Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed.

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Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed, 80″ X 91″ X 26″, Queen : Sports & Outdoors

  1. Charcoal grey velvety surface
  2. 2-in-1 valve has extra-wide openings for fast inflating and deflating
  3. 3 quick inflation and deflation valves
  4. Folds compactly for storage
  5. 2 cup holders



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Size Queen Sofa
Item Firmness Description Firm
Material Plastic
Brand Intex
Item Dimensions LxWxH 80 x 91 x 26 inches
Item Weight 16.96 Pounds



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10 reviews for Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed.

  1. Cheryl Sproul

    We purchased this as extra bedding and somewhere to sit in the garage part of our toyhauler camper. We just used it for the first time for a long weekend. Our adult son, used it for a bed. The first night he unfolded it but by morning he had folded it up and was sleeping on it that way. He said he was cold from the bottom. We have the floor carpeted but evidently the coldness came up through the mattress. He said it was comfortable though. We used it for TV viewing as well. I little hard to get out of since the arms are inflated as well, but other than that comfortable to sit on.We will be using it for 3 weeks soon so we will see how it goes! We did add a little more air in it at one point, but it held up to 2 grown men sitting on each end. I did not sit on it because I’ve had 2 knee replacements and was afraid if I sat on it I wouldn’t be able to get up. So….. so far so good. If things change after we use it for 3 weeks straight I will amend my review.

  2. Johnson Nguyen

    Used it for a camping trip and put it in my tent. This will be my second blow up couch but a different style. Held in air for the whole weekend without me needing to refill it. My friend got drunk and passed out on it the whole night without moving. We thought he was dead till he said leave him alone, he was comfortable.

  3. Sonya

    I didn’t expect too much when we ordered a blowup couch. We ordered another replacement couch mid May and it still hasn’t arrived so to get us to mid August we ordered this beauty. Very comfortable, folds out into a bed and has cup holders. lol. It’s well made too.

  4. Caprice Collington

    Very comfortable and easy to blow up. Only used it once, but it will get plenty of use this summer.

  5. Tony

    We put this couch bed in our spare room for guests. It works great and was well worth the money! I’d buy it again!

  6. Davethecoffeespy

    So my furniture was moved earlier than expected so we needed something for a month or soo..this couch is great! Super easy to blow up with the pump I had for am air mattress I find it more comfy than my normal everyday sofa/couch. Very supportive but also squishy enough to snuggle on. I put my can of white claw in the cupholder and everything. If you’re debating buying me it’s worth every penny!

  7. TheRealReviews

    Our two year old has started having nightmares, instead of creating the habit of always getting into bed with us we decided to put one of these in his room and lay next to him on this until he’s fast asleep again (instead of sleeping next to his crib on the floor). This thing is a life saver, the quality is excellent, it’s very easy on the back, and we’ve had no leaks thus far (owned about a week). Follow the instructions included and definitely get a motorized pump if you don’t have one ($8 on amazon for the matching brands’ pump) and you won’t be disappointed. Great product overall!

  8. DVG

    Honestly, I’ve had several people mistake this thing for a real couch until they sit on. It’s definitely a lot better quality than the old school inflatable couches that you’d buy at Spencer’s gift shop. Huge plus that it turns into a queen bed too. I’ve had it for 6 months and it has had plenty of people sit on it and it has not leaked (as of yet).

  9. LadyBrady

    I bought this for an outside movie night and to have on hand as an extra bed. I figured I would give it a shot but didn’t really have high hopes. This thing is great. It holds up nicely as a couch. Both by husband and I fit comfortably with extra room for our pup. The added cup holders area nice perk. We also used it in a tent as a bed and it was great. I don’t sleep well on mattresses and I had no issues with this one. I was concerned that since it was broken into 3 pieces to fold into a couch that it would not sleep well, but this thing really is great. I didn’t have to add air for 3 days. I would purchase this again, over an normal air mattress, any day!

  10. Cassie T.

    This couch was even more comfortable than I expected. When you blow it up well and top it up as needed to keep it firm, it’s really sturdy. You can even lean back on the armrests. We needed it for a three week period when we were without furniture and it’s going strong.It’s the perfect size for two people with plenty of space to lay out and cuddle. I laid some old curtains over it to protect it from puncture by my dogs nails, and it’s been great. I would definitely buy this again for a temporary couch. I think this would even be a great option for a dorm room or college apartment so you can deflate it when you need extra space. The only downside is that it is a little loud if you move around a lot, but that’s to be expected of a anything made of vinyl. It’s a great buy for the price.

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