HORI Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Stand.

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Charge up to 4 Joy-Con at once
LEDs indicate charge status
Plugs into Nintendo Switch Dock

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By HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

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10 reviews for HORI Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Stand.

  1. ICantBeBothered

    There are a lot of Switch controller chargers out there. This wasn’t the shiniest or the coolest looking one, but it was officially licensed by Nintendo. From years past, buying 3rd party controllers and what not for gaming systems, I’ve grown cautious about investing in them. I think this charging station was probably $10 more than a lot of the others out there, but the official licensing gave me confidence. I looks nice, compliments the Nintendo dock and charges the controllers. There is a red LED which indicates that the controllers are charging. The LED goes off when the charging is finished. I actually wish the LED would turn green as a sign they were charged as I think it would be a clearer sign that it’s finished. With the LED turning off it sometimes makes me question if the controller is seated properly. That’s a small issue and really a ‘nit pick’. Overall I’m very happy with this charger.

  2. manthejohn

    This charger is great for keeping the joycons full of juice. It has a weighted base which gives it a nice feel when inserting and removing controllers. The charging indicating LEDs also work great. I keep it in the living room next to the console and it keeps my four joycons ready for anyone who wants to jump in. Others have complained about charging inconsistency when it’s plugged into the dock, but if you just plug it into the wall using an ac adapter, then you won’t have any problems.

  3. Phillip

    So easy to set up and display. Easy to use. It is meant to be plugged directly into the game system and does not come with a wall plug. I had to buy that separately. Other than that, it was a great idea and I recommend the product

  4. Raiden_194

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now, and I like it a lot. I have 3-4 pairs of Joy-Cons, so it’s nice to be able to keep them all charged together.The build quality is really nice and there’s no locking mechanism involved. Joy-Cons slide in and slide off. The red light comes on if they’re charging and stays off if they aren’t. There is not a wall plug included, but they charge by a non-detatchable USB cord. The cord is short, so it’s obviously intended on being plugged into the Switch dock.Here’s the kicker: So I’ve had mine plugged into my Switch’s dock until recently. And for awhile, I thought maybe something was wrong with my charger (or at least the charge-indicator lights.) The red lights for each Joy-Con rail would light up, then off, then on, then off – all very intermittently and seemingly arbitrarily. I thought that was weird and shrugged it off, because as far as I could tell, my Joy-Cons have always had ample charge. HOWEVER – on a hunch, I recently bought a USB extension cable and a generic (Amazon branded) charging brick and tried plugging it into the wall instead.And boom, just like that, all Joy-Con charging lights lit up solid red and they stayed red until each individual Joy-Con was fully charged.After a little more testing, I learned that the Switch’s dock doesn’t seem to deliver reliable power via the front USB ports unless the Switch is inside the dock, AND ON in TV mode. If the Switch is asleep, the Hori charger didn’t work properly through the front USB ports.I didn’t try testing it with the dock’s rear USB port, because that is where my Ethernet adapter is plugged in. Maybe (MAYBE) the rear USB port *does* deliver reliable power during sleep mode? I don’t know; I didn’t test it, because my rear port is never free.Anyway, consider grabbing a wall outlet brick (the Amazon branded one works fine) and plugging it in that way. All my other controller chargers (Wiimote chargers, Dualshock 4 charger, etc.) get their juice from the wall, so no reason to keep it tethered to the dock just because Hori didn’t include a wall adapter.

  5. Whittney Harmon

    This item is perfect for you if you’re looking to have a joy-con charging station of your own so you don’t always have to borrow your friend’s joy-con charging station all the time.

  6. Miriam Gonzalez

    Just got it yesterday 3/16/21 & it works perfect, it charges & it’s a great size.

  7. Hunter

    This officially licensed Switch joy-con controller charger handles up to four joy-cons at once. I got this in anticipation of Mario Party, because I was buying another set of joy-cons, and needed to charge up to four at a time without hassle. With charge indicator lights, it’s easy to see which controllers need a little more juice, but the lights aren’t too bright as to be a distraction if part of a home entertainment setup. The slide on mechanism is very smooth, making it easy to attach and remove controllers. The footprint of this is extremely small, so it takes up very little room. I have this placed behind my Switch base and it just kind of disappears behind. I prefer Hori products over others as they really feel, look, and behave like quality products.

  8. Jonathan Lowden

    I’ve had the HORI Joy-Con charger for around two weeks now and could not be more impressed. The connection links straight into the back of the Switch into one of the USB ports (see photo). The joy cons easily slip on and off, it doesn’t use the clip system that all the Nintendo products use that sometimes drive everyone insane trying get a wrist strap to disconnect so the joycon can be reattach to the console or the charging grip – graaaaaa. *clears throat* The cradle also shows if a Joy-Con is still charging with a little LED that turns off when it is fully charged (see photo). There is also enough space for armor guards around your Joy-Con’s with a gap of about 1cm at the bottom when one is attached. Simply loving that my controllers are always charged and my next Mario Kart marathon is always a slide away.

  9. Mike

    Overall solid charging station.Charge up to 4 joycons simultaneously with charge indicator light above each charge slot.Works great with standard joycons, unfortunately doesn’t work with the NES joycons. The NES joycons are slightly too long and don’t slide down far enough to make connection with the charging pins.

  10. Rob p

    Works great! Nice to be able to charge all the controllers when not in use

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