Pro Boat Miss Geico RC Boat 17″ Brushed Catamaran RTR.

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Full RTR with battery & charger
Includes a wall charger and Dynamite 6-cell 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack battery with EC3 connector
2.4GHz radio system
Includes Dynamite 380-size motor that provides high torque and surprisingly fast speeds
ABS hull provides superb rigidity and durability

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(Includes Controller, Transmitter, Battery and Charger)

10 reviews for Pro Boat Miss Geico RC Boat 17″ Brushed Catamaran RTR.

  1. James Homan

    Battery life is short.

  2. Traxxas jim

    I’ve read some reviews and most people think their getting a pro level boat. NO, this is a beginner’s boat. And a pretty good one I might add. I read the boats no good that it’s not water proof. I didn’t get water in my boat. No it’s not fast, but its fast enough for beginner’s. Read the directions. Make sure the tops on all the way. Tape helps. This is a good quality boat. All boats take a little prep work. If you don’t take that extra step, yes you could have problems. For battery not lasting very long, make sure its fully charged. My wife loves this boat. When she gets better yes well get a faster , bigger boat.

  3. Lauren

    Goes about 25-30mph. My 8 year old loves this boat! Day one so not sure about useful life but so far so good!

  4. Joni norvell


  5. Curtis Lowe

    Fun boat for my 8 year old . He loves it !!

  6. joseph burke

    great entry level rc boat , good speed , easy to control ,motor is water cooled , great replica of the real miss geico speed boat , i recommend checking out the videos on you tube to see it before you decide to make your purchase , great product for a good price

  7. Mike Slavec

    Fast for a first boat….very pleased with it.!! My son enjoys it very much. Worth the money.

  8. William L

    So far the boat has performed well. Battery life is decent and the controls are very accurate.

  9. John DeMaria- Daniel

    I was very pleased with my boat it does need a bigger battery to run faster than my dads boat. Its pretty hardy I submarined it several times and it still works great. reverse is a little touch but it works f I could change anything I would want a second prop and more carter pins mine broke in the first race.

  10. Offshore-Guy

    Nice boat for the kids or used as a recovery boat for my other Boats. Had some issues with water getting inside seems like there is a small holein between the screws when you remove the rudder this is where water gets in which I plugged up with marine silicone and solve that problem.

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