Majestic Pet 40″ Gray Bagel Dog Bed.

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  • Outside dimensions: 40″L x 29″W, inside Dimensions: 30″L x 18″W, bolster: 9″H, cushion: 8″H. Perfect for large dogs 45 – 70 lbs
  • Waterproof denier base: Base of round bagel bed is made of waterproof 300/600 Denier for any unwanted accidents or spills
  • Premium materials: the dog bed is stuffed with a premium high loft polyester fil and is fully machine washable. Warm wash, tumble dry on low heat
  • Spine support: bolster on the pet beds allow for dogs to rest their head and to help straighten their spines
  • Highest quality: Made in the USA with imported materials so you are Guaranteed a high-quality cushion pet bed for your dog

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10 reviews for Majestic Pet 40″ Gray Bagel Dog Bed.

  1. Allie

    Our 60-lb Aussie just turned 9, and received this bed (in the 40-in. option) as his birthday present. While he’s still very active, he can be stiff and sore at night and in the morning. This bed is perfect for him; it’s very fluffy, yet supportive, and allows him to lay in any crazy position he likes (reference photo to see what I mean). He loves to curl up and rest his head on the sides, but also enjoys sprawling out on it. The bed seems to stay cool, and the material is much heavier than any dog bed we’ve had in the past (for those complaining about puppies ripping them apart, they’re puppies- they do that to everything). My only complaint is that dog hair sticks to it like crazy, but that’s nothing a lint roller can’t fix. Overall, a great buy for our older pup- he’s happy and we’re happy!

  2. Review Maker

    My dog isn’t the biggest fan of dog beds but I needed something to intice her to stay off the furniture and bed in our new home so I tried this after reading the reviews. My biggest concern is that it would fit my dogs long legs when she stretches out, for reference she fits in an XL dog crate perfectly. It arrived yesterday and my dog hasn’t gotten out of it! A total hit! She feels comfy curled up or stretched out, it’s great! I added some pics. We love this bed, totally worth the money!

  3. Bob D.

    My review is mixed but this an excellent product!! Upon ordering this, I mistakenly bought the wrong material. I meant to order the softer faux suede. The one I got has more of a canvas feel to it. The dogs don’t seem to mind. This actually is our 2nd purchase of the XL Bagel Bed. The first being the suede like material, but more importantly for me is the fact this one does NOT have the zippered removable slipcover. Directions say to put the whole bed in the wash. Really?!! These things are huge. What kind of washing machine does this company think people own. I’m sure I could cram it it in, but I’m also pretty sure it won’t be washed worth a damn either. So now I have to take to the laundry mat. Oh well, my fault for not being more attentive upon ordering. Not sure why this company still chooses to make these larger size beds without removable slipcovers is beyond me. It’s not like you’re getting a half off price reduction or anything. Truly though, aside from these 2 negatives, these are awesome beds. My dogs love it. That’s all that really matters in the end. Just please make them all with removable covers to make for much simpler washing capabilities.

  4. Mellanie

    I never remember to review items I have purchased. But I had to leave one for this dog bed. I have two dogs. One 35lbs, Sky, and one 40lbs, Oso. I purchased the 40inch bed in black for Sky as she’s the only dog that cares about where she sleeps. She’s very picky! Oso could care less, so I didn’t think he would even pay attention to it. I put the bed on the floor and it took all of 10 minutes for Oso to steal the bed when Sky wasn’t looking. He is now fast asleep in it, and Sky is pouting on the couch. I take this as a good sign that this bed is a great purchase! I just ordered another so they both have one. (They are not dogs that cuddle with one another….)The bed itself seems very durable, and VERY cozy. There’s lots of cushy padding. I think I could probably fall asleep on the largest size they make. Haha!Thanks for a great product!

  5. A. Newton

    I have only had this bed for about 24 hours now, but I’m impressed so far. This will be the fifth dog bed I have in my house, but it is already my favorite. I have two giant Kong branded, and two Humane Society branded; all four of those are regular pillow style.When I got a new dog I noticed he likes to wedge his nose between the pillows and cushions of our couch. I came across this on Amazon, saw it was decently priced for the size, and decided to give it a whirl. Not soon after unboxing it the new pup was climbing inside shoving his nose in the crevice of the bolster and base. Immediate win for one dog. My other dog is almost seven and pretty hesitant when it comes to anything new, so I had to pick her up and place her in this the first time. Now she willingly gets in and out.The fabric seems as though it will withstand some chewing from the new pup. He is pretty destructive and has destroyed “firehose” toys so I’m not 100% it will be Maxwell proof. Now, because he is a nester I put a blanket in so be can scratch and fluff until he settles.I would absolutely recommend this bed to anyone looking to pamper their pup. The pictures honestly don’t do justice to how much stuffing is in this bed. Not sure if it is because I got the 40” or not, but when I took this out of the box it had about a full foot from the ground to the top of the ring. The base is also amazingly stuffed. I paid $80 (sale price) for each of my Kong beds and together I don’t think they have more filling than this one alone!The pictures attached are for sizing reference. A 40lb beagle mix, 30lb catahoula mix, Kong bed (blue), and Humane Society bed.

  6. Karol

    Our 50 lb, 9 month old puppy loves this bed! We based our choice off of the sizing details provided by the seller and got the 40″. A word of warning – it is a BIG bed. But, I think it’s worth it. We live in an apartment so don’t have tons of space but we always manage to find a spot for it somewhere. Our pup was sleeping in a bed that was just big enough for him but his head kept falling off the edge and onto the floor. I decided it was time to find a bed for him that he would definitely not grow out of anytime soon. Like others have said, I think it will be a challenge to wash but you can’t beat the price and he really seems to like it. We got the blue which comes in a sort of polyester fabric shell…We live in Texas and didn’t want anything fuzzy as it might get hot. So far so good!

  7. Ashley Nichole

    I’m extremely picky when it comes to buying dog beds because I like to get the most for my money, and without spending $400 on some Taj Mahal dog bed, you otherwise don’t get much. Based on the reviews, I went ahead and purchased this dog bed for my 80 pound black lab/rottie mix who likes to spread out. This bed has been amazing! She can stretch out nose to toes and still has room to spare. Our cats love it too, and often kick her out of the bed. It is worth every penny, and I will definitely keep buying these as long as they keep making them. I’ve had this bed now for almost a year, and it’s still sturdy. It needs fluffing periodically, but that’s to be expected. I recommend this product 110%.

  8. Andrea Inge

    I decided paying a few more bucks and buy the 52 inch long bed and it was so worth it. All of the dogs in our house have gravitated to it. It has to be the squishiest bed out there. I could sleep in it. So worth the price!

  9. Natalie L.

    This is such a great quality bed. Aside from that, my dog freaking loves this bed. We bought two, because he had one too many accidents as a baby -but it is machine washable. We just wanted a brand new one once he was fully potty trained. He loves taking his toys to bed, sleep in his bed, jump around in his bed, move his bed from location to location, and take treats to his bed. It’s his everything. The only con I can think of is all the dust and junk that gets caught in the creases. But, it’s still so worth the comfort it brings to my dog. We got the 40 inch for our boxer, and it’s the perfect size for him. One other positive for those dogs that chew up their beds, I really don’t think they will do it to this bed! So far the people I’ve recommended this bed to with dogs that chew through beds, did not do it with this one!

  10. Amber

    This bed was fantastic. I have two 55 pound dogs and I was unsure if it would be big enough. Their last bed was 44×32 and they kind of laid ontop of one another. I needed to find a new bed that had the “pillow” on the sides so they could stick their heads there. It did say it was 52 inches around, but only 30 on the inside part. Nope, this bed was perfect and they love it. Not that they know how to use it correctly, but they are always laying on it. Only bad thing is the dog hair realllly sticks to the bed, I have tried to vacuum it off with my dyson and it just wont come off.. If you need a bed, this is it. Plus the price was fantastic! $54 yes please! Our last dog bed cost about $85 plus shipping from bed bath and beyond, not this guy! This dog bed was way better material and so much cheaper.

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