SereneLife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – 2000Pa Suction – Wifi Mobile App and Gyroscope Mapping.

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  • UNDER BRUSH / SQUEEGEE: Competitors featuring suction only cleaning are not match. PUCRC660 features a rotating rubber squeegee underbrush that uses friction to lift up dried dirt and fine dust particles other robots leave behind
  • AVOIDS REPEATED CLEANING: Internal gyroscope helps the self cleaning Alexa vacuum robot will follow an S path to efficiently navigate without repeating cleaning. Mobile app path mapping shows the cleaned area and helps the robot find the charger
  • 120 MIN RUN TIME: Equipped with high capacity 14. 4V 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery for 120 min max run time max cleaning area of 180 sq meters. Ultra quiet <65dB robotic vac for carpet and hardwood floor. Returns to dock for self-charging
  • POWERFUL 2000PA SUCTION: Picks up particles other robots leave behind without compromising battery performance. XL 600 ml dustbin. With wireless remote, replacement filters and brush kit. Anti fall sensor detect gaps and prevents falling off stairs
  • MOBILE APP AND VOICE CONTROL: Set scheduling, check cleaning performance and battery level and control the smart vacuum robot cleaner by with iOS and Android ‘Smart Life’ mobile app. Use with Alexa or Google Home to activate cleaning at your command

10 reviews for SereneLife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – 2000Pa Suction – Wifi Mobile App and Gyroscope Mapping.

  1. saspinner

    I got this for cleaning up dirt and pet hair. UPDATE: OMG, this thing can mop! I got the wet mop bin and pads and let her loose on the previously mopped kitchen and I couldn’t believe how dirty the pad was. Then I turned her loose on the bathroom, and the same thing. She seems to cover everything several times which pretty much cleans it all. I have named her PC. And she is Soooooo quiet either mopping or vacuuming. We have 2 other brand bots that were almost $1,000 each and I would say other than lacking boundary controls, this one out cleans them both.

  2. ctg77

    So far so good. We really like the systematic cleaning pattern rather than the random Drunky McDrunkbot cleaning of our last robot vacuum. It has enough suction to force large amounts of dog hair up into the bin. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price…this thing is a great little vacuum, and having Alexa integration means that the only thing you have to do is empty the bin once it’s done. It’s found the charger every time it’s run so far, which is WAY better than the eufy 15C max we had.Update 1: After 1 week, my initial review still stands. It’s done a great job all week, and hasn’t left 1 clump of hair behind like the Eufy did.

  3. Casual Surfer

    This is my 5th robot vacuum cleaner – I’ve had 4 generations of Roomba, which were less than stellar, a Samsung which was an utter disappointment, and then this no brand robot with WiFi and an app. The app was easy to install, the robot registered quickly and easily, I could command the robot to start vacuuming the floor while out, and it cleans both hardwood + carpet really well, and does not struggle to get from hardwood to thick carpet transitions. Finally, this robot maps where it’s been and only vacuums the areas it hasn’t been, which is a godsend. For $200, you cannot get a better robot vacuum IMO, and I highly recommend this. I like this so much I will be buying another one to replace the aging Roomba and the terrible Samsung.

  4. DBB

    I’ve had this for about a week, and so far I’ve been very pleased with my purchase. The setup was very quick and easy. The first time I ran it I had to empty the dust bin about 5-6 times, which I expected since we have two dogs and it had been a bit since we last vacuumed. Since then I’ve only had to empty it at the end and I’ve been running it every other day. It feels so great to always have a clean floor, and with no effort! I have to mention we have only hardwood floors and no rugs so I can’t comment on how well it would do on anything but a smooth surface. So for hardwood floors, I highly recommend this! It’s also very reasonably priced compared to others I researched.

  5. Cindy W

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     This is a great robot vacuum cleaner. It has much better suctioning and cleans around edges of rooms than the Roomba 960. I tested both products and was much more impressed with the PUCRC660. The 2 side brushes make a huge difference.

  6. Mark

    Does a great job for the money. The smart clean mode is much faster than the random cheap ones. I have 2 of these and 2 iLife 4’s and they work great too but take a while and miss spots. This PureClean last 2 hours, app works great and we have 8,000sqft in 2 levels. This PureClean is easy to maintain and is holding up to 2 dogs and a whole lot of hard flooring.The mop on this works well and let’s just enough water/cleaner drip out. Works great on luxury vinyl plank, and marble floors.

  7. Amanda Casey

    I originally bought a different cheaper brand robot vacuum but returned it a few days later. This vacuum is esthetically appealing, it actually does a pretty decent clean, not too loud, and I LOVE the zig zag vacuum pattern. It gets a whole room before moving onto the next. The only downside is the battery only lasts about an hour to an hour and a half before it is toast and heading back home. However, I also love that it speaks to you, it tells you when it is on home and charging, when charging is complete, and what pattern its doing. Overall, I really like this product and look forward to getting the use out of it!**** Update, when receiving this product & registering it for the app PureClean offered me to fill out a review & receive a free mop attachment. However, upon doing so they have never fulfilled their offer. The robot does work great, however the company itself isn’t honorable. Kind of disappointed that PureClean isn’t a company of their word, SHAME! *****

  8. Amazon Customer

    I’ve just started to use this little robot vacuum and so far I really love it! Set up was easy, connected to wifi quickly.. and easily finds its home charger. I have 4 small dogs and this little robot vacuum works great picking up dog hair on tile floor. Suction is strong and after 3 uses I can notice a big difference in the amount of stuff on floor in between regular cleanings. I won’t replace your big vacuum but it definitely helps with day to day floor upkeep. Good price with all the features… I did some research and this one has same features as more expensive brands. I Would definitely recommend to a friend.

  9. John F

    Extremely happy with this little guy. Set up was very easy including Alexa setup. It does a very thorough job. It’s very quiet. We have two cats so I vacuumed the whole house before letting it do it’s thing. It still found a lot of stuff I missed. It’s nice having a little helper who doesn’t mind doing some cleaning for you without complaints. It’s been running for about an hour and a half and still going! I don’t know about the more expensive ones, but this one sure does everything I need it to.

  10. Dennis Kaplan

    Just received vacuum….took a few tries to connect to WiFi, but once did, rest of setup was easy. Because vacuum wasn’t fully charged, only used it for about an hour, but I was impressed by the fact that it went room to room without problems, and similarly when encountered area carpets. When I hit the return to charger button, it did just that. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at the amount of dirt and dust it picked up, and cleaning out the dirt container was quite easy. I am also excited with the prospect of also receiving the water mop attachment, which will only make the vacuum more useful. I would recommend this product.

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