Taiko no Tatsujin controller “Taiko and Stick for Nintendo Switch” Japanese ver.

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Taiko expert controller appeared for Nintendo Switch! Let’s hit the drum and make it all up ♪ It is an optimal drum type controller for Nintendo Switch dedicated software “Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch ~ Jon!” With the operation button on the drum body, you can also operate the Taiko no Tatsujin in game. Two products can be connected and two players can be used. You can use it by connecting to the Nintendo Switch dock. It is attached with two exclusive bees of a long size of about 27 cm in total length. Also, it is convenient for storage as you can install bees on a special stand.

  1. Manual and packaging in Japanese language
  2. Release on July 19, 2018 (Japan time)
  3. Taiko and stick only


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4.6 out of 5 stars

766 ratings

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4.6 out of 5 stars

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9.06 x 8.27 x 7.87 inches; 1.9 Pounds


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1.89 pounds




1 Unknown batteries required.

Date First Available

July 3, 2018

10 reviews for Taiko no Tatsujin controller “Taiko and Stick for Nintendo Switch” Japanese ver.

  1. Colinyo

    We tried playing the game with just the handheld controllers and it was frustrating. 50% of the time it would register wrong.After reading reviews on Amazon, it sounded like the only way to get an enjoyable experience with the game is with the Nintendo licensed drum. I didn’t want to chance it with an aftermarket brand bc the reviews were not consistently good.I’m glad we paid more for the Nintendo drum.We didn’t need to do any calibration as mentioned in other reviews. We have a samsung tv that is maybe 5 years old. The switch is about a year old.I want a second drum to be able to challenge my husband head to head. For now we just take turns and see who gets a higher score.

  2. Garcia74

    Best drum for the tatiko drum Nintendo game. Yes it is pricey but it takes a beating and works flawlessly. I would not waist money on others just suck it up and you won’t be disappointed this is the drum that comes in the Nintendo taiko drum game bundle. You can search reviews on drums and will see this is the best performing drum. Hope this helps

  3. Alex Charney

    The only way to play Dark Souls

  4. Lauren

    Love this controller. It is a little loud (obviously), so I sometimes cover it with a blanket or something. I wish that it also came with sticks more similar to the arcade cabinet, but these work and they look cute with the drum. I bought here vs eBay (even though it was cheaper on eBay) for the free, faster than eBay shipping (there was a delay, so I did not get it in the two days that I thought I would). Really, the only way to play Taiko no Tatsujin is with this controller!! Buttons are boring, and the joy cons are not accurate at all for the game. If you really want TnT, the drum is worth investing in! Plus, HORI is a good brand.

  5. Anne

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     Works as it should given it’s a drum controller. While playing, my partner gets very competitive so it can take a beating though tapping the drum works just as well. Using them has thoroughly enhanced my experience playing taiko no tatsujin and I would recommend this product if you enjoy playing the drums and would like to compete with your friends! The video added was to simply show if the tapping worked and since then, playing the game is fine. I’ve done plenty of combos so it works wonderfully imo. Just beware that the box may be slightly damaged and isn’t wrapped in plastic but the drums work.

  6. MistahBlob

    If you played the original arcade versions of Taiko then you need this. Much more accurate hits than using motion controls.

  7. Kousuke

    I’ve been playing with this drum for a few months now and it’s great.One thing I would say is that modding is not required. You do have to hit it harder than the arcade drum but… it’s a drum and it can take the abuse. If you want it so sensitive that a small tap can activate the buttons, similar to the arcade version, then go ahead and mod. However, it’s definitely not required at all. Just play them like a real drum. I personally prefer a playing harder over accidentally setting off a button. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Go out there and become a drum master.Things I recommend:-A pair of real taiko drum sticks. You can grab one off of amazon for really cheap and they give you much more control over the drums. It also let’s you play with your wrists instead of your arms. The standard plastic included sticks are way too thick and awkward for me. I have small hands but the normal type of taiko sticks are fine with me.-An anti-slip mat. If you’re modded, you probably don’t need this. However, if you want to play as normal, then I’d highly recommend it. The controller recommends using plastic bottles in the back of the controller to hold it in place, but this doesn’t really work on slippery surfaces such as plastic desks.

  8. ikeahacker

    If high marks or vs. matches is a goal, the Hori drum controller, while may be the superior drum, eventually falls short to the Nintendo Switch touchscreen and a pair of dry, nimble fingers. Putting all that aside the thing is a lot of fun and after a quick manual calibration it becomes very accurate. buying this may not be a rational move… it may very well end up on a shelf one day, but this drum is not for rational people. I say choose this Hori drum. commit yourself to Taiko no Tatsujin and Take it seriously… maybe even pair it with a hachimaki headband and a pair of costume made maple tree engraved sticks, why not

  9. Peewee

    I was a little cautious at first because a lot of the reviews were recommending modding the drum to increase sensitivity, but so far I feel like it works perfectly right out of the box. No modding needed at all. It was expensive but well worth it in my opinion. Get this one if you don’t want to chance buying a random third party drum.

  10. Ace Of Arrows

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Hori is known for making sturdy, quality products. Although they are pretty inarguably *most* famous for quality fight sticks, this taiko drum is pretty solid from what I can tell. The hitzones are responsive exactly where any taiko player would expect from a peripheral like this.You don’t want to tap this thing lightly. It’s a drum, you want to smack it, as other reviewers have pointed out. If you give it solid smacks as you should, it will perform fantastically.If you want to see with your own eyes how this thing performs, I’ve included a single-song highlight from one of my streams.Also, if you plug this into your computer, it too will recognize it as a taiko controller, and I imagine you can use this for playing taiko charts on Osu (I haven’t really been part of the Osu scene in years).I’m an avid rhythm game player, so you know I need a high-quality peripheral, because as much as I use this kind of stuff, it’s gotta last, and when it comes to dance pads and taiko drums – peripherals whose *express purpose* is to have the crap beaten out of them in order to play the games they’re for – you’d best bet I’m not buying flimsy stuff. These things are quality.Sure, there are adapters you can buy if you want to use your favorite taiko drum you already have from some other console on the Switch, but if you don’t already own one or don’t want to shop around for an adapter, this is likely the most solid choice you’ve got that’s built specifically for the Switch.

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