Joovy Noodle Helmet Small-Medium, Kids Helmet, Bike Helmet, Orangie.

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  • Available in two sizes: Small (18.5-20.5 inches) and Medium (20.5-22 inches); Use a string and tape measure to measure your child’s head
  • 14 air vents with integrated bug mesh in the front vents
  • Extended visor for maximum protection, nylon straps, pinch guard chin strap
  • Adjustable fit dial – turn right to tighten and left to loosen
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 1 and Older (Extended Head Coverage

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X-Small/Small, Small/Medium


Black, Blue, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie, Pink, Red

10 reviews for Joovy Noodle Helmet Small-Medium, Kids Helmet, Bike Helmet, Orangie.

  1. LR

    Purchased this helmet to accompany a new Strider bike for my 2 year old. Love that the fit is easily adjustable on the back to get the helmet snug once on his head (this prevents the battle of trying to squeeze it on his head- I loosen the dial and the helmet slides on easily, then I tighten it with another spin of the dial). The padding along the chin strap is also nice- my toddler who normally complains of things itching him, has no complaints about this. Very happy with this purchase- I do not have to battle with a 2 year old over wearing his helmet!Update: helmet is holding up decently well- the black tape along the trim is starting to peel and the now 3.5 year old likes to help it peel off. Purchased a Bell helmet for my other toddler (1/2 the price, same advertised features) and regret that purchase- wish I had purchased 2 of the Joovy Noodles. This helmet makes me confident in its ability to protect my kiddo because I know that it fits right every time!

  2. Mo

    well made and good qualityI actually looked at some local stores for a good helmet for my toddler but I think this is one of the best ones for the price. It fits my 3 years old just fine with a little room which allows him to use it next year too.The only thing is that Im quite surprised that they price different colors with different prices! When I wanted a blue one it was like $15 above of the other colors’ price, so I went ahead and ordered an orange one, but after a week the price for the blue color helmet – which was my son’s favorite- went down and the price for the orange color went up! So I returned the orange and ordered the blue one! I think that was unnecessary price change which caused just some hassle for returning.

  3. Jodi Ramberg

    My 12 month old son tolerates this helmet very well and looks super cute in it. I love the twist design on the back of the helmet to quickly tighten and loosen each time so that it is perfectly adjusted to his head. I wish it had netting in all of the holes but I’m glad it had it in the front at least.

  4. Danielle Moser

    After finally realizing my daughter hates being in a bike trailer, but loves being on a bike seat directly behind me, I decided to start biking again. I got the Topeak baby seat so she would have a lot of protection, but it was still VERY important to me that she wear a helmet. My mom was in a bad biking accident and that’s when I realized even bicycles are dangerous. Anyways, she is almost 14 months old and at her 1 year check up her head was in the 50th percentile. I didn’t measure her head before ordering because she was asleep, but I went with the smallest size. It does fit her, but it’s not the snuggest fit in the world. It’s on its tightest setting, but it does work & Im glad it’ll grow with her. I really wanted one with a lip in the front for extra protection and one that was certified, this passed both those requirements. Also, surprisingly, my daughter has no problems wearing it, when I got it in the mail, I danced around very excitedly and told her we were going to put a noodle on her noodle. Daddy joined in on the excitement. We let her wear it for about a minute or 2 and took it off. We went for our first bike ride with it today, got her situated and fastened in her seat, then put her helmet on. She didn’t mess with it at all, never tried to take it off, and didn’t fuss about it. Total mom win! I’m going to keep doing short bike rides through this week while she continues to get used to it and then we will start longer durations next week. Thanks Joovy for making this helmet to protect my precious daughter’s head!

  5. Pachamama

    Look no further! This is the best infant/toddler helmet out there. Solidly built, well-made, quality materials AND adjustable with a dial in the back to custom fit it to your child’s head. It FULLY covers the child’s skull and upper neck/occipital area, the straps are firmly secured deep into the inner helmet, it has abundant, cushioned padding inside with well-designed cooling vents and a soft pad on the chin strap, so it won’t irritate your little one. This is it, this is the one. This helmet is as rock solid and well made as any of the adult helmets that my husband and I have. No other brand I have tried can compare.Like you may have, I went to other, more reputable helmet names first. The Giro infant/toddler helmet: not adjustable, and unbelievably–the chin straps are attached to the inner helmet foam by removable velcro pieces, and can just pull off–imagine that in an accident? (Not only that, mine arrived with the velcro pieces, which are attached with glue to the styrofoam, actually already melted off in shipping–crazy. The Giro is dangerous and should be recalled.) The Bell infant/toddler helmet is also not adjustable, and although the straps are solidly attached into the helmet, there is only bare, smelly white styrofoam against the child’s head, with a few soft foam pieces glued in for “comfort” or “sizing” which doesn’t really keep the helmet sturdy and snug on the child’s head. (Again, because it is not adjustable.) Plus, these tiny, poorly glued soft foam pieces were easily and delightfully ripped out by my 21 month old, leaving the inner helmet bare and not padded. It also easily cracked on the first minor tumble. Neither of these helmets have the full coverage, adjustability, inner cushioned padding or soft material on the chin strap. Giro and Bell = cheap, poorly designed, not adjustable = not very safe.The JOOVY Noodle is SOLID. The kind of helmet that you would want on your own head, thus the kind you would want on your child’s. It is worth the extra money, and upon opening it and putting it on your child’s sweet little head–easily adjusting it to the perfect fit with the turn of a dial–you will feel the same peace of mind that I did. Ahhh. Finally. The Perfect Helmet. Thank you, JOOVY. You have made an excellent, unparalleled product.(By the way, my 21 month old daughter is in the 50th percentile with an average sized head.)

  6. Amazon Customer

    This helemt is appealing and highly adjustable. My 11mo daughter has a 17.5 inch head circumference and this fits her perfectly on the tightest setting (product detail reccomend for 18inch). It was very easy to adjust the straps on the helmet. I do see how there could possibly be an issue for some people with the helmet falling into the child’s face(as some reviews stated), however this is easily fixed by adjusting the straps appropriately. If you tighten the rear straps a little tighter than the front, the helmet stays out of their face. My daughter took to the helmet immediately and loves wearing it and playing with it. She appears very comfortable in it. I would highly reccomend this product!

  7. Dan

    The Joovy Noodle Helmet is THE gold standard in protection. The adjustable fit dial ensures a perfect, snug fit and the air vents prevent overheating. It’s also lightweight while still managing to meet all of CPSC’s standards for protection. My baby tends to be a bit on the fussier side but is not at all bothered while wearing it. I love the pinch guard on the chin strap as well! The helmet comes in a ton of bright, fun colors, so it feels customizable. The only change I would recommend would be possibly adding in some reflective tape on the sides and back (Not that a baby would be cruising along without adult supervision– But hey, it’s never too early to teach good safety habits!) I had to contact Joovy customer service directly with a question and they were amazing!

  8. Bob E.

    Bought this to replace cheap department store helmet that wouldn’t stay on the child’s head. The fit for this is MUCH BETTER. The harness design cradles the head snugly, and one knob at the back is all that is needed to tighten or loosen the fit. I also like the lip on the front visor. my grandson has already taken a nose dive with it on and this saved him from smashing his face. But the best part is the fit – no helmet is any good if it won’t stay on the child’s head or if he refuses to wear it. good job Joovy.

  9. B.H.

    For context, I’ve been an avid road cyclist for the past 10 years and did a lot of mountain biking when I was younger. I’m not a pro or raced professionally, but I have certainly had my share of helmets over the years. As my son gets older and he wanted to takes rides in the new wagon or in a new iBert seat I bought, I really wanted to get him a good helmet. I did a lot of research on Amazon, visited Sports Authority and checked out a couple bike shops. I have to admit at first they all looked the same and I found myself looking more at whether I liked the color or not. There’s some pretty cool designs out there. But then I started reading more and having my son try them on. That’s when the differences became obvious.Size – The helmet should be somewhat proportional to your child’s head size. Let’s face it, kids don’t like wearing helmets, so you don’t want it to be something unwieldy. Many of the helmets I looked at used the same size helmet regardless of your childs age. The size or diameter on the inside changes, but the outside dimensions are the same from infant to 5 years old. My son is 17 months old. Some of those helmets looked gigantic on his head and bothered him more than others. The Joovy was perfect.Fit – Obviously fit is pretty important to comfort and safety. If I was looking at a helmet for myself I’m looking for adjustability, padding where it’s needed and comfortable chin strap with 4 points of contact to the helmet. Many other helmets lacked one or all of these features or the higher end ones models simply cost more than they should. The Joovy had all these features. The adjustability and comfort of fit were excellent. There’s a dial in the back to tighten or loosen, padded chin strap, 4 points of contact, extra pads, etc. It cups his head and won’t side forward or backward like you see with some helmets. Note…be sure to measure your child’s head. This adjusts by a couple inches, but you should be within the range they quote.Coverage – This helmet has full coverage that comes down the back of the head, really covering down to the base of the skull. I like the little extra coverage.Ventilation – for obvious reasons. If your child is hot and sweaty they won’t be comfortable or enjoyable to be around.Safety – The material of the outer shell and internal material are identical to my own fancy road biking helmets.Visor – my wife is crazy about sun protection and my son never leaves the house without sunblock. If it was up to her my son would wear sunglasses every time he’s outside. The visor is nice because it helps keep the sun off his face. Plus, considering it’s a solid visor, not just a plastic visor like you see on mountain biking helmets, it adds a little more protection.We bought the neon green. It’s not the most stylish per se, but you can’t miss him. Plus it’s gender neutral so hopefully we’ll get a couple uses out of this helmet after my son out-grows it. I wish they made other sizes so I can continue to buy their product as he gets older.

  10. Tea

    Great design & quality, has integrated visor, and light weight. I feel kiddo’s head is well protected with this helmet (see pics). My 2.5 year old wears the xs/s, and she seems very comfortable and doesn’t get too hot, despite an abundance of paddings within helmet, including on the dial.My 7 year old wears s/m size. It fits him perfectly as well. The helmet’s bright color, while isn’t fancy or anything, helps me spot him from far away!In short, it’s a very functional helmet that does the job well.

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