Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 60H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office Electronics

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 Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People   Hi-Res Audio: Custom oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers produce Hi-Res sound. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones reproduce music with extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz for extraordinary clarity and detail.   Reduce Ambient Noises By Up to 90%: Our team of engineers conducted more than 100,000 tests in real-life scenarios to fine-tune Life Q20’s 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm. As a result, the hybrid active noise cancellation can detect and cancel out a wider range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines.   100% Stronger Bass: Our exclusive BassUp technology conducts real-time analysis of the low frequencies to instantly strengthen the bass output. Double press the play button when listening to bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop for an amplified listening experience.   60-Hour Playtime*: Up to 40 hours of non-stop playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode (at 60% volume) is extended to an enormous 60 hours in standard music mode. A single charge gives you enough juice to listen to over 600 songs or soundtrack multiple long haul flights. And when you’re in a rush, charge Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones for 5 minutes and get 4 hours of listening.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

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March 21, 2019





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60 reviews for Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 60H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office Electronics

  1. Marc

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    An Honest, Unbiased Review **UPDATED**

    UPDATE, 2/29/20: Anker Customer Service has provided me an updated pair of the headphones for reevaluation. I have not experienced the popping issue at all with the new pair, so I am updating my rating to 4 stars. I still really enjoy the sound from these while ANC is on; strong, fun bass, and not at the expense of the mids and treble. Also, customer service also sent me replacement earpads in the event that they fail over time.Once again, I cannot say enough about how amazing Anker’s customer service is. Many companies out there could learn a lot from how much they want their customers to be satisfied!UPDATE, 1/31/20: Unfortunately these are being returned, for 2 reasons:1) I’m getting the popping noise whenever I take off the headphones while playing in ANC mode (which is always). This simply cannot happen for headphones at any price point, much less $60.2) I can see already that the earpad leatherette covering is beginning to pull away from the housing. Since receiving the headphones, I have treated them with kid gloves, so in less than 2 weeks time I’m already beginning to see potential for long term build quality issues.So, as with other reviewers, bummed that these just don’t live up to Anker quality. Leaving them at 2 stars as they are serviceable, but not a long term gamble I’m willing to take.ORIGINAL REVIEW, 1/25/20:We live in a world of excess. Headphones are a prime example of this. Not only are there many “name brand” manufacturers of headphones out there (Sony, Bose, Beats. et. al.), there are now endless “no-name” brands peddling junk. There are a handful of companies trying to find some middle ground, TaoTronics, Mpow, and, of course, Anker Soundcore. When it comes to headphones, at least for me, is value for price paid. Without a doubt, the more expensive headphones by Sony & Bose offer the best quality across the board, but they’re not such a great value, at least for my needs. And to go super cheap with no name brands is a waste of time, as you’ll make major sacrifices. Anker is trying to establish itself as the sweet spot for solid value without making too many sacrifices.Like other reviewers, I have used other Anker products, some good, some not so good. Their charging products are nothing short of spectacular. Their audio products, on the other hand, have always been hit or miss. I decided to take a chance on the Q20 headphones because A) they are a few generations in, so hopefully Anker has made improvements over time, and; B) they sit at a great price point (between $40-60 depending on timing). Not cheap, but not astronomical either.So after using them for a week, and making the decision not to return them (I have returned countless headphones), I wanted to share my first impressions. Maybe these will change over time as the build quality ages, or sound quality evolves with burn-in, but I wanted to try and help those on the fence with some honesty rather than the endless one line five star reviews.PROSComfort. While these are in no way portable, they are fairly light and not overly bulky. Most of the cheaper over-ears are simply too much like earmuffs in an attempt to maximize comfort and/or improve sound quality.Sound Quality. This one is both a pro and a con, so I will come back to this below. For the most part, I enjoy the sound quality on these. Admittedly, I like extra oomph in the bass, and these are definitely bass headphones.Battery Life. Gave them a full charge when I received them, and probably won’t need to charge them again for likely…weeks. Since I only use them at work and occasionally around the house, I expect the battery to last quite a while.Value. So far, I feel like I am getting every cent out of my investment in these. Sure, they are not perfect (as you will see below), but for the price paid, they are meeting my expectations.CONSNoise Canceling. Yeah, Anker threw in noise canceling as that feature is hot right now. It’s there, but it’s mediocre. Would I trust it if I was a frequent traveler? No. That would be worth an investment in Bose or Sony. But at work and around the house, it’s fine. I haven’t encountered the popping issues other reviewers have experienced, so I will have to wait and see on that.Build Quality. This is where Anker was able to keep the price point low. These aren’t the most solidly built, but they are passable so long as they are handled decently. A case would have mitigated this, but again, cost. The buttons are not the best, and over time I can tell that these will likely be the first things to fail.Sound Quality. Here is where I will contradict myself. There is a discernible difference in the bass level between noise canceling being off vs. on. When off, the cans really thump with bass, which is great when listening to pop, hip hop, or EDM. It’s too overpowering for most rock songs, as it drowns out pretty much everything else. It’s still listenable, but gets exhausting after awhile. With noise canceling on, it’s better, but it seems like the sound quality degrades somewhat with the added layer of processing. Not a steep decline, but it does mean that I leave the noise cancellation on all the time, which will result in the battery dying quicker. Not a deal breaker.TL;DR: So overall, I recommend these headphones if you are looking for a solid pair of cans at a reasonable price, KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. These are not going to give you superior performance on any feature, except for battery life. They are definitely acceptable for what you’re paying for, and so long as the build quality holds up, should meet your needs for a couple of years. And if not, Anker has an 18-month warranty on defects, and their customer service is A+.

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  2. Jack B.Jack B.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Most Comfortable Headphones. Period.

    I can’t express how much I love these headphones with words alone. They exceeded my every expectation, especially at this price point. The comfort is what stands out the most. I have autism, sensory processing disorder, and autonomic dysfunction, which makes me VERY sensitive to pressure, textures, weight, overall feel, etc. When I tell you that these headphones just DISSAPEAR on my head, I mean it! I really have to focus on them, wiggle my ears, bend over or move fast to even feel that they’re there. Another huge plus is the sound. I only use it around 50-70% volume range unless I’m reeeeaaally rocking out and it’s so buttery smooth. A true blessing to the ears with the surround sound. I even used them while doing yoga and they stayed on and sounded great the whole time! I don’t think this texture would have that gross itchy feeling with sweat either, which is nice. Overall, GET THESE, especially if you can get them discounted like 15% or 20% like I did. Blue color is also super cool.

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  3. Joe DeMille

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good deal. Pleasantly surprised with the sound quality!

    Got this on sale around $40 about two weeks ago. Way better than other headphones I have tried in the same price range $40-60. This is my third set of Soundcore products. I have been pretty happy with each of them, which is why I was comfortable going a bit beyond my initial budget.The noise canceling works great and has the option of being turned off. It’s amazing to feel the sense of silence that the active noise canceling creates. Great for sensory processing, even when using this feature without music or a movie.The on/off/connected sounds and voice are pleasant and the volume for these can be adjusted independent of the headset volume. No loud annoying voice breaking my ear drum to let me know it’s on, or the battery is low.Sound is crisp and clear with good mid tones and bass. I have only used these for watching movies so far but they seem to have a good range and I can actually hear background noises in films that I hadn’t been able to pick up on before. The listening experience is pleasant and encompassing.I took one phone call so far and I could hear the other person well. They seemed to hear me fine. I did not ask for their feedback so I’m unsure of the sound quality in that regard.The control buttons are easy to understand and use and the headset itself is adjustable and comfortable. I do have a small head so every full headset like this is always just a fraction too large, but with this set it doesn’t hurt my head or ears. I have piercings and the soft ear cups do not irritate them.Only downside is that the charging port is for a micro-usb, but that is just a minor inconvenience.So far the charge lasts me a few days with some pretty heavy use, including leaving them on when I pause a show and get caught up doing something else.Easy to connect via Bluetooth. I have not tried these line-in yet.Good purchase, even at normal price. I usually put a lot of effort researching different products to find affordable items that are still good quality. I’m glad I went with this headset as it surpassed my expectations.

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  4. B. Moon

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Impressive technology

    I have an exercise bike that has gotten increasingly noisier over time and it clacks. It can be very distracting and I even found myself peddling lightly. I thought headphones might help. When I looked online I started seeing ads for this noise cancellation technology. I thought it was probably a gimmick but I decided to give it a try when I stumbled across this deal. I have no idea how this is even possible but it worked. I found myself taking them off a few times just to make sure it was still making noise. The difference is night and day. I had no problem linking it to my quest 2 or Apple TV. It’s as simple as holding down the button until it flashes and finding Soundcore when it pops up on the screen.

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  5. MB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easily worth the price . Easily worth $100.00!

    Ok, out of 3 tryouts, seinhouser hd 450 was good but had connection issues and was ruff on ear cartilage, -one audio-was good very nice comfy kinda loose but no ANC and I could hear the traffic loud annoying vehicles were Xtra loud for some reason.Anyway, these are the ones I picked , Sound Core Life Q20. These are better because these have ANC that works perfect and the button locations are easy to remember and work great! Distance 30 to 40 feet . The sound is nice, like Dolby quality filters automatically so no distortion just warm clean bass mid and the highs are clean but not overly exhausting. Worth a try , the ear cups hold your ear much gentler and have natural noise blocking even when off. Good luck hearing better sounds.😉

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  6. Jennifer Layman

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall great headphones

    I have been a Bose devotee for a long time as well as an in the ear headphone person. My last pair of Bose were disappointing and since I had put out so much money for them, I wanted just a regular noise cancelling headphone for using when doing homework. I was wary of getting an over the ear headphone, but these were on sale and had decent reviews. I was amazed at the comfort from the start. The ear cups are perfectly angled for your ears. The sound quality is wonderful. The noise cancelling is the best I’ve had for a lower priced headphone and very close to what I’m used to with Bose. You can still hear some noises but they are very much quieter. Great buy!

  7. Colton loves music.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Probably the best Bluetooth headphones for its price

    I was in the market for some new headphones. I had a pair of Bluetooth headphones, a different brand for about six years, they finally started to wear down and sound quality, didn’t appear as loud as they were, which is expected after Bluetooth headphones are used continuously. For context, I used mine every day, Probably the only time I didn’t use them as well I was sick, so I would say I used my headphones, probably 355 days out of the year. So you could imagine how heavily used they were. Anyways, enough of my rambling, you want to read the review. I went looking for more of an upgrade for my old headphones, I wanted something with noise, canceling features, as I have bad anxiety, and sometimes just need to escape from noise. So, when I saw reviews of these headphones were rather positive in the sound department, I had to give them a chance. I love music, it’s my number one escape from stress in life, so you bet I take shopping for audio products very seriously. The sound quality on. These is great, there is deep base, and that’s just out of the box, I’ve heard, it’s even better when you set an EQ in the app. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that, because the app won’t detect my headphones, I don’t know if that’s just my pair, or if this particular Model of headphones isn’t supported by the app. So I’ve just left it to rest, they sound good out of the box anyways. If you’re looking for a pair of noise, canceling headphones with deep base under $100, I think soundcore is the way to go, I might be biased because I like soundcore products, I own a soundcore mini three if you were wondering. But even people who weren’t familiar with soundcore, and used other brands told me they liked these better when I got them a pair. My girlfriend was very loyal to JBL, and I got hurry Pair of soundcore headphones in the gray variant, for Christmas, and she is in love with her headphones. So even people who were very apprehensive about something non-JBL, praises it heavily, that tells me how good these headphones are. Get a pair for yourself, and they also make a great gift for a family member or friend, who sometimes needs to escape noise. or if they just love music. Or both, like myself.

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  8. Cheryl Thompson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great in a noisy office

    These headphone are exactly what I needed to tune out a noisy office around me. The sound is great I’ve used my own playlist off my phone as well as SXM radio both are great. They came with a charge and I used them all week and still have a “high charge”. The app lets me pick various white noise backgrounds, which I can hear but says it the headphones are not connected-this particular model Q20 is not found in the list, but I can still use the sounds kind of weird. Easily connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone or to my laptop with no issue. For the price I don’t think you can beat these headphones!

  9. William Yousef Fadel

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    No noise cancelling, instead this is more like pump up the volume

    Normally, Anker products are really good, but these are dissapointing.If these where just headphones, they would be fine, they are comfortable, sound good (not audiophile good, but good enough), look kinda good (if a tad cluncky). But these are supposed to be noise cancelling headphones. And they do not cancel noise at all.The only discernible effect when you enable noise cancelling is that the headphones pump up the volume of what you are listening, but, once you compensate for that, the external sound dampening you get is the same that you would get by just the cushions of the headphones.Mind you, I tested with a punny Nokia E71 playing TMBG’s Call_connected_through_the_NSA.mp3 not some hollywood explosion fest. I do not want “world around dissapears” kinds of Noise Cancelling, but if these can’t cancel a punny E71… Well, disappointed/dissapointingEdit #1:The reason I hold Anker in high regard, I because of their customer service, and this is no exception. I posted the review in about July 18, 2020, and today July 21, 2020 they contacted me. At least we know they still have top notch customer support, even during a pandemic.Nonetheless, their sugestions were not very usefull:«- Make sure the NC button is turned on(the NC indicator would turn green) when you want them to cancel noise outside.»Yes, I know very well how to press the button to get the green light, and also, a very nice lady voice says “Noice Cancelling”, so yes, I was 110% (one hundred and ten percent) sure noice cancelling was active.«- Try the headphones in different noisy places with NC on and off and see any difference.»Well, we are under lockdown. When I am able to move out, I have more important thing to do than test noise cancelling headphones. Nonetheless, I’ll try to do it and report back to Anker Customer Support, and to you guys. I’ll also try to get the 10 min silent MP3s from Samir Mezrahito really test this out.Edit #2:I was “finally” able to actuate on Anker product support’s sugestion and “- Try the headphones in different noisy places with NC on and off and see any difference.”.For testing purposes I used the headphones in BlueThooth mode (to eliminate any electrical intereference noise). And used the song “A a a a a a a a a Very good song” by artist Samir Mezrahi, which, as you perhaps know, consists of almost 10 min of silence.I tested in various scenarios:1.) In my car, windows down.2.) In my car windows up.3.) Reving up my car to 2500rpm (in the parking lot).4.) In a bus stop (with buses comming in and out).5.) In the electric stairs of a ghostly empty shopping mall.6.) In a queue to pay for medicines (with ambient music and people talking at moderate volume).7.) Near the air extractor of my home kitchen.My results:1.) If wind blows in the headphones you actually get MUCH MORE noise with NC on than with NC off, so forget using the noise cancelling in a ferry boat, or in a bus with no Air conditioning, or in your car with windows/roof open, or in your bike.2.) The NC was able to diminish humming noises (like the engine), but not clacking noises, or noises derived from potholes and such.3.) The NC was very effective at mitiganting the reeving.4.) The engine noise from the buses was mitigated, but not the clacking or the chatter from the people waiting.5.) Again, the humm of the motor of the staris was mitigated, but not the clacking noises.6.) In the queue, the souund of the air conditioner or the store was somewhat mitigated by the NC, but not the ambient music or the chatter, and that actually ended up being worse, because it made more noticeable the music and chatter.7.) The NC was decent with the air extractor of my kitchen.But, in scenarios 5, 6 & 7, I noticed that the NC tends to cancel the low frequencies, but the high ones are not mitigated at all (currently at my 47yo, i can hear up to 15Khz, so for younger peiople is probably worse), so, actually enabling NC will make any high pitch noice more noticeable (i.e. the frequency responce of the NC is not flat).Finally, if one bought these headphones with NC because the noise made by rain, the AC fan or compressor, or some other noise like that was disturbing, it it will diminish it a little (but not much), but if one bought noise cancelling headphones because one wanted to evade the sound of coworkers talking, or kids playing in the garden or your SO watching TV in the other room, these headphones will do nothing more than what headphones with no NC (and therefore less expensive) would have.Edit #3 (and Final):Anker contacted me, and offered two options, return the item (as a very special consideration, since I am a few MONTHS completely outside of the return window), or get a refund for 20% of the cost, to get a more suitable Item. Since I order to the USoA and then have my Items forwarded to Venezuela, it is a hassle to return Items, so I opted for the refund, and it went smoothly.That is the good thing of going with Anker. The litmus test of a good company comes when things go wrong, and Anker has a stellar reputation for making things right. Upgraded the review from one star to 4, but not on the account of the product itself, but rahter, due to the excellent customer service.

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  10. BAT

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I use these all the time and they’ve been fantastic! Battery life is awesome, they’re very comfy and don’t get hot, and sound quality is pretty good. I do think they’re better suited to strictly music or videos than any sort of gaming, but they’ll still do in a pinch. They block out ambient sound quite well too. I don’t use these for calls so I can’t speak for that aspect.All in all, I like the quality of these and I think they’re perfect for an extra set of headphones you can take places without too much worry. Unless you’re an audiophile looking for only the best sound, these won’t disappoint.

  11. Gentleshopper7422

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice product for the money

    Use it at home when on the computer and it seems fine as I would expect from Anker. I can’t rate noise cancellation or bass quality, because of only using it in a quiet house. How does one rate bass quality? I didn’t think of that as an issue until I saw it on the review. I don’t notice anything deficient on bass, so 4.It fits my head/ears nicely, way better than its predecessor so good on that category.

  12. NestmacNestmac

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Noise Cancellation affordable.

    For the price this headphones are a no brainer, plus you will add great sound to the equation and noise cancelling and make it a great deal. The quality is ok, most of it is plastic (medium quality) the foam parts are nice but in my case a little to fit on the ears (I have little ones). The sound is great, believe me, in this price range is a plus and also the calls. Battery performance is awesome, very durable on a single charge. The charging port is micro usb instead of usb-c. You will have buttons for pause, play, forward- backwards and NC on and off. Also comes with a bag for storage.

  13. Kristy FleteKristy Flete

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Comfy

    I had gotten the JBL Super bass headphones and immediately returned because of how tight and uncomfortable they were. They gave me the worse headache.These are such an upgrade with how comfy they are and not tight around my ears or neck when I take them off.I bought these to work out and go on runs but they might fall off a bit (haven’t tested that)I work from home and calls are very clear.The sound is amazing and the Noise Cancelling is awesome and works great. I love being able to turn it off and on.Very happy with my purchase <3

  14. Samuel

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Clear sound, decent ANC, bad features

    Pros — Sound quality is surprisingly good for the price- Exceptionally comfortable to wear – ANC that performs within reasonable expectations- Low latency, good for gaming- Satisfying and responsive buttons- Will work without an appCons — “Bass mode” is just standard base for drivers of this size. Without it on the sound quality on most things is pretty bad.- The combination of these headphones having a separate “call mode” combined with no multipoint connection means that even receiving a call can force you to disconnect and reconnect the headphones before they’ll play sound again. Massive design flaw and a baffling one for headphones this expensive that have no practical features of any kind.In summation, if you’re looking for headphones from the better end of hissing ANC these are probably the best you’ll find in terms of overall sound quality. The fact that they don’t require an app that has mandatory personal info collection is also a rare find for this good of sound. If you’re patient, getting them to work with Discord and games at the same time is achievable… but man that’s a sad sentence isn’t it? The absence of multipoint connection, transparency mode, and basically any features at all really make these useless for a lot of things that are expected to come standard. I’ve got $10 earbuds with multipoint and transparency mode for crying out loud. All told I do love these things but it’s still a bummer that they missed the mark a little.

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  15. lycheegurl

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    These are my *absolute* favorite budget friendly headphones

    I bought these about a year ago and came back to write this review. That is how much I enjoy them. These are the only headphones (under 300 dollars) that I find comfortable, have nice sound quality, and are sturdy. Comfort is a big one for me because I wear glasses and find most headphones uncomfortable after a while, but these are the exception. The padding is nice and soft and easy to clean. These are my everyday headphones, and they have withstood a year’s worth of going to the gym, playing video games, travel, and listening to music.Noise cancellation is not perfect but good enough to make plane rides tolerable and studying enjoyable, which in the case of 60 dollars, is beyond my expectations. Sound is waaaay better than other competitor headphones I have bought and tried in this price range. I am no audio expert, but there was a noticeable difference, and for an everyday enjoyer of sounds, I was incredibly pleased. Seriously made me regret getting all the headphones I bought before these. They may not be the aesthetic ones you see people use online, but they have done such a great job over the year, and for the price point, I cannot recommend these enough.

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  16. TheStorm

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good noise cancellation, and more than adequate sound.

    I use a “studio quality” set of wired ‘phones for music production but at home or “out and about” I generally prefer a BT wireless set. I’ve only used these cans in that capacity, but in that role I think they perform more than satisfactorily. I wasn’t really looking for noise cancellation, but it’s a nice additional benefit.I haven’t tried them yet for recording or mixing music but in the past I’ve had some pretty mixed results with latency with Bluetooth headphones, so I’ll assume these are the same. Doesn’t matter; they sound great!

  17. K. H. Kaiser

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Price and performance!

    Much has been written about what the high end headphones sound like, and if you have the money and the need for that level of clarity, then go for it! But….for the money, these Soundcore headphones are a tremendous value!! When I place them on my head I am surprised at the level of background noise that almost disappears. They are comfortable, with the type of clarity that leans more to the bass end of the spectrum, but not sacrificing the mids and treble in the presentation. With the price being so reasonable, you could buy more than one and also not have to be heartbroken if something happened to them. I have used them while snow blowing ( and you know how noisy those two strokes can be!) and with a small upward volume adjustment I was able hear my podcast or music clearly and have my ears kept warm during the below zero temps during this 2024 blizzard.

  18. P. Chen

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great battery life, good mic and good sound quality

    I purchased this headphone to replace my aging Bose QC15. My QC15 still works great after I replaced the ear pad cushions and added Bluetooth. The only problem is the battery life. This unit solved all the problems. Maybe the noise cancellation is not quite as good, but it is good enough to mute out droning noises in a server room. The mic is surprisingly good. The battery life is great. The only reason I gave it 4 star is I don’t like the power button. I wish it is a slider rather than a push button. Sometimes I was not sure if I’ve turned off the headset successfully or not, particularly if I am in a hurry. Slider power switch would eliminate this problem.

  19. Sasha

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So worth the price

    These sound amazing, are comfortable, and really help block the sound out. I’m very sensitive to noises and it can really overstimulate and overwhelm me, but putting these on with the noise cancelling feature has been a life saver! Im a back sleeper and have also found these to be comfortable enough to wear to bed as well. Highly recommended to anyone on a budget.

  20. Felipe Reyes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I am absolutely certain that these are going to skyrocket!

    The noise cancellation feature is not perfect, but for the price, you’re getting these; they’re great for going to the gym, just sitting at home, walking, cooking, or whatever you want to do, and I can say the same for the bass quality. One of the things that I like is that they cover your whole ear as they should. Get them now because it is a good possibility that the price is going up because of quality and feature value.

  21. Sherry K.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    ONE YEAR LATER… (An honest review)

    After a frustrating trial-and-error experience with four other headphone pairs within the same price range, I stumbled upon these gems thanks to a recommendation from an obscure audiophile blog. Let me tell you, I am absolutely thrilled that I did!My daily routine includes hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and an 8hr work day, during which these headphones become an integral part of my day. Comfort was a priority for me, given the amount of time I spend wearing them, and I’m delighted to report that the cushions feel like little clouds enveloping my ears – light, airy, and incredibly comfortable. They do an excellent job of maintaining sound quality while keeping unwanted noise out.After nearly a year of continuous use, I did notice some minor peeling on the cushions around the 11-month mark. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that replacement cushions are both affordable and just as comfortable as the originals.The battery life of these headphones is nothing short of extraordinary. Even after a year of heavy use, I am still amazed at how infrequently I need to charge them. While I can’t claim to be an audiophile, I thoroughly enjoy the sound quality and bass these headphones deliver. They can get quite loud, and considering their price point, they do an admirable job of blocking out external noise.Overall, I have been thoroughly satisfied with this purchase. Despite my positive experience, I hadn’t felt compelled to leave a review until now. That changed recently when, on the one-year anniversary of my purchase, I accidentally dropped them into a creek during a jog at the park. They made a funny noise and wouldn’t power on/off so I thought it was toast. After allowing them to dry for a few days, it powered on and is working just as flawlessly as before. Beyond impressed with their durability and performance 10/10 would def buy again!

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  22. Robert KuhlmanRobert Kuhlman

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Anker soundcore life Q20

    The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 bluetooth headphones are not what I had expected from a $60 pair of headphones. The sound, the weight, the build quality, and the style are all something to appreciate from this pair of headphones. If you are looking for an expensive sounding pair of headphones for a small price look no further. I will go over all of the specs of the headphones in detail below.General SpecsLets start with what these headphones have to offer. The first item to note about these headphones is that they have bluetooth 5.0. This means their range is ridiculously far and they are low energy data transfer headphones. This is how this pair of headphones packs a 30 hour battery life with all the extras turned on. You can get up to 60hours if you have a couple features turned off and don’t need the volume very loud. They offer noise cancelation and a bass boost function. The padding around your ear is memory foam and my favorite part is that it actually goes around your ear and does not sit on it. They are light and have great sound. The bass is the most impressive part of these headphones. People that do not want bass may want to stay clear of these, but from my testing I really enjoyed the sound. They came with an auxilary cable, charging cable, and a carry pouch.SoundLets talk about the sound features. The normal sound out of the box is great. if you are bass heavy and want more, they have a bass up feature that really hits. They offer noise canceling to drown out background noises. With bass up and noise canceling on, this is where you get up to 30 hours of battery life. If you don’t use these features you can get yourself up to 60 hours of battery. I personally have not needed the noise canceling feature yet and I feel like the sound in normal mode is great. I have easily gotten 40 hours out of these headphones. Louder volumes will affect the battery life as well. If you are an audiofile you may have different opinions than me, but I think these sound as good as Beats or other $100 plus headphones.Build QualityThese headphones are light and of course they adjust for different head sizes. They don’t feel cheap, which I like. The memory foam cushion around the ears is comfortable. The thing I like the most is the fact that they are big enough togo around my ears instead of sitting on my ears like other headphones do. These are very comfortable well built headphones.ConclusionThe Anker Soundcore Life Q20 are a great pair of headphones. In my personal opinion they provide the sound a more expensive option would provide. They are comfortable and have great battery life. I would suggest this pair of headphones to anyone looking for an affordable but expensive sounding pair of headphones.

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  23. Alex

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good headphones for the price

    THIS REVIEW IS SOLELY BASED ON USING THE HEADPHONES IN THE GYM:Pros:- Sound quality is good. Wish the bass was more aggressive but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.- Noise canceling function is good. You can definitely “hear” the difference if turned off/turned on.- The buttons work.- Ear cushions are comfortable, but there is a con to them (see below)- Durable. See below for more- Battery life is good. I need a full charge maybe every 3 weeks. I only use it in the gym…5 days a week, 2-3 hours.Cons:- If you aren’t used to softer ear cushions, it will be slightly uncomfortable due to sweat.- The headphones fit ok. But they aren’t the most snug. I powerlift and every rep of heavy deadlifts or setting up for bench these headphones fall off.- The charging cord is absolute garbage. You need to angle it a certain way to keep the charge on the headphone because the cable is blocky and doesn’t fit snug.I would definitely recommend these headphones for gym goers that want affordable and DURABLE headphones. I’ve used UA Headphones in the past but had to get it exchanged THREE times in a year due to the product malfunctioning. And every malfunction was the same; buttons stop working, one side of the headphone stops working.I’ve dropped these headphones plenty of times during lifting and it still holds up. Really happy with this product

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  24. Maddy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for everyday usage, a lot of bang for your buck

    Great headphones for everyday use. I primarily use these to listen to music while walking around campus and doing homework and am very satisfied with these. They’re very comfortable and offer great sound quality including satisfying bass with the “Bass Up” thing turned on (but I’m no audiophile), easy-to-navigate and intuitive tactile buttons, good battery life and Bluetooth range, easy setup and quick connection to your devices, good noise cancelling in situations with low to medium amounts of noise, and a sleek look (I got the black ones). You can tell they’re not the highest quality material but that’s to be expected for a pair of headphones at this price point. These just need to be well taken care of to ensure they last as long as possible.I was originally looking for headphones to use both inside and out of the gym but I don’t think I’ll be using these in the gym. If anyone else is looking for gym headphones, I’d suggest spending more money on headphones that are more secure, durable, breathable, and IPX rated. I think these headphones excel (for their price) when used in typical everyday situations. These clearly aren’t designed for the gym and I wouldn’t recommend them for gym use either since they do have a little bit of slip (not enough to be noticeable when walking around but enough to where I’m sure it would get annoying in the gym), keep your ears pretty warm, are not rated for moisture/sweat, and are not particularly durable.Overall, I highly recommend these headphones for people just looking to listen to music while walking around or working. I’m happy about the comfort, sound quality, and long battery life.

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  25. Carolina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Want ANC Headphones with $$$ sound but under $60? These deliver that & more IMHO UPDATE Dec 2023

    Update Dec 2023- These headphones are still as awesome as the day I received them in 2019! Ankar is truly hard to beat. Just in case you’re looking for a pair I can vouch for the quality of these.I’ve had these headphones since end of December 2019, gotten for flight over the holidays. Tried out both Bose noice Cancelling headphones at local brick & mortar store, but the price caused me to pause. On to Amazon where I found these, better price, would arrive before my flight, sounded like a deal worth a shot after reading everything about them what did I have to lose with Amazon’s return policy & Anker’s reputation for quality.I’ve had great chargers, other electronic items by Anker with great results. They arrived on time well packaged, impressive from the start, but sound quality sealed the deal.Back to Anker headphones, I love them! The sound quality is amazing, when I have ANC on I can’t hear anything but music, the outside noise is indeed cancelled. Even on my really bad flight (another story) a guy wanted to test them against his B newest headphones, so we switched for a test. He said he wish he had known about Ankers quality & price, they were impressive not that he would give up the B set, but would definitely buy them as a spare or an extra pair to use for other activities, he couldn’t believe the price. He went straight to Amazon asked me if the pair he chose were the same as mine, they were & he ordered them. That kind of confirmed I have a great pair of anc headphones & didn’t pay $$$ for them,They pair easily and are comfortable – until I’ve worn for hours then my shades/glasses are indented in my skull, time for a break, but that’s after hours of wearing-enjoying great sounding music 4-6 hrs & battery is still strong, time fly by.There are only 2 minor suggestions for Anker regarding these headphones 1) add to Soundcore app please (after thought I don’t know if it’s needed unless to customize equalizer) the volume can be controlled on the headphones. 2) the headband could use a slight redesign. Wearing them while working out, doing lawn work or inside cleaning, cooking, always moving about (excellent BT range btw), the top of headband pulls my hair as the headband is adjustable it tends to slide a wee bit & my hair gets pulled so I have to adjust them & keep going, I’ve no idea how they could do this it’s something I noticed when trying out my son’s. He bought a cheap pair of JBL headphones for lawn mowing, they do fit a little better but don’t compare to Ankers sound quality, imho Would love JBL type fit on Anker Life Q20 hybrid ANC headphones!Taking phone calls while wearing headphones works great, I asked how did I sound, fine he said, then we laughed when I told him I was listening to music on my Ankers when he called & I took the call while wearing my headphones. Neither of us had any problems with quality of call. Volume is easy to find & adjust the multifunction button is easy to use for music or calls.They come with the charging cable, though I wish more companies included the wall plug in,I don’t always have a spare just ling around, ok so I never have a spare just laying about. Also the aux cable is included though I haven’t used that feature yet. A drawstring pouch to put them in, which was good as I didn’t have a case to put them in for my flight & no time to get one. Instructions are well written Anker products are always first classLove these headphones, the ANC & overall sound quality at this price point is a gift that keeps on giving. The quality of this model looks & sounds like the much higher price headphones, maybe better than some. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy for a gift as they come gift wrap ready or a gift of music for me.Overall Ankers entry into the headphone, earbud market is welcomed. I wouldn’t hesitate to try them out if you’re looking for headphones with ANC Fantastic sound, that doesn’t break the budget to tears, give them a listen I think you’re going to love them.Simply put my Anker Life Q20 ANC headphones are fantastic in quality and sound. I’m not an audiophile but I can’t find a thing disappointing in these, not quality or sound. I like a variety of music & I hear good bass, mid tones & treble, vocal it’s all there. As said for everything including quality these headphones deliver at a price that doesn’t break the bank & with Ankers outstanding customer service is amazing. I can honestly say Anker SoundCore is definitely impressive, just as their charging cables, & other electronic devices that was my first introduction to Anker products. I’m sure I’ll look at their Bluetooth speakers soon.Sorry for overly long review, there’s so many outstanding elements that I feel are important for customers to know when spending your money,I try to offer as much info I’ve experienced as possible, I’ve relied on Amazon customer reviews when making a purchase, they’re brutally honest good or bad & I appreciate that.I’ve had & used these headphones since late 22nd December, tonight is 25 July enough time to really evaluate them, they’ve exceeded my expectations, I would definitely recommend, most of all I would buy them again.Thanks if you did read this long review, good intentions to help others as they shop. UPDATE 12 August a friend of mine used my Ankers while visiting. He called back he had received his very own Anker Life Q 20 headphones. That says a lot about the sound & quality whilst respecting the customers wallet, he was so happy with his new headphones & that I recommended Ankers.Thanks again to Amazon shoppers, Amazon & AnkerUPDATE: if you’ve read my review you know I’ve had this set of headphones since Dec 2019 it’s Nov 29 2023. I thought I would need to replace them this week but not so fast! Removed them from the pouch they came with, paired with new iPhone and wore them while preparing dinner continuing until bedtime always after midnight. The quality of sound, the hours of comfort while carrying on with everything needed to be done, the joy of listening to many genres of music was fantastic even taking a call.In 2019 I think there was 1 color choice, sure I’d loved to have had the choices Anker has today but I didn’t buy them as a fashion statement but for the Anker quality, outstanding customer service in every product they put the Anker name on. These headphones have not diminished in sound quality whether I’m jamming as I go through daily chores, or taking or making phone calls while wearing this same pair of headphones.In this current economic environment I’m thrilled for Anker’s dedication to quality while delivering headphones that are affordable. And providing a fantastic choiceI wanted Amazon shoppers to know they have a choice if shopping for headphones that doesn’t sacrifice sound or quality or lasting performance. When I’m looking for another set of headphones or the Anker Liberty Air EarPods or the many chargers I’ve bought, I always look for Anker/Soundcore first I know the quality and their outstanding customer supportThanks everyone Happy Shopping

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  26. Joel

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Unbeatable Price:Performance!

    I’ve had the Soundcore Q20 headphones for almost a month now, and I thought I’d start off my review with one simple statement: I’ve only charged these things ONCE since I’ve taken them out of the box. These headphones have absolutely phenomenal battery life. The only reason I charged them was because I wanted to test how long they would last on a full charge (within my day to day use). I received these headphones on the 1st of April. It is currently the 27th of April and the battery is still at “Medium” (there is no visual indicator, however there is a voice that tells you whether your battery is “High”, “Medium”, or “Low”).That being said, I’ll go ahead and list some Pros:- Battery Life (Seriously, I can’t stress enough how good it is)- Sound Quality- Comfort- Looks- Sturdiness/Build Quality- Noise Cancellation (there’s a caveat here, continue reading to see what I mean)BATTERY LIFE:As if I haven’t already said enough, these headphones refuse to die. I’ve used them from anywhere between an hour to 3-4 hours at a time (long gaming sessions or binging a show on my laptop or phone), and they just don’t let up. Like I mentioned in the intro, it’s been almost an entire month with these headphones and I’ve only had to charge them once. It is worth mentioning that the battery will drain much faster with noise-cancelling turned on, as it is indeed ACTIVE noise-cancelling and uses more power. I’ve got to give props to Anker for marketing these as lasting 40 hours, as this runtime is more accurate when noise-cancelling is ON. With ANC off, these can easily last 60+ hours. It’s always refreshing to see a company slightly under-sell and over-deliver.SOUND QUALITY:These things sound way better than they should at this price-point. I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile, but I do have experience with over-ear, closed-back studio headphones (I own a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x’s), and dabble in amateur sound mixing/mastering as a guitarist. Apart from being just a bit heavier on the bass than I would like, these headphones do an excellent job at bringing out lows, mids, and highs in pretty much anything you’ll find yourself listening to. Nothing sounds drowned out or overexposed (with the exception of the bass, but there’s a valid reason for it in this case). I bought these headphones primarily for multimedia consumption (movies, video games, music, etc.). They have just the right amount of punch in the low-end to make things such as explosions or bass-heavy sound effects really shine. In this instance, the heavier low-end makes sense. Voices sound crystal clear, as the mids don’t get drowned out by the lows or highs like on some other higher-priced headphones (looking at you, Beats..). The highs are where these things truly shine, in my opinion. Lots of budget headphones tend to sound very “tinny” with harsh, sharp highs to over-compensate for the overly-saturated bass, but these do a great job at keeping both the mids and highs prominent enough (despite the thicker bass).COMFORT:I’ve owned and used plenty of both over-ear and on-ear headphones over the years, and I can’t beat around the bush here: these are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used. I was expecting to have to “break them in”, given what some of the other reviews were saying, but the minute I put these on I was pleasantly surprised at just how soft and light these felt (without feeling cheap or flimsy). And I wear glasses!LOOKS:Not a whole lot to say about how these look. I wouldn’t say you’ll be turning heads while wearing these out and about, but for the amount of money that they cost.. I’m just saying they could’ve looked a lot worse. I’ve seen headphones three times the price that are a complete eye-sore. The Q20s are clean and minimalistic, without giving away its low price.STURDINESS/BUILD QUALITY:Although I’m not one to man-handle my devices (no matter how little they may cost), I have to say that these don’t feel the least bit flimsy. I did a mild stress-test by stretching both ear cups apart as far as I was comfortable with and was able to get about 10 inches wide. I don’t think anyone has a head that wide, but if you do, these are definitely going to fit. The build quality feels great, and I feel like these will definitely last a while (and I will be updating this review if that changes lol).NOISE CANCELLATION:These headphones do indeed have active noise cancelling, BUT.. I literally almost NEVER use it. Here’s why: they don’t need it. The headphones are built in such a way that even with the ANC off, they drown out a ton of outside noise. Unfortunately, there is a significant drop in volume when noise-cancelling is activated. The bass takes a hit as well, making it more evened out with the mids and highs (which might be a plus for some).FINAL THOUGHTS:There’s only really one “Con” that I wasn’t going to mention, and that’s the carrying bag that comes with the Q20s. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but I did just want to note that they used to come with a hard carrying case (according to some older YouTube reviews), and I’m a little salty that us newer buyers don’t get that lol. All in all, for the $60 that I paid for these headphones, I can’t think of any reason not to fully recommend them. They sound great, the battery life lasts incredibly long (almost to a suspicious degree, making you feel like today is finally the day it’ll need a charge only to be proven wrong), it’s got decent looks, solid build, and they even threw in Active Noise Cancellation for situations that call for some extra silence. If you’re in the market for some new headphones for multimedia consumption (I definitely would not use these for any professional work, as they are not made for that), and have a bit of a stiffer budget, look no further. These will do more than its price tag leads on.

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  27. Tim C.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent headphones for the money!

    These headphones are great for the money and have exceeded my expectations. I’ve owned them for a few months and have a few overall thoughts about the quality and performance of these.The Good:*Very good sound quality and acceptable amounts of bass (However, I’m no audiophile).*Button layout is nice and I find it easy to operate and remember functions.*The noise cancelling feature is sufficient. It’s not the best ever but it certainly does a great job of cancelling out background noise. Of course this depends on how loud your environment is.*Long lasting battery!*They look cool–I’ve had people not believe that I paid $52 for these cool blue headphones.Not so good:*While they feel pretty nice quality wise, you’ll definitely hear some creaks and squeals from time to time when you move around. Obviously, these aren’t $200+ super insulated headphones so don’t expect them to feel that way.Overall thoughts:I purchased these mainly for travel and airplane use. As someone who has to wear ear plugs due to popping ears, these headphones allow me to still hear music and cancel out background noise in planes. Grab them while you can and watch the pricing–they’ve certainly increased since I last purchased a few months ago.

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  28. Amazon Customer

    3.0 out of 5 stars


    Overall they are a decent head phone not wow like bose or higher quality but they do the trick for a cheap pair of head phones. They’ll work until the holiday sales start.Pro’sBluetooth or aux cord. Most devices are going away from aux cord but they know a lot of people have older devices and can not financially update and this allows both.Decent sound for a cheapo pair of head phones. I wouldn’t rave it great but it gets the job done. I compared them to my older head phones from 10 yrs ago and was a bit impressed but def NOT wow they’re great. No where near bose but it does the job. It does some sounds decently but is not so great at other sounds. If you like surround sound I would not rate these great for that. I love good sounding music and these don’t cut it for me but will do until the holiday sales kick in. I live in my head phones so I will get high quality ones these ain’t it.Won’t break the bank. For a cheap head phone these are actually pretty decent. I’ve had my fair share of cheap not so great head phones. If you are not hard on your head phones you could easily get a couple yrs out of these. I have a lot of aux cord devices and this will probably end up being a back up pair for those. In the long run I may eventually take out the battery and keep them as a aux cord headphone.Great noise cancelation up to about 90 dec. That’s pretty much most back ground noise. Works great as I’m a light sleeper. This is a standard feature with most head phones these days.Con’sShort battery life. I mean 40 hrs isn’t that long. I know other head phones that can last up to 3 days with a full charge. I mean that’s every other day you’re charging them for 2 hrs.Short axu cord. Sorry but 1.5 ft is very short and you need at least a 3 ft cord to be comfortable with it. You can easily buy a longer aux cord on amazon if this one be too short for you. Yes the aux cord can affect the sound quality. You be best to buy a more decent one than the cheapo one that came in the box.Charging cord is very short 0.5ft. Designed to charge device off to the side not while using it. I am glad I bought a universal head charger as this won’t cut it for me. Am I the only one who finds the tedious charging of head phones annoying?Environment affects battery life. This head phone is designed for the ideal temps of 40-90f. Anything outside of this range can heavily affect them. If you read the manual this is in there.Volume controls are a bit difficult to access. You have to tuck under the ear piece and feel for them instead of blindly taping the ear piece for it. This is a bit frustrating.Not the best sound. Great for a chep pair but I wouldn’t go raving about the sound quality. I am use to high quality sound such as bose or better.Can’t hear anything in a noisy environment above 90 decimals unless the volume is over 30%. Sorry but my old beats could easily blast through that and I could hear my beats as low as 5% volume in noisy environments. I had a fan running in the back ground and had to have them 40% or higher to hear them.App that comes with the head phones will steal the data on your phone. So many people fall for this and you can run the device fine without it. Please read the i agree clause and you will save your self from this fate. You do NOT need the app and they work just fine as a stand alone device.Unable to disable the voice notifications. I use my head phones a lot and find it annoying when your device randomly says “battery low” or gives an odd command out of the blue. Zero way to disable this.A bit tight for me. These are pretty tight on my head and I do not find them the slightest bit comfortable. The ear pieces are huge for me and it would be nice to have them a couple inches smaller.

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  29. Miranda

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid choice in budget friendly headphones

    They’re perfect for what I’m using them for– but definitely read first before buying, because the upgraded version may be what you’re looking for.I am incredibly sensitive to headphones (as opposed to earbuds). My head is really sensitive to pressure, and even with light headsets I can start getting a migraine with constant pressure in one spot for too long. My ears also experience the same sensitivity– they go numb/get tingly pain very easily with on-ear sets.I’ve been using my Airpod Pros as my go-tos for three years now, but I wanted over-ears for when I’m playing my keyboard piano– it just gives a better atmospheric sound and nuance, in my opinion. So because of this, it was really important to me to get a pair that could be wired, on top of being bluetooth for versatility. I also prefer a wire option for AIRPLANES! If you ever want to watch an in-flight movie, you still need an aux cable these days. Surprisingly, it was difficult to find a model of headphones that still offer both options. It was a big reason I went with these.CHARGING/BATTERY:The first con is that these use micro USB to charge. Most updated tech is moving to USB-C, and I don’t have any other devices that still use micro cables. When I travel with these, I need to remember to bring that designated cord. (Note, the Q20i model has USBC charging) On the other hand, the impressive battery life (60H with ANC off, 40 with it on) does help with that. I also like that it tells you verbally the battery level when you turn them on, so you get a heads up of what the charge is at. However, my apple devices also give me a battery percentage indicator for more accurate levels.EAR CUPS/NOISE CANCELLATION:The over-ear design is so much more comfortable than on-ear, and even helps enhance the active noise cancellation. A lot of external sound is filtered out even with ANC off because of how these cup around your ears snugly (but not too tightly!). My ears fit all the way inside comfortably. As I type this, I have cleaners in my home running a vacuum downstairs and I didn’t even notice until I took the headphones off.COMFORT:When I first opened these up and put them on, I felt that the cups were putting slight pressure inward against my head, but after wearing them for ~5hr they seem to have already “broken in” and it’s not noticeable anymore. As far as the top of the headset, I will say there’s not a ton of cushion, but it’s enough for these to feel okay for hours on my sensitive head.SIZING:They’re not that heavy but they do press down a bit on my head because they’re SLIGHTLY large on my head. I’m a 5’4″ woman, I’d say pretty average sized head?? lol – but these do feel a bit big on me. I don’t think I would use them for working out or running, something as small as even just looking downward is enough to have them slightly slip. In general I do prefer working out with earbuds anyway just due to sweat, so that’s not what I really bought these for anyway but thought I’d mention for any other petite women. Because of this, these are for sure going to be more for piano / computer / travel.BASS/SOUND:I feel like there was mixed reviews about the bass capabilities. Even with the BassUp feature off, I feel like the bass is great on these without distorting! I listen to Billie Eilish a lot, who is known for very bass-heavy music. Without BassUp, her songs sound well balanced (while still obviously bass-heavy). With BassUp on, you get that fuzzy feeling in your ears when the bass kicks in (but still no distortion). Speaking of Billie, she also utilizes stereo sound a lot (some sounds in left ear, some sounds in right) and it sounds great in these. Note that there is no transparency mode on these, but the Q20i model has that if it’s a must for you.CONNECTIVITY:This was a big one for me, and probably the reason I am going to be returning these for the upgraded Q20i. I’ve been spoiled by my Airpods in terms of being able to switch between devices seamlessly (ipad/iphone/imac) without having to disconnect one device and re-pair the other. With this set, I have to go into my iPhone settings, disconnect, then pair with my computer and vice versa whenever I want to switch. It’s a small annoyance but a convenience I really prefer.PRICE:I bought these on sale for $39.99 and I feel like that’s a super fair price for the quality and buying from a reputable brand like Anker. I have several of their items, and they have great customer service. I’d much rather spend the extra $10-20 from the super off brands here on Amazon, just for the peace of mind that they stand by their products.

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  30. Carl Payne

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    There are no better BT headphones under $100

    UPDATE: Added the 5th star. Read the review with edits at the end.Wow. I am rarely this blown away by consumer-grade peripherals, but I feel very compelled to write a glowing review of these headphones.I do a lot of audio work, and cans are ubiquitous. I have some wired Sennies that I love behind the mixer, a couple wired Audio Technicas that have stood the test of time in the broadcast studio, and a pair of nice Sony BT cans with ANC, so I will be comparing these Ankers to the Sony model WH-1000MX3.Without question, Anker has come further, faster, than a lot of peripheral manufacturers. The attention to detail in their products is exceptional, and downright attractive. The build quality is great, the packaging is great, the functionality is great, the ergonomics are great. My experience with their hubs is what leaned me toward their headphones.After a bad experience with in-ear phones on an airplane, I decided I really needed some over-the-ear headphones for flying, but I didn’t want to carry around a $300 pair of cans that I only use a couple dozen times a year. I looked on Amazon, saw the reviews, read the single-star complaints, and plunked down a whopping $60 (SIXTY BUCKS?!?! Are you kidding?) figuring they couldn’t sound that awful and would be perfect for the task.Let me assure you: these are the perfect headphones for flying.I like the idea that if they get lost or stolen, they’re easily replaceable. I love how well they fit (with a caveat, below), and they look great. MOST of all, holy cow do they sound great!Pairing the first time was a little bit of a process, but that’s to be expected the first time you play with a new toy. After that, I put on my go-to sound check song (“Sacrilege,” by Mentallo and the Fixer), cranked the volume way up, and listened.I have no idea what the THD or frequency range on these are, but I don’t think I care. The “silent note” at the 1:00 mark of that song came through so clearly, without even the slightest hiss or noise, that I was madly in love with them immediately. The dynamic range is exceptional, there was no need for me to play with the super-duper-bass-button-doodad, I just let it play.The highs are crisp without tinny tones, the lows are deep without rattling the 40mm drivers (I’d love a set like this with 50mm drivers), just a very clean, direct, simple, uncomplicated sound quality that rivals the AT 500’s I have and is absolutely on-par with the Sonys.So I tested the ANR. I turned on the A/C in my office, reset Sacrilege, and played the beginning again. The A/C, as expected, kinda dampened the experience, but not any worse than the Sonys. I reset the song again, with the A/C on, and activated ANR (it’s called ANC on the Sonys). THIS is where the two headphones differ dramatically.With Noise Cancellation on, the Ankers outperform the Sonys. Period. It’s a night and day difference, so if this is why you’re considering these headphones, waste no more time and go get yourself a pair.In terms of tonal quality, I put these at the top of the list of any wireless earphones anywhere. I mean it. They’re better than ANY earbud type I’ve listened with, they’re better than every other OTE without ANR/ANC, and they’re as good as the Sonys, but with better ANR. They’re better than any WIRED earbud, too, including the Sony IEMs I used to use back when everything had an 1/8″ jack.Sound is, as you would expect, not ‘quite’ as good as the higher-end wired ATs and Sennies. I don’t think Anker would mind me saying that, because they’re a completely different application. If you play MP3s and don’t think they sound worse than lossless files, you wouldn’t appreciate the higher-end phones, so go buy these right away. If you can’t hear compression noise in your satellite radio, then you won’t appreciate the compression of BlueTooth and you should go buy these right away.That’s quite a lot of good stuff to say about a pair of headphones that cost less than a decent dinner.There are 3 reasons for the 4 star review.1. The ear pads are uncomfortable for my ears. Not VERY uncomfortable, but enough that I have to adjust the phones several times during a 3 hour flight. It might be that they’re new and I just need to break them in. If that turns out to be true, I’ll adjust the review up a star.2. The battery life isn’t that great. To be fair, I only need about 12 hours of battery life and I’ll just recharge them. However, the advertised battery life is estimated at 40 hours with ANR and 60 hours without. My experience is that with ANR I get about 22-24 hours, and without I get about 48. Now, I have not had these very long, so I’ve only timed my first recharges, so if it turns out the battery life goes up with proper use, I’ll add the 5th star.3. They don’t fold up as small as the Sonys or even my ATs. This one alone is not worth docking a whole star, but it’s the only other complaint I have. Carry-on space is so limited, and there’s a pocket in my bag that the Sonys fit in, and these don’t (not by much though).Hope that helps you make a decision. I’m very happy with these, and I just might give them some airtime at sea level just for giggles.UPDATE January 2023: After using these headphones for a reasonable amount of time, I’m adding the 5th star. The earphone cushions did “break in,” which I’m not crazy about (if it breaks in, it will break out), but they did become more comfortable. Ordinary movement is sufficient to avoid the urge to move the head phones. On a 3 hour flight, they’re perfectly fine. When they are new, the cushions are a bit stiff and I should have realized that, because my AT’s needed their cushions replaced after umpteen years.Battery-wise, I am getting pretty close to advertised spec, but I have noticed that if you crank up the volume on your phone or player, then crank up the volume on the headphones, the battery life suffers dramatically. Play with it a bit, adjusting device volume and then headphone volume until you get good sound without noise.Finally, I’ll tell you that I like these so much that I bought a BT card for my PC. These are pretty good for videoconferences, and they’re nice to have while you run a buzzsaw or have screaming children next door and you just want to not be distracted. I’ll still prefer my Sennies for mixing, and I still prefer my AT’s for ordinary focused PC work, but these cans are exceptionally good. I cannot get over how good they are, affordable or not.Five stars. When they wear out, or break, or otherwise stop making me smile, I’ll just go buy another set.

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  31. Kenneth M. Green

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound, noise cancellation, & comfort. Also the sound and the comfort. No Regerts.

    I saw these on a Today’s Deal sale, and like a drug addict that likes hopscotch, I busted out the chalk sidewalk and started researching.Everyone loves these headphones. Your mom will love these headphones. They are not $300 Bose ANC headphones. (ANC stands for Always Be Closing. Sit Down. Coffee is for closers.) But they are 80-90% as good as Bose Active Noise Cancelling headphones at 1/5 the cost. You’ll need to ask your kid or younger brother to help with that Algebra, but let’s just say x = incredible value.Apparently Soundcore is an Anker company. This isn’t obvious in some of the reviews you will undoubtedly read while on the toilet. But it’s Anker made. Who hasn’t had great experience with Anker stuff? Your purchase history here on Amazon already has 14 Anker purchases. This won’t be your first or your last Anker purchase. Aside from making you feel dumb with your friends because no one can agree how to pronounce the “a” in Anker, their products are solid performers at a good price.And that’s how I’d describe these headphones – like a really nice Honda amongst Acura, Lexus, etc. Or a really good TV dinner where they get the cheese right. These Soundcores are not beautiful. They won’t help you get the girl (or the guy. or the cute non-binary person you saw Wednesday). But they absolutely will make you feel glad you bought them.They are solid in the hand, if a little cheap feeling – but only next to high end headphones. They aren’t flimsy by any stretch (do not try to stretch them). The plastic is thick and has a matte finish. The headband adjustment is solid – easy to move and stays in place once set. Comfort is excellent. The earphone cushions are buttery soft (and not all greasy like butter. That would be gross. Butter on your ears sucks.) The soft ear cushions make a great seal on your ears and don’t hurt after wearing for hours, even with glasses.Some reviewes mention that these headphones can get a little sweaty. That does not mean the headphones themselves. These headphones produce almost zero perspiration themselves. But they may make your head/ears/ear area sweat. Because of the great seal made by the cushions, and due to the material being all natural vinyl or something, it can make things a little warm after an hour. But if you’re sitting at the bus stop in this humid heat, your ears are gonna sweat. At least these headphones will protect your ears from the loud noises of the bus and the other people at the bus stop who won’t stop talking about Sammy and why he took off. You don’t need to hear that story again. Poor Sammy.The ANC (not the chain of movie theaters) is good. For headphones at this price, the noise cancelling is excellent. So I guess that means the noise cancelling is excellent. At this price. These aren’t high end Bose, dum-dum. These will remove a lot of exterior sound like a droning fan, dogs barking, a baby crying, a spouse asking you to do something, a police officer telling you that you can’t lie here, a drive through operator asking you want you want over and over and over.I haven’t tried these on a plane yet. But I will. If I say I’ll come back and update this review after using them on a plane, that would feel disengenuous, because we both know that’s not going to happen. I feel like there is a modicum of trust and intimacy established at this point, and I don’t want to harm that. So let’s just agree to disagree, OK? I bet these will be great on a plane.Sound is really really good. I won’t say excellent because you might like artificially enhanced Beats-like bass response, and if you do, trying to explain what “subjective” means will take too long. I’m kidding. If you really like a bunch of bass, that doesn’t mean you are stupid. I don’t think calling someone stupid is OK. You just have terrible taste and judgment and probably only give 40% effort at everything.These sound clear and crisp. Bass response is good without being overbearing. (for those who really like heavy bass, that has nothing to do with bears).Sound is great. Really great. Way better than those earbuds you’ve been using that start to feel uncomfortable after 45 minutes. Go on, take the plunge. I promise you will happy with your purchase and grateful to me and then we can be friends. You will love these headphones. Later, you will learn to love me.I can tell you are losing interest. I know that look. I’ll wrap this up. Buy these headphones. You won’t be disappointed. Get a cheap hard case. I found one on Amazon for around $9. Now you have noise cancelling g headphones that sound great, fit great, last a very long time on a single charge, and you’ll invest way under $100 all in. You will be the envy of your friends. Or at least your friends’ ears.

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  32. ItsTheLittleThings

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    No ANC When Using Aux

    I purchased these specifically for an upcoming multi-country, multi-flight trip and quite honestly didn’t want to worry about locsing or damaging my existing set. Mostly great reviews, great price point and checked all the boxes, or so I thought.Pros: Tested them at home and found I could wear them for hours without getting a headache. BT worked beautifully. I could go outside, upstairs and into the basement without any problem. Easily discovered by multiple devices. I just have to remember to either disconnect or turn off Bluetooth when changing devices. ANC did exactly what it claims- cut out ambient noise. You can definitely tell the difference when it’s on/off. Voices were quieter but not silenced. Battery life is great. Talked with my daughter and heard her clearly. She could easily hear me but she could tell I had a headset on. Now, the not so good which I discovered on my current trip … Since planes aren’t equipped with bluetooth, I plugged in the Aux cord to watch a movie. The ANC turned off. The noise difference is obvious! Never considered that because that’s not the case with my other headsets. My daughter suggested adding a Bluetooth transmitter which I’ll be doing before my next flight. Hopefully it’ll do the trick.

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  33. W. Caple

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hard To Beat In This Price Range

    I bought these to use at work (office environment) so I wouldn’t put any miles on my Bose 700 or Sony XM3. I just hoped they were “passable” in noise reduction and sound quality. They exceeded my expectations. the sound quality is very solid, the bass is good enough and not overwhelming….but it’s not weak. The noise cancelling is also “good enough” and for $40, I would say VERY good. I went 45 hours before they needed to be charged…usually at about 50% volume.. If you are just moving into NC headphones and want to dip the toe in before spending hundreds of dollars, believe me….these are what you want. I also bought a pair for a co-worker that was super impressed with them..The Sony XM3 and Bose 700 are my baseline for NC headphones, so I can’t vouch for anything other than those….so in my world those are 100% (again, I haven’t tried anything else)…..I would say the Anker Q20 would compare at about 70% and hundreds of dollars less. Take the leap, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  34. Shopgirl18

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very nice headphones!

    I wanted a set of over-ear wireless headphones. I didn’t want to pay over $100. Enter the Anker Q20s! I read a ton of reviews and looked at different models. I opted for this set because for the price you can’t beat the features. You get comfort, noise cancellation and great quality. I mainly wanted a set I could wear on walks to block wind and noise. I’m not an audiophile so cannot comment on bass and all that. I did ask my husband who has owned the fancy Bose pair and he said he thought the Anker were a good set. So there you go!

  35. Sam

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound and great noise cancellation at a great price

    I got these headphones because I had great luck with the Soundcore Life P2 earbuds for “beater gym headphones” and because I really like Anker products. They tend to be highly functional for an excellent price.These are headphones are exactly what I expected. Overall function is excellent at this price point, truly. Sound is very full, the headphones are decently comfortable, and the ANC (noise cancellation) works beautifully. I can’t comment to the durability quite yet, but to be honest, if I can get 6mo-1yr out of them, I will consider that a huge success for the $50 I paid. I’m a law student so I wear headphones for like 6 hours a day. We’ll see if they last – but so far, so good.

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  36. Mattie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Noise cancellation works!

    LOVE these! I never feel compelled to write product reviews, but these headphones are worth it. I bought headphonesEasy pairing for Bluetooth, and the plug in AV cord works just as it should. The ear pieces are very comfortable, and not heavy either. These do not give me a headache after extended use (1-2 hours).The noise canceling WORKS. I love that these headphones turn off all of the ambient noise around me, while still being able to hear my keys clacking while typing. I don’t have music playing right now, only the noise canceling feature, but I am very impressed.The price of these are worth it. I bought the dark blue, and the color is the exact same as advertised. I highly recommend.

  37. Becki

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing and low price

    I have tried lots of NC headphones. These are better than some that cost way more. Best thing about these is the battery life. Charge them before your trip and then dont worry about it again until you are back home. When not traveling I use these as noise protection in my shop and I can easily go weeks without needing to charge them. They are comfortable to wear and the NC is good. Works fairly well on machinery and makes a huge difference on long flights. There are only two downsides to these; the charging port is a micro USB so not a cord you are likely to have traveling with you but with the battery life it doesnt need to be an issue. Other issue is the NC doesnt work when using the aux jack. so when you plug in on a long flight the background noise is there again. If you are watching a movie it isnt a problem but just something to be aware of. I bought two of these and gave one to my oldest son that flies a lot, he loves them too.

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  38. MonicaDS

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the comfort and features

    The ability to adjust the height of the piece for the distance from the top of your head to your ears if normal but nice all the same. Comfortable on the ears, some nights I fall asleep with then on and they are totally comfortable. Noise cancellation is excellent for me I can rarely hear if someone is calling me. So I only use them when that isn’t a concern as opposed to a great feature. The ear pieces rotate for easy put away when charging or put away. Overall very nice headphones.

  39. OneTw0

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Price can’t be beat

    For the price, really can’t be beat. Comfortable to wear. Noise cancelling is good. Bass is good enough. I was about to to buy beats pro at a big box store. Waited for help to get them out of a locked case. Walked out and didn’t spend 200+. Saw these for a fraction. And they were at my door before 8 am. Glad I didn’t get helped after all. The only con I have. Is that it’s not USB -C but again that’s just a minor inconvenience.

  40. Chriiz Diamond Black Heart

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    La calidad del sonido es óptima y sobresaliente, el precio que pagué fue bastante alto en comparación con promociones que a veces veo, pero no me arrepiento, suenan impresionante y su calidad de cancelación de ruido es superior, a veces me quedaba dormido y no sabía cuándo el avión había despegado usando estos audífonos. Lo mejor de todo es la utilidad de tener también un puerto Jack 3.5 lo que lo hace más versátil en comparación con otros, porque funciona con la PC por Bluetooth o cable y en el avión no necesitas usar audífonos incómodos, sino que puedes usar estos. Gran calidad de construcción y sus accesorios son fantásticos.

  41. Amanda

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    If you’re on a budget, these are here to stay

    Usually it’s always “buy the more high end stuff so you don’t regret buying the cheaper stuff and have to buy the high end stuff later anyway”Let me tell you that these headphones are probably the best headphones I’ve had. Sure. They’re not Sony. They’re not Sennheiser. But if you’re like me and you just need some tunes to tune out the world when you’re commuting, walking, working, or eating, these do the job.Keep in mind, I treat my headphones like garbage. I lost the case/bag it came in so any time I don’t need it, it gets stuffed in my backpack or thrown somewhere for me to find later. After more than a year of this kind of use, it’s still sturdy and holding strong. I haven’t even put duct tape on it, which is more than what I can say about my previous pair.Will I get the same exact pair after this inevitably dies? …No. There are better options out there nowadays. But if you’re looking for a gift for a cranky high schooler or a new college admit…hell, I’d do anything for a pair of these my freshman year in college rather than the 5 other bad, dollar-store hand-me-downs I went through.Brief description about its functionality because you might need to keep this in mind: They’re very comfortable. I’ve fallen asleep in these before. However, they do have a tendency to slip off after continuous usage so I don’t really recommend this if you’re looking to run or jog or work out. They fold in, which is great for storage. They sit around my neck easily but I have weird sensory issues with that so I don’t usually rest them there. (It’s not uncomfortable but it’s also not comfortable.) And one final thing: lately, they’ve needed a LOT of time to charge. HOWEVER, even since I’ve gotten these headphones, they last an INCREDIBLE amount of time. I think my first few times using it I’ve literally had it on 5-7 hours a day for like, two weeks, and it still has charge on it. The battery life is god tier. Nowadays, it has been more like 4-6 hours for 1 1/2-2 weeks before I need to charge it. I’ve left these suckers on during classes and meetings and man, I’m always surprised by the voice telling me I’m still on a medium charge.Don’t take my word for it though. I got a couple of friends who have been rocking their own pairs of q25s for about as long as I have, if not longer.These are solid. If you don’t want to break the bank, I’d recommend these. $300-400 for a pair of headphones in this economy?? 🤧

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  42. Jordan Pon

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Super-Solid Bang-For-Your-Buck Pair of Headphones!

    Let me start off by explaining my use-case for these headphones.I was in the market looking for something to be a good accompaniment to my brand new Oculus Quest 2. I planned on sharing the play experience with some friends, so earbuds were out of the question for sanitary reasons. I wasn’t looking for stupidly-expensive headphones to have to play some VR games, but wanted something decent so Beat Saber would sound better haha. Previously, I had bought these $15 Panasonic headphones that had banger reviews, but once they arrived, I put them on, turned on some music, and instantly boxed it back up. Trash. So back to Amazon I went to look for something that’s more bang-for-your-buck. I stumbled upon a bunch of non-mainstream headphones and then eventually to these. I have some Anker chargers and stuff but I never knew Anker made audio hardware, so I thought I’d read some reviews and try them out since they were on sale for $45 vs. their $60 MSRP. I knew now that if I wanted even the slightest decency in quality, I’d have to spend more than $15 haha.Next, let me explain my experience in audio hardware.I wouldn’t consider myself a professional audiophile, but I know good sound when I hear it. My most expensive pair of headphones are my Sennheiser HD 650 for when I dabble in music production or want listen to music at the highest quality pair with my FiiO portable amp interface, my pair of Sony MDR-V6 (my favorite pair of headphones/ studio monitors and ol’ faithful), Sennheiser CX 5.00i (hands-down best-sounding and most-balanced earbuds), 2 pairs of Sennheiser CX 300 (best-sounding alternative to the 5.00i), Beats Studio (trash), Beats Solo HD (even more trash), airpods 1st gen, and various pairs of earpods lying around. Hopefully that gives you a small glimpse of how much high-quality audio means to me…or how stupid I am for owning a couple pairs of Beats…NOW FOR THE BREAKDOWN ——Sound Quality —- 8/10These are actually quite above decent! The price is just a bonus. I’d say the quality as normal headphones for listening to music and gaming, they’re perfect. Crisp highs and good lows (with a bit of a default bass-enhancement). The mids could use a bit of work but to be honest, for $45 this is prob some of the best sound you can get at this price-point. Pretty much what a lot of these reviews say. Heck, these may be better than/ as good as most name-brand $100-200. I’ve used various Bose Quiet Comfort series headphones ($300+) and haven’t been impressed with their sound quality. I would say these sound just as good, if not better, than Bose QC headphones, as controversial as that may be to say haha. Another comparison is against my airpods, which I consider pretty good-sounding. I would say these are about the same as airpods, but with added bass and optional added bass on top of that. Beats muddle everything else with their added bass, while these don’t IMO. Overall, sound quality on these is solid and for under $60, I would say is a steal.DO NOT USE FOR MUSIC PRODUCTION OR AS STUDIO MONITORSI only say this because there are reasons that these are just meant for listening. There are drivers in these that may not sit well with production hardware, such as an amplified audio interface, preamps, or other equipment. When I plugged this into my FiiO via the provided aux cable, the sound became unbalanced. It’s probably because it wasn’t meant to take in more power than it was built with, so better to leave these headphones vanilla than add anything else to them. Use them for listening or gaming and you should experience optimal sound quality. Oh and also, DON’T EVER BUY BEATS. These headphones sound eons better than any of the Beats products that I’ve owned/ tried, including the discontinued $400 Beats Pro.Comfort —- 10/10These are also quite comfortable. I’ve worn it as long as 3-hour time period so far and the sides of my head/ ears weren’t sore like after long wears of my Sennheiser HD 650s. Just like my Sony MDR-V6s they are foldable, so that may have something to do with the flexibility of its entirety. My Sennheiser HD 650s are non-foldable, and that’s a big drawback for those :'(. The memory foam pads covered with faux leather allows the headphones to comfortably conform to your head shape. The only thing I can really compare the comfort to is the Beats Studio, which surprisingly, despite their build quality, are pretty comfortable. Overall, I feel like these would fit most heads and provide almost universal comfort.Features —- meh, not much to talk aboutReally the only added features are the optional bass-boost and active noise canceling (ANC). The optional bass-boost isn’t bad, it just doesn’t do much for me because bass is already enhanced right outta the box. So if you’re into bass-boosted and bass-heavy music, these will be quite pleasant for sure! The ANC also doesn’t really do much for me since I listen to my music loud enough to drown out pretty much everything anyway. But, when I turn it on without music playing, it does do something. It’s not quite as effective as the Bose QC headphones, but I think it works pretty well in most loud situations. I just haven’t used it on a plane yet haha. The volume control buttons have an annoying beep every time you press + or – , but whatever. This actually sucks- you can’t use the headphones while they’re charging, even wired. Ridiculous, I know. But hey, can’t have everything, right? Big oof on Anker’s end on that.Aesthetics —- 6/10Not gonna lie, these are pretty generic looking headphones. They don’t have some revolutionary design to it, but they look like your average good-looking generic headphones. They aren’t flashy like Beats or Airpods (or probably the upcoming Airpods Studio) but they don’t look bad at all. They’re just…normal. But, I did only get the black pair, so maybe the gray one looks better in different settings. Don’t let this be a deal-breaker, though.Connectivity —- 6/10Wired, these things are perfect. The provided cable could be longer, but that’s nothing against the headphones themselves. Just buy an extender or a longer cable online for like $10 or less. THE ONLY REASON I’M KNOCKING OFF A STAR is because of what a lot of people are complaining about: the choppiness and clicking of the Bluetooth connectivity. Every now and then the headphones will click or have that split-second static noise while I’m listening via bluetooth. It’s not often, but happens enough to dock a start off. Now, I could just return these and try to get another pair, but I’m too lazy and don’t really care too much about the clipping every now and then, so that’s on me. But, it’s a problem a lot of other reviewers are complaining about so it’s a legitimate issue. The range is fine so far. I’ve been able to walk 30 ft. away without any clipping issues. I’ve also used these for video calls and they work just fine with no clipping.Conclusion —- Overall grade: 9/10You may or may not find headphones this great-sounding at this price-point or even a step up in price-point, but then again I haven’t tried every single pair of headphones on the market. But I can say with confidence that these stack up pretty well against my studio headphones that I own and I would recommend these to anyone looking for decent-sounding headphones, because with these, you’ll get way more than what you’re looking for. These will definitely be a pleasure to play VR games with and even moreso just listening to music while at home or traveling!Now if you’re looking for decent earbuds, I recommend the Sennheiser CX 5.00i! (If you haven’t noticed, i’m definitely biased towards Sennheiser, but they’re industry-standard and the have the best sounding audio products I’ve ever experience, hands-down)

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  43. ShhhShhh

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    OVER ear/ GLASSES wearer

    I know the pictures are odd for scale lol but i didnt have a ruler handy. My ears fit INSIDE the cushion holes, they do NOT sit on top of my ears at all. They do not press my ears against my glasses frames which is the most important thing i was looking for. Comfort 100/10Sound: music sounds great. No issues with bass but i dont listen to a lot of super bass heavy music. Just normal stuff, so that isnt something i pay attention to. If you are into electronic and bass heavy you may notice it, one other review mentioned it but i honestly cant tell the difference there.The noise cancelation is good, I honestly had no idea that was done by sound currents. One of the first headphones ive owned that does it. And you can turn it on and off, idk if that is a normal feature for NC headphones…Your own voice seems quieter when it is enabled. Which is pretty cool. I can still hear the tv but clearly with no music playing but its a lot quieter.With music playing i hear nothing by my own voice and the music.With cancelation off, the music is ever so slightly louder, but because of the big soft cushion its not like people next to me are staring because my music is at max volume. They dont seem to notice unless i remove them from my ears.My husband didnt notice the difference in noise cancelation being on and off with music. He cant hear that because its a very slight change. He notices it when he speaks and with no sound and the tv on though. “It cut out white noise which is cool” -the husband.The charger…Another D shaped micro usb. I was comparing headphones and i could have sworn these were C shaped, but i kust have been mistaken. Because im disappointed. No one really enjoys that one pesky micro usb charger when everything seems to take C chargers lately. Not a big deal, but ever so slightly annoying. So dont lose the cord.Overall i love these. Just wish the charger was shaped better

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  44. Kathy Tran

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Complete Review for the Average Joe

    This is a review comparing these headphones to the Bose Quietcomfort 35 II, and the Sony WH-1000XM4.Now I know what your thinking – how could you ever compare a cheapo $50 pair of headphones to the $300+ big boys in the noise cancelling world like Bose and Sony? Well these headphones are wireless, bluetooth, active noise cancelling, and promote themselves as comfortable with balanced sound, so in my book all three of these headphones are in the same league.The criteria is simple – I don’t use lab equipment to measure, I’m not concerned about exact numbers, and I don’t like falling for overblown hype or marketing nonsense. I use my own experience and non-technical knowledge to decide what I like best.The Soundcore Headphones:These headphones are comfortable. Maybe it’s because of the ‘cheaper’ materials, or they are just genuinely made with comfort more in mind, but I can wear these all day with little discomfort. I wear glasses so a little annoyance is unavoidable, but these do a bang up job of not squishing my head, while still making a good seal around my ears to keep sound quality and noise cancelling from bleeding out. I have heard some having issues with durability, but my bose quietcomfort headphones wore out and cracked over time too. Replacements are plentiful and cheap, so it’s a non issue for me.Comparability and Software:These are what headphones are meant to be. Simple buttons, simple pairing, no proprietary software that I have to download, no nonsense. Just pair and play. They also have a wired mode if I’m editing video or need them to not have any delay. Bluetooth will always have a bit of a delay, but it’s nothing deal breaking, a few milliseconds at most. They do not have multidevice pairing, or absolutely massive bluetooth range (it still works perfectly for me going around my whole house no problem), and there is no EQ balancing, other than the Bass Boost.Overall SoundI’m not a pro audio engineer or audiophile. If it sounds good, it’s good to me. I like these headphones in normal mode just fine. While the overall sound stage is fairly tight, and it can sometimes feel cramped with complex or intricate songs, I don’t feel overwhelmed in any one way or another. The negative I have here is with their ‘bass boost’s mode. It’s fair to say it does boost the bass, at the cost of literally everything else. It almost makes it sound like every other frequency is underwater when it’s turned on. I keep it off 100% of the time – it’s bad.Noise Cancelling:Here is the meat and potatoes of the review. I bought these for noise cancelling and noise cancelling alone. I was surprised – they are pretty good. My air conditioner dissolves away. Car noises and wind fade to imperceptible levels, and airplane sounds go completely away. The area it falls short in is human speech. I can still hear people without much difference. Not a killer for me, but slightly lacking in that regard. They also do not give me the headache compression feeling that some other noise cancelling can give me.Comparisons:Comfort – These surprisingly win. The Bose Quietcomforts are very close, but the headpeice is slightly tighter, leading to overall head pressure discomfort over time. The Sonys are even worse, with their high weight and size they can feel heavy over time, and make my ears warm after about 1 hour.Compatibility and Software – These are also the winners! Sony and Bose just cannot help themselves when it comes to collecting data and making their customers sign up for BS accounts. I’m not a super privacy nerd either, but when I have to take a photo of my ears (looking at you Sony!) Just to listen to music, I draw the line. The Quietcomforts are better, but the Bose app is just another step in between me and my music. Bose at least keeps the physical buttons, which I enjoy because touch controls are still a bit picky in 2020. Sony knows this well, as I fumbled and accidentally turned off my music or changed the volume or song accidentally about a dozen times on their headphones. Physical buttons are arguably uglier, but I value practicality over style in this regard. The Sonys also have multidevice pairing, and their bluetooth range is just stupid far, but I don’t usually run a whole football field away from my phone at a time.Overall Sound – Sony comes first, followed by Bose, and then the Soundcores. The Sony headphones are very crisp, with a wide sense of space. I genuinely couldnt stop myself from smiling when I first put them on. They induce a sense of awe, and I loved their sound immensely. The Bose was slightly worse, and only a touch better than the Soundcores. Bose has cleaner bass, and a better sense of staging, especially with singing and high hat sounds. If I were to number them by sound the Sonys get a 96, the Bose a 85, and the Soundcores a 82.Noise Cancelling – Sony once again wins, but this time the Bose and Soundcores are tied. I genuinely could not tell the difference between the Bose and Soundcores when my eyes were closed as far as noise cancelling was concered. The Sonys I could though. They do a significant better job with human voices, especially crowds like in restaurants or outside. They are still audible, but pass the point where I cannot understand what people are saying – the Bose and Soundcores fail this test.The Overall:Comparing these headphones is an excercise in diminishing returns. For $50 the Soundcores cover about 90% of what the $300 Bose Quietcomforts offer, and about 85% of what the $350 Sony WH-1000XM4 offer. To me, that remaining 10% and 15% does not justify the additional $250 and $300 price tag. Now maybe you’re the kind of person who absolutely has to have the best noise cancelling, or can’t live without the absolute cream of the crop perfect soundscape – and in those instances the features may justify the cost. But chances are if you’re debating on these headphones you are just the average Joe consumer like me, in which case these headphones will cover everything you need without bogging you down in unnecessary features or quality thay will go unnoticed in 99% of the population. I genuinely like these headphones, and will continue to lovingly give them daily abuse until they fail me. After all, I could buy and break FIVE of these before I reached the price of one pair of Sonys.TL:DR Give them a chance, you’ll more than likely find their value apparent.

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  45. Rev. CJD

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Seriously, surprisingly good!

    I have a pair of Beats that I love, but unfortunately, 9 years of travel wear and tear has made them fall apart and it would be cost-prohibitive to get them fixed.When I saw these Soundcore headphones, I thought that since I am a fan of their earbuds for my phone so much I would give the noise-cancelling headphones a shot, I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! I don’t fly again for another week and a half, so I am looking forward to evaluating their active noise-canceling ability against a couple of other pairs that I have… some of them are really good. The Beats just sealed around my ears to block out unwanted noise.I think that the audio quality is every bit as good as those other headphones with the bonus of active noise cancelling.They just arrived today and I am sitting in my office putting them to the sound torture test blasting everything from Rock to Exotica to Orchestral Movie Soundtracks, they seriously exceed my expectations and I am VERY picky when it comes to audio as I have been an audio engineer, radio personality, podcaster, radio executive and so forth since 1984!I know good sound when I hear it and I know bad sound… I would pit these $40 headphones against the $200-$300 studio headphones that I have used.Seriously, surprisingly good! You just can’t beat the quality at this price point. Lots of bass, crisp high end.The only drawback thus far is that the volume is quite a bit louder using the cord than Bluetooth, but then again, that may be my Macbook’s fault and not the headphones.

  46. BobGuy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow…if you know how to beat these for under $100 I want to know!

    I’ve always found myself in a bit of a quandary: I’m an audiophile on a budget. I’ve tried several in-ear buds and they’ve all let me down on sound quality and noise cancelation. I tried these on a whim since they’re so highly rated, and wow am I glad I did!! The noise cancelation is great–I can sit in a noisy coffee house and only barely hear anything beyond my music without cranking the volume to dangerous levels. The sound quality truly is HD or HiFi. Will it rival Bose headsets that cost 8-10x as much? No. But the difference in price is much greater than the difference in sound quality.Comfort-wise, they’re a 9.5 out of 10. You won’t forget they’re on your head, but close. The angle of the earpieces is perfect and the memory foam is so comfy.If you’re still reading this, just go ahead and buy them. You won’t be sorry. Plus, the blue color is much better than it looks in the photos. It makes them look way more expensive than they are.

  47. JK

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Unbeatable bang-for-buck

    I grabbed these while on a trip; I have an old pair of Sony XM3 noise cancelling headphones I normally use on the plane, but since my wife was using them for her own trip, it left me needing something for the 5 hour flight. Grabbed these since the price was right and I could get them from Amazon overnight.I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as my Sonys, but they did surprise me, ESPECIALLY at their price point. These things punch well above their price.-Noise Cancelling: not as good as the XM3s, but enough to dull the engine roar and passenger chatter, which was all I was expecting. 4 stars here, as I’m not sure you’d get a better ANC experience without spending 3x as much.-Sound Quality: very impressed, for the price. A little muddy in the mids/highs, but these aren’t audiophile headphones. Bass was fantastic (regardless of price).-Comfort/Build: on the cheap side (but they’re under $50, so well within expectations). 5 hours on the plane with no issues, plenty of battery life remaining. I wear a 7 5/8 hat, so I struggle finding headphones that don’t squeeze my melon – these were completely fine.If you have $50 and need some decent BT headphones, get these. Don’t buy them specifically for the ANC, but it’s a nice bonus to have at this price point. Fantastic general-use/flight headphones, and I’ll be keeping them as spares for flights.

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  48. Jaden Brunson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headphones!

    The media could not be loaded.

    I bought these headphones on January 24th, 2024 for $59.99 (I always like when people add price and date so I can see if the “sale” is actually even a sale.)So far, I am LOVING these headphones. I’m a musician’s wife and mom of an autistic kiddo, so we had a chance here to test just how good they sound and how well the noise canceling works. Myself and my husband both agreed that they have really good sound for $60 headphones! They’re also fairly light, not too light that they feel cheap but they are light especially compared to my Bose headphones that were smaller. They are WAY more comfortable than my Bose headphones, and I wear glasses. My Bose ones would sandwich the arms of my glasses between my head and ears and would hurt so bad by the end of the day. But with these, I wear them for 8 hour shifts every single day and so far no pain whatsoever from my glasses. I also love that you can also have noise canceling on or off while your music is playing, which is helpful at my job because I still need to hear when someone approaches me and starts to talk so I usually have it off. But at home, with my husband being a musician like I mentioned- it’s nice that if I’m wanting to listen to something I can have noise canceling on and listen to my music or podcasts when he’s working in his studio.The noise canceling works really well! It’s not 100%, but I prefer that so I can still be aware of my surroundings. The video here is of my autistic daughter, she had noise sensitivities but they’re not severe- enough that she gets upset sometimes when her dad is recording drums. Today we decided to try these headphones with the noise canceling on with no music, and she had not a single care in the world so clearly it does make a huge difference. Usually she would cover her ears with her hands if she was sitting where she is in the video, which shares a wall with the studio. The only time she doesn’t cover her ears is when she’s 3 walls away, so for her to be right next to the studio just chillin with the headphones means they definitely work. She has noise canceling headphones that are specifically made just for that, they don’t have Bluetooth or audio jack capabilities so they’re specifically for noise canceling and she hates those- I think they’re too tight and heavy because they’re filtering out basically all sound completely. She’s 100% content with these on though and I feel that speaks to the comfort.I’m not a headphone snob, but I know a decent pair of headphones when I have them. These are a solid choice if you just want an overall good pair of headphones! When these finally do give up- I’ll update this review. They are still brand new essentially but at this point I’m VERY happy with them.

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  49. Delmore

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good value for the money… so far.

    The headphones were inexpensive compared to some of the other options. My main gripe is that the instruction manual that came with it is printed in a microscopic typeface in LIGHT BLUE ink, rendering it impossible to read without a magnifying glass and a strong light. I found a more readable version on the product’s website, but it was confusingly written. I managed to figure it out finally, but what’s wrong with having a simple diagram that points to and identifies each of the three buttons on the headphones. It’s also difficult to see the black on black buttons. Letters and markings are etched or pressed into the plastic. How hard would it be to apply a bit of white or red paint so that the functions are easier to see? I even need a flashlight to determine which side is L and which is R. Yeah, I’m a grumpy old man with poor eyesight.On the plus side: the noise canceling feature works well and they sound good and they were way cheap compared to Bose for example.

  50. Wendell Powell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best ANC and Sound in it’s price range!

    First off, this is not a comparison between the Anker Soundcore Q20s and any product from Bose or Sony.. That is an unfair comparison as they are not even in the same ball park.. I know that most people want to get an understanding of how comparable they are to those but if you aren’t willing to spend the money on those, you aren’t going to get near what they offer..That being said, for this price range these are the best hands down.. One hit KO.. I’ll list all the features separately so they are easy to find and read about.Active Noise Cancellation:Let me get some things out of the way, I work at a gas plant in a landfill as IT and Data Reporting.. My job is noisy sometimes.. I hear a constant hum from the motors in the plant right outside my door all day long.. I also travel a lot from the various plants we run.. While ANC is on these headphones won’t block out immediate talking next to me or sudden loud noises, but they do block out the noise from the plant.. That is without the music.. I do need to point out that the talking is trying to talk over motors so it’s louder than your average office space. When the music is on and running, it adds a whole separate layer to the cancellation as I can no longer hear anything else..Sound:I don’t typically have music up loud, most I’ve turned them up to is 50% because I’ve been rough on my ear drums since I was a kid playing drums at a young age.. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been more prone to try and protect my ears.. That being said, the sound quality is very nice with or without ANC engaged.. I find it’s way more enjoyable with ANC on due to everything else being tuned out.. Some headphones will warp the sound when ANC is turned on, these do not.. The sound is as impressive with the feature on as it is off.. This is incredible.. I listen to a range of music from Rap and Hip-Hop to Metal and Hard Rock and they all sound clear and precise in these headphones..They do have a bass-up feature that increases the bass a little more.. This works well without muddying the sound quality too much.. I imagine if you increase the volume too much it might diminish but from my listening around the 50% max it’s been outstanding.. Bass gains can be a real hit and miss for me as some lose sound quality.. With these that’s not the case..Quality:The headphones feel amazing.. They have a nice weight to them (which is not for everyone). I personally like a little weight to my equipment.. It is sturdy and feels solid.. I was afraid of it feeling a little too plastic like but they really don’t.. Now they aren’t as nice as your $200-$300 headphone, but again, their price range they are amazing quality.. The ear cups are very comfortable and soft memory foam.. I was actually surprised that my ears don’t get as hot as normal.. They will overtime due to the design.. It’s impossible to get around since it traps heat, but these seem like they don’t get as warm as fast.. Also the ear cups feel amazing.. I’ve literally worn them all day yesterday and felt no ear fatigue or strain.. This is a solid!Functionality:A feature that isn’t talked about a lot with these is the awesome ability to connect to not just one but two devices simultaneously.. Now a note on that: You cannot listen to two devices at the same time.. What is going on is I’m able to connect to my computer and listen to music on it while being connect to my phone at the same time.. When someone calls me and I answer, it swaps input to my iPhone and stops playing the music in my ears.. Once the call is finished, it swaps back to my computer and I resume listening.. This is an amazing feature that I use daily!Battery:The battery is very nice.. When I received my unit the first thing I did was pair it to my devices (of course) and started checking it out.. I received them with 60% battery.. I used them the rest of that day at work for a couple of hours.. then when I left, used them a little more at the house and watched half of a movie on them before going to bed.. They were still at 60%.. The box says that they last 40 hours and that is accurate.. If you don’t use the Bass-Up technology you can squeeze even more.. and to not use the ANC it goes up higher.. 40 hours for battery life though is incredible for this price range.. I cannot complain!Packaging:The packaging was very nice and well put together.. It came with a charge cable and 3.5mm aux cable (which is great for my Nintendo Switch when I fly).. While I would have loved to seen a USB-C type adapter (as would many others) that is still an expensive change to make and would probably bump the price up out of the $60 range.. I understand from a manufacturing point the reasoning to possibly go with a micro-USB.. It would be nice for C, but it is what it is.. That doesn’t change how well this thing is made and works.. The only gripe I have and it’s a minor thing is the case they come with.. Well, you can’t call it a case cause it’s just a bag.. Now, it’s a very nice bag, but I throws these buys in a backpack with a laptop and iPad and Switch (in a hardcase) and so a bag doesn’t really protect your headphones.. Luckily I had a nice hard case from a cheap pair of headphone I received a few years ago (the case was the nicest part) and they fit perfectly.. So if you don’t have one buy a hard case for them..Overall:Overall, for the price these are the best hands down.. You really cannot beat their ANC and sound quality for this price.. I will definitely buy these again and probably buy my wife some so she’ll stop stealing mine.. If it was out of 10, I’d give this product a 9/10 simply due to no hard shell case..

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  51. Glenn Haley

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding Audio Speach

    I am in my upper eighties and have developed a hearing loss of high tones. TV speakers don’t produce enough high tones for me to understand what’s being said. I have tried differend brands of Bluetooth headsets and Soundcore 20’s are by far the best for me. I even tried Beat’s and the audio was very muddy. I have just bought a second pair of Soundcore 20’s so I don’t have to move them from room to room. I do want to make something clear, I don’t listen to music, except for FlashMobs, so I don’t know if someone would fine these acceptable.

  52. KC

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Okay headphones for the sale price.

    I like these headphones enough to wear them. I can hear them from the next room without distortion. What I don’t like is that I can’t pause what I’m listening to when someone comes into the room. I have to go to the program I’m using to pause the audiobook or show I’m watching. Another thing I don’t like about these is that unlike every pair of headphones I have had in the past, they don’t automatically sync. I have to go into settings every time I turn them on to connect them to my Bluetooth.They aren’t uncomfortable, so that is a big plus in my book. The charge doesn’t hold as long as advertised but I always keep two pair so when one needs to be charged I have another I can wear so it doesn’t cause a problem. I was just surprised that these have to be charged twice as often as any other pair I have had in the past couple of years.I’m glad I was able to catch these on sale. I don’t know that they are worth 60 bucks.As for sound, bass isn’t my thing because I tend to have headaches. I know you can make them have more bass but I was careful not to turn on that feature. I don’t have any trouble hearing the shows I watch on my computer or the audiobooks I listen to and that’s the most important part. The rest is just an inconvenience. I will try a different brand next time but I won’t be sending these back. They are fine for the price I paid.I hope this review helps you in your search for the right earphones for you.

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  53. beagoodchristian

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for the price!

    I was hesitant at first because sound quality is important to me – but I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on headphones. The sound quality on these is great – not amazing, but that’s to be expected at this price point. Still exceeded my expectations in terms of battery life, noise cancellation and sound quality overall. If you’re used to Bose or anything of the sort you’ll hear a slight difference but otherwise you probably won’t. Highly recommend.

  54. Light and Harmony

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    No English instructions.

    Absolutely love the noise cancellation. It is even better than my old Bose was. Got it as my new refrigerator has occasional high pitch hum as something does something. Doesn’t last forever but usually happens while I am trying to nap nearby or read a book. These really do the job. Unfortunately there are a couple switches to operate and I had to guess at what to do. There are symbols which mean nothing to me. I haven’t tried them yet for music.

  55. Scholaire

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A affordable godsend

    We live next to a construction site of a new community for close to two years now and the constant daily noise has left us sleep deprived and our nerves shot. When I found this product I checked YouTube reviews and they were good and what a low price as most start close to $200. Got 2 pair for our household and have been using them several weeks now. Brings noise down to a low whisper for my wife who works at home along with music or the conference calls she frequently makes. Really good bass response! Comfortable ear pads (they have even better pair for about $25 more)20 hour battery time! WOW! All this for around $60?!! Sold!

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  56. Happy Mommy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this headset

    This is my third time purchasing because I absolutely love the sound quality. The reason I have to keep buying them is that they do break, but in my home they get very heavy use. I love the microphone so I can take calls with them. They always had left and right marked on the inside so it was easy to tell how to put them on (it helps for button control) but this last set has the print so light it can barely be seen. Otherwise, perfect product!

  57. Sheri

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid Over the Ear Headphones with decent noise cancelling

    I use these headphones when I going walking in the streets. They do a decent job of blocking out the traffice and/or wind noise so I can listen & hear my podcasts. I’ve worn them for 3 hours straight and still tolerable to wear. Sound is good, stay connected. The negatives are I cannot tell the difference with/without the noise canceling on. When the power is turned on, there is a voice to announce the battery %, but no “power off”, just a tone. Also, when charging a red light comes on, but once fully charged it goes out rather than turn green.

  58. Kara Thomas

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound, watch your hands!

    I love these headphones but I have to dock them a star because twice now when removing them from the pouch and unfolding them, the skin between my thumb and pointer finger has gotten stuck in the part that twists. I thought after the first time it happened it was a total fluke, but it just happened again! And when it snags your skin, it does NOT want to let go. Hurts like hell and you have to basically rip your skin out. Why do these headphones want to hurt me? Is it that they tasted flesh once and now have an insatiable taste for more?

  59. Thomas K.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very soft, fits completely over the ear.

    I was skeptical at first, but the price made it worth a try.The headphones fit completely over my ears and the foam pads are very soft and comfortable. The sound quality seems pretty good for high, medium, and low frequencies. The volume is loud enough to block out nearby noises, but not so loud to risk hearing damage. They are very light weight.I can’t comment on battery life, because I used them long enough to drain the battery.

  60. Gina Goodwin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Purchase!

    I did some research for some moderate priced headphones and came across these. I was specifically looking for noise cancelling headphones and these met it on every lever. The bass level is great. They are comfortable and not too tight, so much so I fall asleep with them often. You can’t beat the quality and the price. I do recommend them and would purchase again if I need to.

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