Lebert Fitness Dip Bar Stand – Original Equalizer Total Body Strengthener Pull Up Bar Home Gym Exercise Equipment .

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  • ORIGINAL EQUALIZER BODY PRESS STATION: With over 100 workouts available for beginners to advanced athletes, this sturdy and stable dip stand works great as a pullup bar, dipping station, push up bar for arm exercises, L-sits, knee & leg raises, and more
  • DESIGNED FOR THE PERFECT FIT: Lebert EQualizer Bars are available in two sizes and tested rigorously to ensure the right fit for you and your safety – Regular (28″ high) fits users up to 5′ 10″ while the taller XL (31″ high) is best for users over 5′ 10″
  • FREE-STANDING BARS: Separate, unconnected bars offer superior stability and versatility, and are critical to any dip stand exercise as it creates the instability needed for an effective parallette bar style routine with proper form and tower alignment
  • ACCESS TO ONLINE FITNESS GROUP: As a welcome to the Lebert Fitness family, you will be invited to join our private online fitness group featuring free workout programs, extensive support and coaching tools designed to get you started and stay motivated
  • INCLUDES: Two EQualizer bars with heavy duty foam handles, resistance band, exercise guide, and access to an online coaching group. Bars support up to 400lbs, are easy to assemble, stack and store and are great for your home gym or group class bootcamps

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Black (XL), Chrome (XL – Frank Medrano Signature), Green, Yellow

10 reviews for Lebert Fitness Dip Bar Stand – Original Equalizer Total Body Strengthener Pull Up Bar Home Gym Exercise Equipment .

  1. JRA

    Excellent product! It’s very heavy duty and stable. Only downside is that I wish they were taller and wider. I’m 6ft and the bars reach mid-thigh height so I have to drop down quite a bit to do dips but it’s not a big deal. They’re still a great addition to my home gym.

  2. Artsypup

    Super easy to put together less than 5 min . I had the other equalizer bar even with connector was not stable and the grab isn’t good . Lebert one is super stable / great hand grab texture. I can’t wait so did not watch dvd 😭 of how to , just did some movements on it . Love it ! Don’t waste $ to buy other co !

  3. V. Benitez

    Takes a few workouts to feel comfortable using equipment. But loving them! Easy to assemble. There are workouts to follow on YouTube but I enjoy the dvd enclosed. And in my house they double as a clothes dryer racks. Lol

  4. Richie Soto

    I work from so I can easily get up from computer and do sets as I work. Both of my shoulders are injured so the pull-up variation are money. Got these to push through my injuries and get ripped. Here we go!

  5. MoTown

    I read that someone felt these were expensive…I would have to disagree. For only $100 delivered you get quality and when it comes to equipment you have to trust paying a few dollars more than “cheap” equipment is worth every penny. Yes they may cost more than a competitor but for sturdy, well built, easy to assemble and FAST shipping I’m ok with the price.

  6. A. Sarmiento

    As I continue working out at home due to Covid-19 Stay At Home regulations I have started adding to my already mini collection of workout equipment. I decided to get the Equalizer as I had certain workout sets that required dipping. I did not realize how dynamic this piece of equipment was until I used it for the first time this week. I was able to do lateral hurdle high knees, push ups (really throws in intensity), Bulgarian squats, and leg raises. This thing is amazing and compact. Also super easy to put together. Highly recommend if you don’t have much space and want to do either resistance training or cardio.

  7. Jared

    Very high quality bars. They don’t feel feeble or unbalanced at all- very sturdy and well made. Comes with a few dvds that I haven’t watched yet. I’ve seen similar sets that feel flimsy, even if they may not be- this phenomenon can interfere with your focus during working out, as subconsciously you may worry that the bars will give out or tip over. Won’t have that problem with these. Definitely worth it to pay a little bit higher of a price to get something of this quality. Was able to put them together in 5 minutes, very easy.

  8. Sonji

    This was extremely easy to set up so I am rating the convenience of setting it up and the portability a five star alone. So far it feels really sturdy. I’m pleased with my purchase so far. After I do a few exercises and it remains true to it’s advertisement, I will definitely order another one because I need to have one at home and one at work!

  9. P. Kim

    I bought this to become a bit more fit. After becoming to busy, I have neglected to workout-The product is extremely easy to set up. It took me like five minutes.It is quite sturdy. I am about 160 pounds and I can swing on it.One issue that I have with the product is its height.I wish it was a bit longer. So I could swing more.Still love the product, sturdy and good price!

  10. Tony.A

    The XL is a good height, sturdy and stable, my knees do not hit the ground when performing dips.On Inverted rows my arms are too long to get a full stretch on my back, but a couple of soda bottle crates can fix that. This a good set of equipment to have at home, wish i had gotten them sooner.

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