Merrithew Fitness Circle Flex (Blue), 12 inch / 30.5 cm : Sports & Outdoors

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  • Compact design and easily portable
  • 12 inch / 30.5 cm
  • Perfect for beginners with its Gentle resistance
  • Made with a lightweight, innovative plastic Compound in fun, vibrant colors

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Blue, Orange

10 reviews for Merrithew Fitness Circle Flex (Blue), 12 inch / 30.5 cm : Sports & Outdoors

  1. Rosella Susan Byers

    I’m a small woman, and find this 12″ fitness circle to be a better match with my size than the 14″ models. I like the simple grip style and the flex. It is lightweight and easy to travel with, but at the same time has a substantial and durable feel. As such, it’s a really good value. There is a free downloadable Marrithew exercise guide available, and you can find many youtube videos online for suggestions as well. For larger people who are stronger, it may not be the best choice. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and versatility of this item! I like that the hand holds are removable for easier cleaning. The only caveat is that if you use these rings for your abductor work a lot, you might find the kind of rings with a little plate more comfortable.

  2. Tim Fleisher


  3. ChristineMM

    This is my first use of a fitness circle for pilates workouts. This 12 inch size is fine for me. The grips are neoprene and are removable with velcro so they can be washed. There are no exercises or directions on the box or inside the package but there is a free downloadable fitness guide on the company’s website but it’s nothing like the many free exercise videos availble online at YouTube. This is a durable, inexpensive fitness tool that you may think is not necessary but really is helpful and useful. Rated 5 stars = I Love It.

  4. KNDY

    When it comes to pilates and building your strength and flexibility, a fitness circle really does a great job in building core stability.I did have a few concerns as other fitness circles from other brands offered a 14″ and also slight concern with the handles but for its price, I was happy to test out the durability of the 12″ MERRITHEW Fitness Circle.Of course, it’s important to know that fitness circles are not for major resistance training but does a great job of working out your arms, legs, thighs and glutes.There are a variety of exercises one can find on video social media sites and you can use this fitness circle for them.The MERRITHEW Fitness Circle is lightweight and portable.Working on my obliques, quads and arms, for the most part, the fitness circle was durable and no sign of any stress on the plastic compound which is good. Again, I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure of the material and it was only 12″ but for the most part, the fitness circle worked well during my workout and quite pleased with it!

  5. Lynrie

    This fitness circle is smaller and better for my exercises than the larger ones. I really like it and the FREE downloadable exercise guide which is a good way to get into this type of exercise. Physical Therapy treatments had included exercises that helped with range of motion, muscle tone, flexibility, and balance after an accident. These movement exercises help keep my old muscles in shape, so I’m less likely to fall and break anything. This fits right in with my bands,flex stick, foam roller, stability ball and weights. IF you’ve forgotten what exercises go with your equipment collection (as I have), there’s downloadable guides for them too.My goal is to restore confidence and comfort in my own body and skin that I took for granted in my youth. This fitness circle has reminded me I’ve done it before AND can do it again plus keep it going.

  6. Jessie Lim

    Great, bought 3 of the circle for my friends and myself. It was used in the dance school of my friend’s daughter. I used it to tone my legs and there are plenty of videos on YouTube that you can refer to.

  7. lee

    I like this alot but I haven’t been able to use it as much as I want to. It’s easy to store, without taking up any space, and light weight. I’m a very active senior, and like to keep working my body even when sitting so this item is perfect along with small dumbbells.

  8. It’s Just Me

    I have the larger Merrithew Fitness Circle Lite. The Lite is larger (14”) but offers less resistance. I didn’t use it much, as the size was too big for me (I’m a short woman). Therefore, I was happy when Amazon offered me the smaller Fitness Circle Flex. I really like the Flex. The 2” size difference may not seem like much, but it is. I will include some photos showing the difference between the Flex (in orange) and the Lite (in black).The handles of the Flex are less elaborate, but I found this to actually be an advantage. It is easier to maintain a grip, especially with my legs, without slipping, with the Flex than with the Lite. Plus, the Flex is cheaper.The Flex is a great fitness circle to start with. Some people, those who are larger and/or stronger, may want to move up to the Fitness Circle Pro after a while.I use Merrithew’s DVD workouts with my fitness circle – Fitness Circle Flow and Fitness Circle Challenge and highly recommend them.

  9. Wifey

    Great for petite users

  10. Reviewer

    We have found that Merrithew consistently provides high quality fitness and strengthening equipment. I received this item in a very nice orange color though it appears that you may also select it in blue. I don’t think there is any difference between them aside from color. They are both 30.5 cm or 12″ in diameter.I believe that the simplest things are often the best things. This is a simple design executed with very high quality materials. Comparing it visually to similar devices available on the market, this one has more appeal. The handles are simple foam wrappings with a velcro closure.I’m very impressed by the quality of the core strengthening this device provides. You can squeeze it to any degree of tightening that you desire without fear that it’s going to break or lose its shape. You can use it with your arms or legs. My husband and I have both seen some benefits from this toner in a short amount of time.

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