Casio SA-46 -Portable Keyboard (32 mini keys).

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32 Mini Keys

8-Note Polyphony

50 Play Along Tracks

5 Drum Pads

Headphones Output


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10 reviews for Casio SA-46 -Portable Keyboard (32 mini keys).

  1. U.S. Army Major

    As a studio musician, I have owned and tried more than a few electronic keyboards. Some are beautiful works of art, some have excellent sound, and most boggle the mind with functions and features 99% of people will never use.The Casio SA-46 combines a few features and functions into an attractive and insanely-bargain-priced package. You really get a lot for under $40 US:1. Battery-powered, go anywhere keyboard. Works for weeks on 6 AA batteries (not included).2. Nice, functional drum pads.3. 100 Tones. Are all of them accurate? NO. Are all of them useful? NO. But all the important ones are there, and enough optional tones are included to make it a useful and fun assortment.4. 50 Patterns. All the ones you can really use every day are included. By varying tempo, you can easily make some patterns more useful.5. Song Bank. It is what it is. You will probably not use it too often.This is a musical box built for fun and it accomplishes the goal easily. Anyone from age 5 to 100 will find hours of fun here for a very little price.If you are a more serious musician, and have goals of producing music, it can easily be done with the Casio SA-46 and a free audio program like Audacity. Build a song from multiple, separately-recorded tracks you perform and record using the audio output jack on your keyboard and the microphone input jack on your PC.If you get really motivated or want to use the SA-46 for live performance, I recommend the addition of a Looper Box and battery-operated speaker. You can easily use the stomp box button to record a a basic track and overdub a new track on top of the first one, etc. You can then perform the melody on the keyboard or even sing while your tracks loop and play on your speaker. A basic battery-powered Looper box with unlimited overdubs and 10-15 minutes of loop available is about $45 here on Amazon.Hope this review helps you to understand how fun this SA-46 really can be if you take a little time to practice with it.

  2. Laurentiu Cristofor

    I was looking for a small compact keyboard that is easier to carry around and this Casio SA-46 model has met all my expectations. There are plenty of reviews that go into more detail about this SA-46 keyboard, so the only reason I wanted to add a review is to recommend a case for it. I tried posting a question, so I could answer it, but amazon’s brilliant Q&A system doesn’t allow me to answer my own question, so I’m adding a review instead.So here is the case that I found to work pretty well for the SA-46:

    LTGEM Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel Controller or DDJ-SB Performance DJ Controller-Black

    In case the link above does not render correctly, here are the item name and its amazon page again:LTGEM Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel Controller or DDJ-SB Performance DJ Controller-Black case is almost as expensive as the keyboard itself, but on the other end, you’ll not have to buy another keyboard because you damaged the first and you can always reuse the case later with other equipment.

  3. Kindle Customer

    My daughter recently began showing interest in playing my stepson’s humongous keyboard but of course he doesn’t always want her in his room pounding out hits, so I wanted to get her one of her own for her birthday. I had read really good reviews about this particular keyboard, and that is why I bought it, based on the great feedback. So in turn, I’d like to leave my positive feedback for this product as well. For starters, I have only heard good things so far about Casio as a keyboard brand in general. My daughter opened it and she loves it (she’s 8), and it fits her perfectly. It has a lot of fund buttons that keep her entertained, and the sound quality of the keys is great. I especially love that it has such a simple to find volume control =) so that she can turn it down and not drive everyone else crazy with her quirky taste in keyboarding! I would definitely recommend this for other parents looking for a fun, entertaining gift for a child around my daughter’s age. She is actually pretty picky about what she wants to play with and she’s been dragging this keyboard around for the last couple of days since she got it. So if my baby is happy, then I am happy, and I would much rather her be playing a keyboard than a video game or being a couch potato. One happy kid = one happy mom =two thumbs up for this product.

  4. Mark C. Lowe

    This little keyboard is perfect! I’m in a traditional Catholic church choir. I used to have a house full of synthesizers, a piano, etc., but now that’s all in storage, not easily accessible when I need to rehearse some musical piece or other. I put this on preset 56 and it’s in the perfect range for my bass/baritone parts. I can even take it to rehearsal with me if I really need to, because it’s very small and light. I bought this because I was trying to use a synthesizer app on my phone for this purpose, and it just wasn’t cutting it. I need to be able to play the part with one hand while I’m looking at the music, and you really can’t do that with a keyboard displayed on a flat screen.

  5. Janie Bionaz

    I call it my Baby Grand. Sometimes one of my groups does not have an accompanist and we have to sing acapella. That’s fine, but we need our starting pitches, so I take this along. Not every rehearsal venue has a piano or keyboard, so I can plunk out parts for those who need it. I keep it in my living room so if a tune is swirling around my head, I can pick it out. I can tuck it under my arm and take it anywhere. This is not a toy. It sounds like a good quality piano and the intonation is accurate.

  6. Tom and Laurie

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     I’ve been recording and writing music since 1984, Currently, I mainly write commercial licensed music under BMI, Inc. I play many instruments, but my main instrument is synthesizer, and also the instrument that I have played the longest. I actually played the very first CASIO keyboards when they came out in the early to mid 1980 from the very small Casio VL-1 to the Casio MT-100 . I wanted a Casio keyboard that was very basic like the old Casio MT-100 that I had way back when. So I found this Casio SA-46, and bought it.I have posted a sound clip video in my post here in regards to what the keyboard sounds like, and it should show the awesome capability of this instrument. If your a parent and your Son or Daughter wants to play a synthesizer, buy this first before investing in a large keyboard.If You or some one you know, is looking for a keyboard to add some “color” to their songs, in regards to layering.. this keyboard is awesome. I think it is FM synthesis with some PCM recorded sounds also mixed in.If you have this keyboard, or are getting it, check out these tone (sound) presets (this is what I call them, and they are very close)Tone preset 12: Hammond b3 Organ (Sounds like “Love Song” – by “The Cure”)Tone preset: 00 PianoTone preset 14: Fast Leslie sounding organTone preset 08: vibraphoneTone preset: 09 xylophone ( You can play the Peppa Pig theme song… brilliant)Tone preset: 29 thru 32 BassTone preset: 41 synthsTone preset:42 synth slow attackTone preset: 45 orchestra hit (sounds like a few 1990’s songs)Tone preset: 46 trumpet (This is one of the original Casio tone presents – “I’m not the one” by The Cars uses this one)Tone preset:50: french hornTone preset::51 Hard Brass – (Play the theme song from “Rocky”)I hope that was useful to some of you out there, that are thinking about buying this. Also to note, this is the only keyboard in the low price range that as a “head phone jack” that is 1/8 size, not 1/4// but regardless.. you can buy a 1/8 male to 1/8 male cable here on Amazon to record this into your mic jack on your computer, or you can buy a 1/8 male to 1/4 male cable to hook this up to an amplifier. – Tom

  7. Dean James

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Great keyboard for a beginner but also for advanced player. I bought this for my musically inclined 8yr old who loves to sing and wants to be a rock star. I thought she can start getting some piano basics with this. And she loves it!! But also, when she was opening her gift and checking it out, my 20yr old niece college music major with a ton of piano experience said she would love having this too for her own practice. The quality seems great and there’s a bunch of options for different tunes, beats and rhythms. The tone and sound quality is good too. My only complaint is there isn’t any way for my daughter to record herself and play it back, like I’ve seen on some toy keyboards. But overall this is a great keyboard!

  9. Robyn Taylor

    Casio always means quality! When my girls were small, my dad purchased two Casio keyboards for them. They loved them and to my recollection, we gave them to friends Several years later when my girls grew older and ready for the real thing. My 2 year old grandson loves music and he loves the piano so I thought this would be a great purchase. When we received the keyboard, we were not disappointed! The construction is sturdy and the amount of options available on the keyboard is just perfect, not too little and not too many. The volume is great and can be turned low or very loud. For a $40 keyboard it has a great sound and offers a lot of musical options. He has learned how to use the controls and absolutely loves it. (His 17-year-old brother even enjoys playing around with it, LOL!) Like I said before, Casio always puts out a quality product and this keyboard stay true to its reputation. We are thrilled with our purchase and so is my little budding musician!

  10. Arthur Zatarain

    Bought this for my two year old grandchild, or at least that was my excuse. This keyboard is a very good value for the money. It plays enough tunes to get children interested in playing along. It’s light weight and small enough for a child to confidently handle. I added a few colored dots on the most-used buttons so that my baby girl can more easily find the off-on, auto-play, and volume controls. She can turn the machine on and get it to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to which she performs a stunning ballet performance (just kidding, it’s only a so-so performance). I also added colored dots to the C keys to help her understand how the do-ray-me sequence repeats along the scale. She’s only just beginning, but I am certain this keyboard is helping her appreciate and learn the basics of music. I don’t expect an early failure of the keyboard because it’s very well made, but even if it only lasts a year or two I will have gotten my money’s worth out of it. Every home should have something like this for “kids of all ages” to enjoy.

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