Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed Large Sage.

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  • Dog heated bed features soft foam walls for your dog’s comfort
  • Electric dog bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to tempature changes to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature only when your pet is in the bed
  • Removable heater, pillow and outer Cover for Easy wash and care
  • Low wattage, using only 6 watts
  • This heated dog bed has been tested & certified by met Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards
  • One-year limited
  • If you have questions, please contact us at 1-877-738-5188

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Medium (20" x 26"), Large (24" x 31")


Recyclable Box, Retail Packaging

10 reviews for Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed Large Sage.

  1. Kyle-Muggle

    Our frenchie loves it! We have 3 dogs (2 corgis and a frenchie) and we got this for our frenchie. He has trouble staying warm in the winter and often sleeps on our floor vents in the house. So we knew he needed some extra heat.This thing is perfect. He literally found it within minutes and sleeps in it daily now. It doesn’t feel to hot to the touch, but when his 30lb self lays in it, there’s only probably a centimeter between him and the heating pad – only separated by the light pillow.I also got TP-Link’s smart wifi plug and can switch it off from my phone wherever I’m at. I always forget to unplug the bed, but it usually pops into my head at some point in the day and then I can just pull out my phone and turn it off.

  2. Juliana

    These beds were a hit right out of the box! I have two beagles and they love snuggling at night. The problem is that they were taking over my bed and I found my space shrinking more and more every night. So, I began training my dogs to sleep on their own beds but they would refuse. They destroyed so many beds I can’t even count them. Then I found these electric beds and voila! My dogs loved them immediately. Just look at the picture! Those are two happy beagles. Because these beds are warm my dogs love snuggling in them and it made the transition from my bed to their beds a breeze.

  3. katiedid

    I did not buy this bed on Amazon (well, I did originally, but never received it, but that is another story). This bed is great – my cat sleeps in it all day and she loves it (she still sleeps with me at night, but she is a snuggle bug). Some reviews say the bed doesn’t get warm – if you read the insert, it says the bed will only warm when the pet is ON the bed – the pressure makes it heat. If you just have it plugged in with nothing on it, you aren’t going to feel much heat. Yes, the heater is in the middle, but it still heats most of the bed.At first my cat wouldn’t go on it, but once I put her on the bed and she figured out it generated heat, that was all it took. She spends most of the day in that bed, one of three that she has, but the other two will probably be going to Goodwill.

  4. Michelle

    A friend recommended that I buy a heated bed when I told her that our cat keeps us up all night. I browsed around Amazon and selected this one for price and size. It took a couple of days to convince my cat to use it–I had to bribe her with a combination of treats and catnip–but once she was comfortable with it, she loved it! It won’t heat up right when you turn it on, so you’ll want to plug it in a few hours before you want your pet to “discover” it. Also, the bed warms up more when the pet lies in it. Now she sleeps it in it all night and it’s her favorite spot to rest when we’re out of the house. During the winter, we keep it by the window with a nice view of the birds, and during the summer, we unplug it and put it on our cat’s favorite sofa.I was curious why this works so well, so I did some research on cats. Apparently, it takes a lot of energy to keep cats’ body temperature at optimal levels. When they lie in a heated bed, they don’t have to expend so much energy to heat themselves up. So if your cat keeps you up all night, try this!

  5. G. J. Ramos

    I specifically bought this bed for my older dog. I was searching for a soft and heated bed for some weeks when I came across this bed from K&H. I read the reviews and went ahead with my purchase. My dog is a Chihuahua Terrier mix and normally, she likes to sleep in my bed. However, when I’m not home, I want her to sleep in her own bed where she is comfortable. I’ve had this dog bed for a few months and am content with my purchase.The heating pad in the bed heats up by plugging the cord into an outlet. It takes about 30 min for the pad to warm up. The first time I heated it up and encouraged my dog to try out the bed, she did not want to leave. She loved the warmth so much. When it’s not plugged in, she still loves the bed. I think the second best thing about this bed is that it’s lined on all sides. When the bed is not plugged in and the wooden floors are cold, my dog doesn’t feel the cold at all.I once forgot to unplug the heating pad for a few hours, but it never burned through. Some other heated beds burn easily, but this one surprisingly does not. I recommend keeping an eye on the bed when it’s plugged in, especially when you care about the well-being of your dog. In my case, my dog did not mind the warmth and didn’t want to be disturbed when it was warm. I hope this heated dog bed lasts because I don’t want to buy one every 5 months. I will update this review in a few months if anything happens. Overall, I am extremely happy with this purchase.

  6. NYC Canuck

    Bought this for my elderly (19 yr old) cat who has arthritis. He does not jump up onto things much anymore so I bought this so I could put it on the floor and he would have the walls to curl against. He must have super glued himself to it because he is always in it now. He loves the heat – probably helps with the arthritis.Cats have a different body temperature than humans so it does not seem that hot to us when you just put your hand on it. But the temperature is designed for them and so that they can use it for long periods of time. After he has been on it a while if you pet him you can definitely feel that he is toasty warm. Please don’t use it in a confined area – they have to have someplace cool to sit / lie down if they want a break.My apartment has 10 different cat beds he can use and he uses this 95% of the time. The other 5% is when he is sitting on my lap.

  7. Smoredo

    For 3 years I’ve been trying to get my chihuahua out of my bed and off my couch to no avail. The first night we had this bed he slept the entire night in it and the unheated bed went unused as my other dog got in with him. Now its both their favorite place to be. Best purchase I’ve ever made!

  8. Lori

    Our sweet little 14 year old jack loves her early Christmas present. Mistletoe suffers from arthritis and Cushings and I thought this bed might help her to feel more comfortable. I ordered a size medium and it is the perfect size for her. I tested the bed before she used it, as the instructions said and it seemed to function fine. She seems to enjoy the warmth and is very content 😊😊😊😊😊

  9. GMak

    The basis of all K&H products is their heating pad. Don’t plug it in and expect to feel the intense heat of the typical sore muscle heating pad. This is a very low wattage gentle heat, right around the dog’s body temperature (101-102°F). I leave it plugged in constantly and it draws about as much electricity as a night light. If you put you hand on the bed you probably won’t notice the heat, however if you hold your hand there for awhile and you will feel a gentle comforting heat. Essentially it maintains the dog’s body temperature much as a heavy blanket on your bed holds in your body heat. The sides of the bed are made of foam about 5″ high and provides a bolster against which the dog can lie. If K&H sells the heating pad separately you could actually just put it in the bed you already own and keep your pal comfy and cozy.

  10. Tashy

    Lucy loves her new heated doggie bed. Saves on my heating bill. Don’t have to turn on the heat in HER bedroom.Yes, she has her own bedroom, LOL

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