Intex Inflatable Empire Chair.

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Modern, sophisticated and endlessly comfortable best describes this popular line of inflatable Material Plastic
Brand Intex
Item Dimensions LxWxH 43 x 44 x 27 inches
Great for both indoors and outdoors
Puncture-resistant 2-ply reinforced laminated sidewall and bottom
Additional chamber at bottom of chair fills with water to anchor chair
1 Green Chair

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Size 1 Size
Material Plastic
Brand Intex
Item Dimensions LxWxH 43 x 44 x 27 inches

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Green, Varied Color

10 reviews for Intex Inflatable Empire Chair.

  1. JesseJamesKILL Studio’s

    Make sure the surface you’re setting it on is clean if outside sweep if inside make sure you vacuum so that way nothing pops it if you take the right precautions you don’t have to worry about it it isn’t it leaking it’s people’s arrogance not knowing how to set up the proper way

  2. Allie Triglianos

    So I bought 2 of these on a flash sale here! The plan is to use them in the backyard theater my sister and I are building. I couldn’t pick the colors but we got 2 in yellow and they’re GREAT. I weigh about 220, my sister is a bit less and our dad is more than us both, everyone has loved it so far. The cushions on the seat feel great and my feet don’t quite touch the ground, which is perfect. The only downside is you need help to get up, but it’s not a big issue at all for us.

  3. Mary M Dindic

    I’ve had it for over a month now and it gets tons of use. It has lost very little air and I haven’t had to refill it even once! My 260 lb friend sits in it often and it holds up fine. I absolutely love it. The only downside is I never want to get up once I sit in it!

  4. Eliodoro Dominguez

    Got product. Cheap abd durable so far. I’ve only used it inside though. It does kinda feel like it lets air out. But honestly I haven’t had any issues. I do sometimes fill it up if I want it to feel more structured, but you gotta keep in mind that it’s air and it will never feel as sturdy as wood or a regular couch. It’s great for movies and gaming, it’s definitely a chair for only one adult. You can probably fit two small kids in there, but they will be uncomfortable. I’m really satisfied with the purchase. The losing air thing might be my imagination from me expecting it be more “full” after sitting on it. When you sit on it, it feel filled up and hard, it’s when you get off that it feels like it lost air. I think it’s all perspective/ in my mind. When I try to sit on it again it feels fine without filling it up again. I only pumped air on it twice on the 3 weeks that I’ve used it. I use it every day and I only filled it at the beginning. I haven’t filled it since. I wouldn’t worry about it losing air if I were you.

  5. Laura Zisu

    I love it, it’s sooo comfy! One thing I didn’t know, I thought it’s smaller than this 😬 but it’s all good, I like that is very easy to lift. I always sink in it after a long work shift, having a glass of wine and reading my favorite book!

  6. Ed Burke

    Very comfortable chair.

  7. Devin Laube

    This chair is incredibly comfortable! I love reading in this chair! Very relaxing and super soft material for the green part! I love this chair!

  8. stephanie

    I wanted something comfy that I could use inside or outside and didn’t take up much space in car. I love the velvet fabric it’s super soft and the bottom fabric is super durable. I just don’t know why the middle is made of the clear plastic. I don’t like to stick to the chair with shorts on and the seam is behind the knees. I covered with a towel and solved the only problem I had with the chair. Other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.

  9. catnaround

    It’s a little small for bigger adults, perfect for kids. Very sturdy, hold myself and child at same time.

  10. tiffy

    I love’s nice big comfy chair. Make sure your purchase an air pump bc one is not included

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