Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB.

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  1. All-in-one VR: Simply set up the device with your Oculus mobile app and Oculus Quest has everything you need to explore VR, right out of the box
  2. Insight tracking: Oculus Insight tracking system instantly reflects your movements in VR without the need for any external accessories
  3. Touch controllers: Oculus Touch controllers precisely recreate your hands, their gestures and interactions, so every game is real enough to reach out and touch
  4. Beyond room-scale: Oculus Quest works with your environment, so you can play standing or sitting, in spaces big or small
  5. Oculus Quest requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world.


10 reviews for Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB.

  1. Rumblebot

    I had a Gen 1 Rift since it was released, upgraded to 3 sensors and the motion controllers but I must say the cable and setup and issue that something blocked my sensors was holding my back. So much so that I actually never used it much despite always being fascinated with VR.Now I have to say that the Quest just arrived, so take my opinion with a pinch of salt as its all still new. But having played a round of table tennis on this device I must say not having to worry about sensors, cables and being able to pick the room with the most space for my VR games is just on another level. After I few minutes I was jumping through my living room and getting an actual sweat in, like I was actually playing table tennis.Yes, the graphics could be improved, FoV refresh rate etc. But once you are in the game being able to freely move around in virtual space with your hands tracked accurately, lets you forget about everything else.As the unit if a fully self-contained gaming console essentially, this for me is the most revolutionary console released since a long time, if not at all.VR was always difficult to explain to another person, but with the Quest you can just bring it to your friends and family and have them experience it. Hence I am convinced this device has a good chance to bring mass adoption to VR gaming.

  2. Jack Flavortang

    I’ve owned a Oculus Rift DK2, a HTC Vive and a Samsung Odyssey. My VR PC(7700k/1080Ti) cost me over $2000. The Quest cost $400 and works by just putting it on right out of the box. No plugging anything into anything else. No installing anything on a PC. No setting up sensors on your wall. Nothing. You take it out of the box, put it on and get into VR. This doesn’t make sense.This piece of hardware shouldn’t exist for another 3-5 years but here it is. AND IT’S GOOD. REALLY GOOD. So good that, for me, it’s been on par with my $2500 PC-VR setup. Yes. a $400 headset that utilizes a mobile system-on-a-chip is giving me as good a VR experience as a PC Master Race VR setup.If you’re on the fence, GET THE OCULUS QUEST. As a VR enthusiast, this thing is frickin’ amazing. You will not regret it.

  3. Original-Juice11

    I’m going about this review in a different fashion as i’m going to compare 3 different VR experiences I’ve had with Modern Day VR.First I will say that I am really liking everything about this VR unit…I have only played for 1 or 2 hours at this point but it’s not my 1st Rodeo with VR, so to speak. I have my own WMR (Mixed Reality) headset by Acer that is hooked up to my PC. I also have played PSVR on a base level PS4.Most of my experience comes from many hours of fun on the Acer unit. here’s my summary viewpoint on each of these just so that it gives you an idea of product comparisons…Acer WMR Unit – In my opinion it has the edge on graphics. Decent tracking but requires excellent light source to function properly and consistently, otherwise the tracking drops. Constant framerate drops and seems glitchy with higher end titles. Hardware doesn’t require much in wires, much less than PSVR, but more cables than Quest.Hardware is the most inferior in design and quality. forehead buffer has been know to actually disconnect from Headset completely if it’s sitting idle! bad adhesive I guess?? also feels light and cheap. Only real positive is the unit flips up by the eye/forehead section, so you can take a quick break without removing the entire unit off your head. This is awesome for adult beverage consumption, among other nefarious activity choices.PSVR – Not a lot of experience with this but the graphics are good, not great. I only played with a base level PS4, not a PRO. Lots of cables which is a negative, but the quality of the hardware is a solid design, not cheap. well built to last and is comfortable. Has the best Library of software, although no access to Steam. This is basically not a portable unit, it’s supposed to, meant to, remain stationary next to your PS4. It’s my least favorite of the 3 VR unit styles.Occulus Quest – 2nd best graphics of the 3 units I’m comparing. This unit is the most comfortable, although a tad heavier than I would like. Paddles are nice but I wish they were just a bit longer.Hardware portability and ease of use is so much the key with the Quest. it’s so convenient and for that alone it will probably be a major focal point with Marketing & Sales. I can see this product doing very well for a long duration of time especially if they continue to add content.There are no wires! except a charge cable. so awesome. the tracking is also the best i’ve seen out of the 3 units, best by a longshot too.Software wise it seems easy as 1-2-3. Buy something on your smartphone app or in the headset software portal then just download and boom! you’re ready to rock.In short, the Occulus Quest is going to be my favorite of the 3 unit experiences…EVENTUALLY. I know it will. Right now it’s in the ‘infancy’ stage, brand spankin’ new as of this review i’m writing. I can tell once it gets a massive library of game titles and other apps it will be much better. I also look forward to seeing some firmware updates in the future to make this unit even better.The negatives I see right now are the lack of content, which is common for any launch VR or game system so whatever. not going to knock it down a peg or 2 because of that.The sound, it lacks volume. Would recommend headphones even just ear buds, this REALLY HELPS. The sound however is very very clear.The graphics are probably a 7.5 out of 10. so a bit of a let down but not a deal breaker either. I’m wondering if this is something that can be improved upon over time? maybe not.Not much in the realm of Cons so far. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is just getting into owning their first VR headset, as well as someone who travels a lot. The Quest is basically grab-n-Go if you want it to be.i’m looking forward to diving into it some more but so far I’m really impressed.

  4. Jay Clinton

    I’m a huge gamer, but always felt VR wasn’t where I needed it to be for me personally. After waiting nearly 20 years from when I was standing in a small circular stand looking at Green lines (VR), I felt the Quest might have been what I was waiting for. Oculus Quest blew my expectations away. I’ve been freaking out telling everyone I know how amazing it is. At one point playing Superhot I was going to step off a building and my body wouldn’t let me do it. I started breathing heavy and actually had to lift up the headset to tell my brain “no look we really will be fine”. I spent 9.5 hours in the quest (purchased and Anker power pack) and purchased 80% of the games out there. Thank you Oculus for this all in one, wireless and extremely immersive system. After a lifetime of gaming (starting with Pong-I’ve owned literally every system) I feel this was the greatest and most exhilarating gaming experience of my life. It felt like I was on Star Trek’s Holodeck. Amazing! I’d recommend getting: Superhot, Drop Dead, Beat Saber, I Expect You to Die, Sport Scramble

  5. Nik Blach

    So I’ve used all the big VR devices up to this point and I feel the Quest is the beginning of where the mass market can finally get into them.Having it be wireless reduces all the setup that’s normally associated with any headset. Convenience goes a long way.ComfortWhile the PSVR is my vote for most comfortable headset, primarily cause of the weight distribution and how airy the inside feels, the quest fits nice and feel solid. I got a little warm after about 2 hours of playing, my forehead was sweating after running around my living room beating up robots. But it felt appropriate, not too hot, just sweat from playing an active game.Image Quality and PerformanceThe quest had no noticable screen door effect, one of my biggest issues with the Vive, and throughout my initial play sessions never had a stutter or graphic issue. It played nice and smooth. I didn’t feel sick. And more demanding games like Robo recall ran flawlessly.TrackingFlawless. Hands, head, and room. No issues with any. Makes room vr sensors seem prehistoric. And from opening the box to being in a game took maybe 4 minutes (excluding a software update that took about 5 minutes).FeaturesOne of the most interesting built in features is casting. I can send the headset image to my phone, and then to other devices, with just the hit of a button. You can also record and other things. That’s very nice when you’re showing someone who is less familiar with VR, since you can follow along with them on your phone. Also probably good if you’re into streaming and all that.SoundI think I’ll end up buying the official oculus headphones. Not cause the sound isnt good, it is, but because I want to play quieter. The speakers are pretty loud.And as a final note, I get about 2.5 hours of playtime before deciding to charge it. It comes with a very long USBC cable and works well with battery packs.My only complaint so far is the battery slider on the controllers is in a very.. weird spot. And they can slide if you’re gripping too hard and jerk around. Not a deal breaker, just weird. Easily fixed with a tiny piece of tape or something. Or not holding the controller in a way that could cause the battery case to slide open.

  6. Jake Hudgeons

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     Wow. I got more then I expected and I just can’t stop playing. Beat saber, super hot, etc, etc, everything is thrilling, action packed, and amazing because you can move around, and it is almost like the system senses your body by what it can do in certain games. It’s literally great because IM GETTING EXERCISE WHILE HAVING FUN! I can go on for hours playing and just not stop. The setup is easy, the colors are beautiful, and once you tighten and fit it on your head correctly, the picture is great. The description is exactly what you get if not more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  7. Ralph

    Pros:-PS2 Level graphics. This maybe generous, but they were better than I expected.-Cable free lets you explore around as much as you want. Define the room size during setup-The most fun you can have for $400Cons:-PS2 Level graphics (Rift S users may not be impressed)-Virtual wall isnt always visible when you need it. Accidentally punched real life wall during Creed demo.-Multiplayer logistics might be challengingConclusion: this was my first VR headset to own, and I walked away from my first experience thinking “video games will never be the same.” It’s too good and too fun.

  8. RJ

    I don’t know what to say. This is the first time on I put on a VR headset and I can’t believe the immersion, the feeling of in some alternate, fascinating world(s). It’s quite beautiful. The hardware looks and feels solid. The controllers are nicely done. The battery life is around 2 or so hours. I can’t wait to jump back in.

  9. Locoz31

    Coming from a Rift, I’m very impressed with Quest. CONS: I definetly feel all of the weight in the front and I find it to be not too comfortable after a while. The sound that comes out sounds very spatial and natural, but the volume is too low and bass notes sound terrible and distorted. Instead I’m using headphones with a 6″ coiled cable for a much better experience. The tracking is not as good as Rift, you do lose position of hands if they are beside or behind you, but you get used to that quickly.PROS: The screens look great, a noticeable improvement from Rift with less “screen door effect”. The new lenses also have “God rays” but they are not as noticeable. The quality of visuals the custom snapdragon 835 in this headset is able to output is amazing. “Vader Immortal” stands out, you can tell they took full advantage and optimized for this game for this headset because this game looks as good as any Rift game somehow, no $1000 pc required, and this gets me excited about future titles. The fact that there’s no wire attached is also a big plus, you can get as fancy as you want with your movements. Battery life seems to be around 2 hours playing games and everything just feels high quality. What this device gives you for $400 is incredible.

  10. Brian

    I got mine in the mail a little early (two days before release date) and was extremely happy to set it up.The setup was easy, taking me only about 5 minutes to set up the headset, and the controllers. Setting up room-scale tracking was extremely easy as well, not having to screw base stations into the wall or place sensors any where made it a breeze. The one thing that amazed me right out of the box was how I could make a play area larger than ever before, and walk around flawlessly with no tracking errors, dodging couches, chairs, and walls due to Oculus Guardian.The next part that amazed me was the responsiveness of the controllers paired with the quality of the screen. While games have lower graphics than PC powered graphics, everything was still great and no motion sickness with the 70 hz refresh rate. I love the form factor and set up of the Oculus controllers; the controllers are 10 times better than that of the HTC VIVE (until Index VR Controllers are released). Starting up the first game I bought, SuperHOT VR (a must buy for anyone just starting VR or wanting to play a fun game that never gets boring), and it ran flawlessly. I originally had an HTC VIVE and sold it for the portability of the Quest, and I could not tell the difference in graphics in SuperHOT (I could notice it with some games but most games ran like a dream). Playing games truly wireless is a godsend, I felt that it was exactly what we need to bring VR to the masses. People possibly wonder however, what about the SteamVR games for previous VIVE or Oculus owners, well luckily to a website called RiftCat, you can stream SteamVR titles using PC graphics to the Quest with a stable Wi-Fi connection.My friends and I when using the VIVE would rate a game’s immersive-ness by seeing how well we know where we are oriented before taking off the VIVE, and if we could not notice the orientation, it would be deemed as an immersive title. Very few games achieved that (Rec Room, Raw Data, Arizona Sunshine, and sometimes TheLab). But now, with the use of no wires, being completely free in a VR world, almost every game we try on the Quest is immersive (one time I took it off and started from the couch all the way to the microwave, which is about 20 ft of walking). Almost every time before I take off the headset, I have had no idea what way I am facing/rotated in my room.The next thing which I appreciate is the integrated speakers. While there is a headphone jack, including speakers instead of headphones adds a nice touch where everything still feels immersive but giving us enough of a presence in our surroundings (when a friend tells us something while playing we can hear it, or when dogs are barking, someone is knocking on the door, all can be successfully heard).The next thing that I like is the head-strap. The head-strap is extremely adjustable making it easy to slip on and off when switching between players. And the other nice touch is that there is a slight elasticity to the strap where when you pull on it, it expands and contracts, meaning when I take it off, the strap lengthens (without feeling tighter) and when I put it bag on it tightens to a nice snug fit.One might wonder about being with other people and whether or not they can see what you are doing, but luckily they added the option to Cast the player’s view onto a TV using Google Chromecast. This works, but is still in beta so it sometimes causes a little bit of throttling/motion sickness.With everything I love, there are two things I would have liked to see added to the Quest:First: the option to plug a long cable from the Quest to the PC, allowing PC graphics to be played on the Quest, when you are home but still having the standalone option for traveling. While RiftCat is an option, fast Wi-Fi is not always an option to everyone.Second: updating the SOC to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with the Adreno 640 GPU, improving the graphics by up to around 40% and improving the speed and power efficiency at the same time. Hopefully they continue to update the chipset every year with the latest and greatest Snapdragon Processor and Adreno GPU.Overall, for the amazing price, portability, tracking, gameplay and immersiveness, the Oculus Quest is an amazing device that I would highly recommend getting. I love this so much that I am pretty sure this is the longest review I have written-that is how much I love this product.

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