purely simple. You just slide the ear cups up or down to your choosing.• The touch panel on the speaker is very quick. It didn’t take long to know how to use it because Bose provides a simple layout on using the touch features.• One highlight of these headphones is the voice speaking system. Inside this machine, you’re getting 8 individual microphones. 6 are for the noise canceling and the last two are for your voice. I sat in my busy office (an open floor layout) and began to make calls using this. This function is excellent. The noise canceling blocks out 80-90% of my surroundings while anyone I talk to, using this headphone, had no idea that I was in the center of my office space during our rush hour. Very clean in speaking with it, and my colleagues on the phone notice it as well (doesn’t really go both ways because they don’t have the 700, but you can’t win them all).• What’s really cool about the noise canceling feature is that you have levels on how much you want to block the outside world. This is a great treat to have because there were times that I needed to forget the world when I was on my break, and there were times that I was waiting for someone to call me. The layout is a high, medium, to full transparency. I always stick to medium when I’m not at home, and go to the high levels when I know I wouldn’t be needed. My advice is to use the full transparency when walking because this headphone’s noise canceling system is so good that it can be dangerous if you don’t know your surroundings.• With the noise canceling feature, I’m also not getting any distortion from playing music.• I will only use the highest noise canceling settings either at home or on a plane. You can’t hear anything going on when this feature is active.• Overall the system is built to never leave your head.• You can use all the AIs if you want (Google, Alexa, Siri). I have each one of them on a different product, and all were able to hear me clearly after I turned an external speaker extremely high in order to see how the headphones will take with a large amount of external sound coming at it.• I’m getting around 4 days of use (that’s around 4 hours a day). Battery life is respectable.• Bluetooth is fast and I’m happy to also note that that having the Bluetooth feature on all the time doesn’t drain the battery. I know some headphones and phones have this issue. But not this one.• The case it comes with allows the headphones to fold flat and has a small pocket for the cable. Very premium• You do have a wire mode if the battery does die. Surprisingly now the issue is finding a phone with a headphone jack.• Comfort is spot on. I was never an ear cover headphone type of guy because my ears start to get hot. The comfort that it provides me makes this a minimal issue at most.• The app is very customizable to these headphones. One example is the battery life of the headphones. On the app it will not only tell an accurate battery lifetime frame, but you can make the headphones shut off automatically if they’re not in use within a specific time frame that you created.• The app also allows you to create a number of sound profiles. As I said, very customizable• You can also get to battery life, told to you, from the headphones themselves.• The charging on these headphones are really quick. I did a 15-minute charge and that gave me an extra 2 hours of battery life.• The sound is very smooth, clear, and what you get from any headphones from Bose (will explain more below).Cons and Oks:• You can’t fold up this device. It’s a sleek design but there are no hinges as the only option of storage using the case that it comes with.• No aptX or aptX HD support• Bose hasn’t yet found a solution in allowing the option to temporarily amplifying your surroundings when you need to. Sony has done this in their past headphones, but Bose has yet to get on board.• I notice that these headphones do get off heat. When you’re using the noise canceling feature, the heat will grow.• Bose headphones always provide the best in smoothness, but not in the bass. The bass is strong, but you expect a little more than what it offers. Obliviously this depends on the type of music you’re listening to. But for real hardcore beat music, you might get a step down in performance because the bass sounds a little tighter.• These headphones tend to sand down the music you’re playing to (Listening to Kayne West, Lady Gaga, Jay Z songs that require a full range of sounds). It’s the signature way of what Bose does, but it’s still incredible to listen to it them. Note that the noise canceling feature really does help.• Speech to text works pretty well. There is some miscommunication, but this is hard to go out on the headphones as it also depends on the program you’re using (was just using a basic voice speech program on my mac).• There is a weight to these headphones, but fortunately, the weight is scattered evenly.• The touch swipe feature is a nice change of pace, but I know those who live in cold environments will not enjoy this. Having mittens/gloves on won’t work with the touch sensor, so you’ll need to remove them in order to use it. The climate region on where you live may be an impact if you want to buy these.• Make sure you download the right app. Bose has so many of them and it’s easy to download the wrong one since they all have similar names.• It does deliver a suburb voice assistant support but I didn’t focus on this since 1. You have Goggles, Siri, and Alexa on standby and 2. This is new, and I already saw some bugs in this layout.Bottom Line:It’s Bose. Bose is the father of premium sound for decades so you’re getting the best of the best in sound. The design is sleek, the sound is great, and the noise canceling is excellent. One of the best features is using the microphone/calling setup. I recently reviewed the Denon AH-GC30, and the microphone/calling setup is the way for these new headphones.There is not much to complain because anyone who has a Bose knows that everything you spent on a Bose comes from the hardware within. Yes, I wish the bass was a little better, and the design issue of not being able to fold it is annoying. But the overall sound is a Bose sound, so if you have the money, pick these up for yourself.Overall: It’s Bose, the Ferrari of sound. A need for music lovers and a must for those who want quiet in a busy world.Hope I was a help to you.Love,Honest Reviewer.

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