Ryans World Kids Headphones, Adjustable Headband, Stereo Sound, 3.5Mm Jack, Wired Headphones for Kids.

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  1. Parental Volume Control To Protect Hearing: Safety first kid friendly headphones feature built-in adjustable volume limiting parental controls. Easy listening earphones provide a safe optimal listening experience for iOS or Android users See back of packaging for more details
  2. Connect To Any Device: Children’s headphones are compatible with all devices with 3. 5mm aux port like iPhone, Android, tablets, and laptops
  3. High Quality Stereo Sound Quality: Let your child enjoy high quality sound while being able to have good protection and not harming your kids hearing
  4. Adjustable Over Ear Headband and Ear Cushions: These kid friendly over ear headphones allows the Cushions and headbands to be pivoted and adjusted for custom fit and maximum comfort
  5. Perfect Gift: These kids headphones will make the perfect gift for your little one without the need to worry knowing your kid’s ears are safe, it finally gives parents piece of mind. Great for school homework, travel or home. We are sure your kid will always be happy with them


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Headphones (Standard Packaging), Laser Tag (Standard Packaging)

10 reviews for Ryans World Kids Headphones, Adjustable Headband, Stereo Sound, 3.5Mm Jack, Wired Headphones for Kids.

  1. Hokie115

    Big sister bought these for her little brother’s for Christmas. Although they are not something like a Nerf gun, they incorporated these into their “Nerf” battles. They love the lights and the sounds. Don’t know how long they will last, but value wise, they were a great gift!

  2. Blessvince

    My 4yr old grandson absolutely loves Ryan! He also loves his electronic tablet so we thought this would be a great. idea to go along with his tablet. He enjoys having his very own headphones.

  3. Amanda Walls

    Im a huge fan of Ryans world products all of them down to the toothpaste! So again very happy with this purchase it fits my daughter and also i use them as well fits me too! Great quality and volume is perfect!!!

  4. Takeya

    Too small for my kid’s big head. He is 6 and has a head the size of a 10 year old. These will not stay on the top of his head….oh well. On to the older age headphones that don’t have superheroes on them and cost half the price

  5. Katie

    I bought these for my 3 year old, who is obsessed with all things Ryan, but my 1 year old realllyyyy likes them too. Haha

  6. J

    I bought it for my son and daughter they love it and I’m not gonna lie I like playing with the lazer gun but my kids are cheaters they can hide I can’t but I would recommend it as a whole family activity product it brings everybody in on the fun. Not to mention its a great means of physical activity its helps those kids who have a little extra fuel..😃😁

  7. jcam

    I thought the laser tag feature was not working as also mentioned by some on here. Make sure the switch under the gun and behind the pistol grip is set to ON and not DEMO. DEMO mode only does lights and sound. Kids had lots of fun with this.

  8. Reads a lot CA

    I really like the creativity this toy promotes. My 5 & 7 year old grand children love to play together. They are active & easily bored. Not anymore!! This is the best laser tag game you could imagine. The kids fire at each other and the system vibrates if you are hit. Once you are hit 3 times you are out of the game. These two find the most creative ways to hide and sneak out on the other to try to get a hit. They love playing over & over to see which one can win the most rounds. The hit range is far so they don’t have to be close trying to hit each other with the laser. There are many ways to load the laser. One load is to push the super blast button so if you hit your opponent in this mode, one hit takes them out of the game. So much fun at home. You can buy additional lasers to expand the set so on holidays adults join in. This is real laser tag at home. Great entertainment and not teaching violence but creative teamwork.

  9. Candace Grant

    I purchased for a child’s birthday and they look just like in the photo and are very durable. So of the Ryan product and cheap and break easily. These headphone are a great by for $15

  10. Tiffany Allred

    cool toy he loved it

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