Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise with AlexaVoice Control And Mic For Phone Call.

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Brand Sony
Connections Bluetooth, NFC
Model Name WF-1000XM3/B
Color Black
Headphones Form Factor In Ear
  • Digital noise canceling: Industry leading anc lends a personalized, virtually soundproof experience. Phone call: A built-in mic enables you to take hands-free calls
  • 24bit Audio signal processing delivers dramatically improved sound quality
  • Battery life up to 24 hours with carrying case (with 10min quick charge for 90min of play time)
  • Easy and clear hands free calling; Leave your phone where it is, just speak with a double tap to the earbud
  • Truly wireless design with uninterrupted L/R simultaneous Bluetooth transmission
  • Alexa enabled for voice access to music, information, and more. Activate with a simple touch.
  • Smart listening by adaptive sound control automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on your activity
  • Smart listening by adaptive sound control automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on your activity
  • Quick attention mode and wearing detection make conversations effortless
  • Sony, headphones connect app for Android/iOS to use smart listening technology to control your ambient sound settings

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Black, Silver

10 reviews for Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise with AlexaVoice Control And Mic For Phone Call.

  1. WolfpackCL

    I am convinced that these are the best earbuds that are on the market right now, with a couple of modifications. I have compared these against the Jabra Elites as well as Bose Soundsport Frees and these win hands down. I also have a large collection of over ear headphones, and the sound quality from these are easily on par, if not better. Here is a subjective list of pros/cons:Pros: sound quality, noise isolation, noise cancellation, passthrough quality, touch controls, battery/quick-chargingCons: stock tips/fit, microphone quality, lack of multipoint (NFC workaround)Sound Quality :First off, the sound quality is amazing on these, but you need to play around with the equalizer. I had the most success by setting the equalizer to “mellow” and then adjusting from there. The reason for this is because the treble and highs on these are fairly harsh out of the box. Music with loud vocals or high hats, etc. are EAR PIERCING without modification. Toning down the high ends significantly gives are more flat sound. The funny thing is that I found the opposite to be true for the WH-1000XM3s (headphone version of these earbuds). Another benefit is due to their isolation/noise canceling properties, you barely have to turn the volume above 50% to drown out ambient noise. This lends itself to much cleaner sounds and lower distortion.Noise Isolation/Cancellation:For the Sonys, I found the noise isolation to be significantly better than any other headphones that I have tried. They offer both silicone and soft foam tips out of the box, both of which successfully isolate outside noise. However, they didn’t offer the best fit, but I will touch on that later. As far as noise canceling goes, these are comparable, but not as foolproof as the over the ear version. Things like loud talking, water faucets, crickets chirping, are not drowned out as easily as other sounds. Things like fans, hums, etc. will disappear almost completely. What they lack in NC, they make up for in noise isolation. A dash of increased volume helps drown out any other noises.Passthrough Quality:Compared to the Jabra Elites, the passthrough quality is far superior. By default, the left earbud controls ambient/noise cancelling controls, and a long press and hold on the left earbud allows passthrough of outside sounds. The sound quality is very natural, with almost no hiss or hum. The Jabras on the other hand sound like an old tape deck with lots of hiss in the background and had a much sharper tone.Battery/Quick-Charging:Any reasonable person will have no issue with battery on these. I have worn them for multiple hours at a time and the battery has not even dipped below 70%. Toss them in the case for a quick charge and you are back on the go.Touch Controls:I am a huge fan of touch controls as they don’t involve you pushing the earbuds any further into your ears, which I don’t find that comfortable to begin with, coming from the comfort of Bose “stayhear” tips. The left earbud cycles through ambient/noise cancelling modes and also allows for passthrough. The right earbud handles play, pause, skip/previous track. For phone calls, it’s two double taps to answer, and two double taps to end. To enter pairing mode for a second device, press the touch sensors on both the left and right units for about 7 seconds. You can swap the controls among the earbuds as well as change it to google assistant or no effect. The only thing missing here is volume control. I get around this on my Apple Watch so it’s not a huge deal breaker for me.Fit:I have never been that big of a fan of earbuds, but had success in the past with Bose due to their “stayhear” wing tips. Unfortunately, you can’t put similar tips on these as they would no longer fit in the charging case. That being said, the Bose tips don’t offer much noise isolation. I have small ear canals and even with the smallest tips, these would eventually fall out after light jostling, chewing, walking, etc. To get around this, I bought some Comply tips that also fit the Sony WF-1000x (Comply TrueGrip Pro Memory Foam Earphone Tips for Jabra Elite Sport, Master & Dynamic MW07, RHA TrueConnect, Sony WF-1000x, Sony WF-SP700N – Secure Fit Tips with SweatGuard) and now these are fantastic! They have a great fit and won’t fall out. I can barely hear myself typing at my computer with the volume hovering around 50-60%.Microphone Quality:For calls, the incoming audio is great, but I have had many people tell me that I sound robotic or static-y. I’ve had others tell me that I sound fine. It seems to vary based on the environment, but I am still testing. On the plus side, call sound comes out of both earbuds to give you stereo sound, something that the Bose Soundsport Frees do not offer.Update 5/2020: Sony pushed a firmware update that had significantly improved call quality according to others I’ve talked to while using the earbuds. No longer having issues with static sounds or robotic sounds.Lack of Multipoint (NFC workaround):Coming from Bose, the lack of multipoint was my biggest gripe. If you don’t know what multipoint is, it allows you to not only pair to multiple devices, but to also connect to multiple devices (usually two) at the same time. You can play music from one source, say your phone, and then you can start playing music from another source, maybe your laptop, and the transition is seamless. You don’t have to disconnect/connect to switch audio sources. This is not true for the Sonys. On the bright side you do have a couple of options.If you have an Android phone, you can hot swap by tapping the NFC logo on the earbud case. From Sony (on Android)”If you touch an NFC-compatible smartphone to the charging case while the headset is connected to another Bluetooth device, you can switch the connection to the smartphone (One-touch connection switching). However, the connection cannot be switched when talking on a headset connected to a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone.When an NFC-compatible smartphone is connected to the headset, if the smartphone is touched by another NFC-compatible Bluetooth device (headset or speaker), the smartphone is disconnected from the headset and connected to the Bluetooth device.”If you have an iPhone, you can setup a shortcut that will easily get you to your bluetooth menu when you tap the case and then you are just one tap away. The shortcut is as follows: When NFC tag detected > URL – prefs:root=Bluetooth > Safari – Open URL.Using these approaches in tandem with the earbuds being hot swappable means that you do not have to disconnect/reconnect each time, as long as you have previously been paired with that device. You also get audio alerts saying “bluetooth disconnected, bluetooth connected” although it would be nice if it told you which device was being disconnected/connected on the audio prompt.Please rate this review as HELPFUL if you found any of the information of use!!

  2. GameLover

    The noise cancelling on the Sony-WF-100XM3’s is actually quite impressive, BUT you have to insert them into your ears deeply enough and with a big enough tip to completely seal off your ear canal from any sound slipping past the earbuds.If you don’t create a good physical seal (like I didn’t at first) you still hear the sounds that are going around the noise cancelling.So…STEP 1: Create a complete seal (make sure the tip you choose is big enough)STEP 2: Be amazed how well these suckers work!I was sitting in front of a window air conditioner—a great source for the kind of steady sound that NC headphones eliminate so well—and I could still hear a decent amount of its rumble, even with the noise cancelling turned on, especially in my right ear. Bummer. I was disappointed like a number of other reviewers here.So I started to play with the right earbud, really getting it in there and twisting it upwards as recommended in the instructions. And then…SILENCE. Woah—these things work!As others have said, it’s probably 85% – 90% as good as Sony’s over ear WH1000M3 headphones, which is a fair tradeoff for me, considering the very useful form factor of these small earbuds. They’ll still take away the energy-sapping drone of a jet engine just fine.I have found the foam tips seal off sound a tiny bit better (like 5%), but they take a lot more messing around to get a good seal and they’re less comfortable than the silicone ones. So right now, I’m using these with the largest silicone tips, typing in front of an AC on full blast, and it sounds like the equivalent of a small computer fan running across the room.So that’s my experience—yours may vary as everyone’s ear canals are different. But I’m guessing most anyone (except those with really wide ear canals) can make these things work great as noise-cancelling option that lets you travel light.And as others have noted, these things sound amazing, feel like quality, the app is kinda dumb but useful, the case is biggish but pockatable, the touchpads are touchy, and it’s a mild bummer that you can’t control the volume directly from the earbuds.Overall, I love these things, even more after I figured out how to make them work. For about $50 more than Airpods, you get a lot more performance and features (and you can get them in black!).

  3. Ian Macias

    I’ve had the opportunity to sample some of the latest True Wireless products and over-ear headphones currently on the market. Suffice to say, when I had the opportunity to review the new WF-1000MX3, I took it. The charging case featured a silky, back neoprene finish with an elegant copper lid. The texture of the black plastic finish and copper accents on the headphones were tasteful and understated. The opening of the lid was smooth, and the lights on the case indicating the charge status were quite helpful. Putting the headphones in my ear were a piece of cake; all I had to do was insert the foam tip and slightly twist the headphones counter-clockwise until they were comfortably secure. Pairing the XM3s to my iPhone X was a simple task. But the sound; the sound blew me away immediately. After owning Apple AirPods for over half a year, as well as trying the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and Bose headphones, I was totally shocked at how much better the sound was and how Sony could pack so many features into a such a portable product. The new noise cancelling chip completely eliminated the chatter surrounding me while the driver brought the concert to my ears! These are truly audiophile quality headphones with the ability for adjustments via the Sony Headphones Connect app. The Google Assistant integration makes these wireless earphones allow me to interact with my smart home and calendar without ever touching my phone. I cannot wait to purchase my own pair and enjoy my music, and nothing else.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The following is my first impression after receiving them in the mail today and WOW I am ecstatic.I currently have the first generation AirPods, the overhead WH-1000XM3s and now these earbud WF-1000XM3s. I really liked the convenience and the decent sound quality of the AirPods but unfortunately didn’t like how easy it was to hear my surroundings, especially while lifting in the gym, and had to raise the volume so high.The build quality is excellent. The case overall is a sturdy plastic with a nice matte feel and is light weight which will be great for travel despite being bigger than the AirPods case. There are individual LED indicators on each earbud and on the case itself to allow you to know when its charging. I also like the flat, glossy circle on each earbud and how they are touch sensitive so I can use that to control the music as well as the noise cancelling features. Another thing I appreciate is how they give you 6 additional sets of earbud tips in order to allow you to find your perfect, personal fit.In terms of looks, I find it to be a classy look. It definitely doesn’t look bulky, (like an oversized bug sitting in your ear) and it feels light weight, being overall comfortable. However, I do have some big ears that stick out like open car doors so your own experience may vary from mine. The fit of the AirPods never bothered me either but it would after a few hours.In terms of sound quality and noise cancelling, I find it to be excellent. My music library consists of mostly hip hop/lo-fi music and these have great bass without being overly “boomy” nor too tight. There is definitely a punch you will feel greater than the AirPods. I’m no audiophile with knowledge of mids and highs but I do think they are great for the average listener with a bass preference. To top it off, they are noise cancelling (!) and I find them to work surprisingly well blocking ambient noise. In comparison to the WH-1000XM3s, of course it is definitely not as precise, the noise cancelling is noticeably better and the sound stage on those headphones is large/more open. However, given the obvious size difference in consideration, these earbuds are a delight.In summary, I think these will end up replacing my AirPods. I liked those but I love these for its noise cancelling (which will be perfect for lifting in the gym), greater bass and overall sound quality along with its style. However, for enjoying a full listening experience while not actively moving or traveling, I will stick to my overhead WH-1000XM3s.

  5. Archer

    Photos show the previous model, WF1000X for comparison.I picked up two sets of these in a recent trip to Tokyo (one black, the other “silver” which is more of a putty color). The noise cancellation is, as one might expect, not quite as powerful as that found on Sony’s over-the-ear WH series NC headphones, but it is pretty close- perhaps 85% of the WH capability- but a lot more convenient to have with you at all times.On the busy streets of Tokyo, noise simply disappears- replaced with the “thump” of one’s own steps going through your body. Signal strength never wavered- the connection remained rock-solid even in some of the most RF-saturated places on the planet (Shibuya scramble crossing and Shinjuku station, for example) greatly outperforming the previous model.Video sync was excellent on both iPhone and iPad for movies downloaded to the device, but there was slight lag while watching Amazon Prime Video streamed items on my iPad Pro.I got every bit of six hours listening to music from an iPhone on my return flight.The touch controls are a little bit fiddly, they are actually perhaps a little too sensitive (as in, they tend to activate when making minor adjustments to fit, for example).Sound quality is flat and natural, and easily adjusted if desired with the Sony app. It was, subjectively, more detailed than the previous model.The main feature these lack compared to the over-ear models is the altitude correction function on the over ear models isn’t available on these. No matter, they were still 80% as effective in NC as the over ear WH models.The case is not a burden in a reasonable pocket. It easily provides three or so recharges.All in all, this is a 9 out of 10 effort. Sony hit it out of the park.

  6. Bruce

    I’m honestly shocked these are getting bad reviews…EDIT: To those who’s left earbud has stopped charging/working. Place the earbud in the case with the right one. Touch and hold the touch sensor for 20 seconds, or untill it starts flashing red. Let go, and it should start taking a charge and reconnect!Syncing was a cinch, between NFC or bluetooth, I’m really struggling to understand how anyone was having issues pairing these with their phones. I have a Note 8 for reference. The range decreases if you switch from quality over connectivity in the Sony app, but if you’re working in an office or just around the house with your phone in your pocket, you shouldnt have an issue keeping these set to quality.The sound quality is surprisingly really good! I previously had a paid of Bose quietcomfort, but over the years the wires began to short out, hence the switch. I do feel Bose has these beat for noise cancelling, however if you factor in that these are the first truly wireless earbuds with ANC, these do an amazing job. Plus if you use an ear tip that creates a decent seal, the difference in ANC quality is truly negligible.I’ve had 0 issues with the left earbud not charging or cutting out or anything. I’m really thinking they may just be a fluke.My only grievances would be the no IP rating, the Sony app itself, no volume controls on the earbuds themselves, and mic quality. The latter three can be fixed with firmware/software updates. And being these just came out not too long ago, I’m willing to bet an update is in the works.Overall these are fantastic. I’ll most certainly be keeping my pair!

  7. BbReview

    I read a lot of reviews for different wireless ear buds after buying an inexpensive pair and being very frustrated by connectivity issues.I just got these and have been using them for a few hours and my initial impressions couldn’t be better. I will update the review as necessary but I want to say a few things about things I’ve seen in other reviews.1. No headphone will block 100% of ambient noise. If that’s the most important thing to you align your expectation to reality.2. I have had no issues with connectivity so far. I think people who have failed to mention what device they are using and if they have the most up to date version of the OS.3. You do NOT need the Sony app to use the headphones. You need it if you want to tweak the features the headphones offer.4. So far the app works fine on my iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13.2. Maybe there are issues with older versions or Android devices. I haven’t tried these with my Samsung tablet yet.I really, really like the comfort and sound quality of these headphones. Looking forward to an upcoming trip to see how well they work on a plane and will update when I come back.

  8. Josh M. Bishop

    Sony’s reputation comes through in this offering of the WF-1000XM3! Wow, the sound I expected would be fantastic, better than my three other over-ear and in-ear sets except Sennheiser, but the noise cancelling is amazing for a product so light and mobile as this. Now the noise cancelling is augmented with the seal of in-ear, but riding in a car / crowded bus, and walk just take you away from everything.As to the design, I love the form factor which allows for gesture support to navigate through ambient noise levels for hearing those around you, as well as audio playback volume and start / stop. I had the Bragi Dash a few years ago and that surface area to perform gestures on those is what made be fall for the Sony WF-1000XM3s and I was not disappointed. Further the look with both black and silver (more like a manila or tan) as not as dorky looking as AirPods. Apple could have done AirPods in black to alievete the dork factor, but apparently choose not to.The Sony WF-1000XM3 buds have the same well machined feel typical of other Sony products. They magnetically snap into their respective left / right bezel in the charging case and the case charges with USB-C. I look forward to a QI charging case, but that’s just being a bit picky on my part. Another update I’d love to see is a water resistant set with official IP rating; again nitpicky on my part.Overall, these pair of ear buds changed everything in a very unexpected way for me. I sold off my pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 over-ear headphones as well as my Bose QuiteComfort 35 IIs. I expect both of these over-ear offerings to drop in price because of the Sony WF-1000XM3 and for good reason.I honestly am blow away by these and certainly recommend anyone get them at least to try, they are a game-changer!

  9. ArynBergman

    The stock ear tips are awful; incredibly painful and/or doesn’t keep the buds in the ear. Blows my mind that they would skimp on such an inexpensive yet crucial accessory. Love the sound and the noise cancellation, but was considering sending them back till I tried the Comply SmartCore ear tips. They make all the difference in the comfort and provide a better fit and seal.I originally knocked off a star due to the poor quality stock ear tips. But the earbud’s performance with the SmartCore tips has been so stellar, I’ve changed my mind. The sound quality, noise cancellation, battery life, and features of the WF-1000XM3 are incredible.

  10. Larry Scharnweber

    In the interest of full disclosure; I originally purchased AirPods Pro earbuds in mid November. After returning them (you can check my review) I purchased the Sony WF-1000xm3 and received them 4-5 days ago. I have been using them nonstop since. Although connection to my iPhone X was not as easy as it is with AirPods, reconnections have been completely seamless. The sound quality & noise cancelling are so far beyond the AirPods Pro that Apple should be embarrassed. I am 691/2 years old so my workouts consist of walking and household chores. I never felt insecure about the fit. If I was going to do more strenuous activity I would choose my Powerbeats Pro. BUT for every other use. These are my choice. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for in ear, noise cancelling headphones with great, natural sound.

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