TCL 55″ Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV – 55S435, 2021 Model Electronics

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Easy Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you find movie titles, launch or change channels, even switch inputs, using just your voice. Also available through the Roku mobile app.   Stunning 4K Ultra HD: 4K resolution delivers stunning detail and a remarkable visual experience.   High Dynamic Range: HDR delivers bright and accurate colors for a lifelike viewing experience.   Thousands of Streaming Channels: Enjoy the over 500,000 movies and TV episodes available to stream plus sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.   Simple, personalized home screen: Your favorite broadcast TV, streaming channels, gaming console and other devices are front-and-center. No more flipping through inputs or wading through complicated menus. Like apps on a smartphone, all your favorites are at your fingertips from the instant you turn it on.   

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Item Weight

‎23 pounds

Product Dimensions

11.8"D x 48.7"W x 30.4"H

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‎3 AAA batteries required. (included)

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Special Features

‎High Dynamic Range Technology; Easy Voice Control works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google; Advanced Digital TV Tuner with Live TV Channel Guide

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Standing screen display size

‎55 Inches

Aspect Ratio



‎120 Volts


‎10 watts



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4.6 out of 5 stars

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#8,064 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #85 in LED & LCD TVs

Date First Available

October 16, 2020

Screen Size

55 Inches



Supported Internet Services

Roku TV

Display Technology




Refresh Rate

60 Hz

Special Feature

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})); High Dynamic Range Technology; Easy Voice Control works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google; Advanced Digital TV Tuner with Live TV Channel GuideHigh Dynamic Range Technology; Easy Voice Control works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google; Advanced Digital TV Tuner with Live TV Channel Guide See more

Model Name


Included Components

Stand, Power Cord, Warranty Info, Remote, Quick Start Guide

60 reviews for TCL 55″ Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV – 55S435, 2021 Model Electronics

  1. Drew

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Used to be a good budget 4k option, but they’ve increased the price

    Purchased this for under $400 last year and now it’s “discounted” price is more than that. Picture is fine, processor is slow, settings are comprehensive but annoying to navigate. It served a purpose but now with the price increase it’s hard to recommend.

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  2. X. Johnson

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Inferior to past TCL Roku models but good for the money

    I had to replace my former TCL Roku TV earlier this year, as I damaged it myself trying to fix one of the sides. The one I bought this time is the 2021 edition. Not a ton of new features, apart from a new sound enhancer mode, but I was fine with it having the same features because I was just replacing the one I had. Well, this one seems to be even worse. I didn’t experience the issues with my old one that I have had with my new one. I have experienced more strange occurrences in the last 3 months of having this one, then in the last nearly 2 years I’ve had my old one. This morning, I woke up trying to watch TV to find the picture red and distorted. The menus weren’t, but the the television image on screen was. Same with YouTube (I could navigate the app clearly but I chose a video to see what’d happen, and it was a mess). I went into the menus of the TV and restarted it and that corrected the problem. When using my PS4 in game mode, sometimes the sharpness would not only be turned down but disabled outright. I’d have to restart my television or turn it off and on again to fix it. I’ve at least never had that issue until I’ve began regularly using HDR mode for my games. The smallest nitpick that I have with this television is that it turns on a little slower than the old one as well, but I can forgive that if it just works. When all is well the TV looks great but I don’t know what’s going on with this unit that I have. I appreciate the TCL brand because they make accessing 4K viewing much more affordable than it normally would be for most people, but I don’t think I’ll be buying another TV from them again. As long as it works I’ll keep mine for now but I guess I’m going to have to save up and get another TV. (EDIT: I recently changed my review from a 2 star to a 4 star review believing that I was too harsh. But I experienced the same issues I described in my review again, so I took off a star. This doesn’t happen often, but it’s still a problem. )

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  3. Laura SelfLaura Self

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost perfect for those that have cut cable

    If you’re someone who has cut the cable chord, this TV might be for you. We have used a Roku for about 5 years now and when our TV went out recently, my Mom suggested this one. We are glad she did and have loved it. I have two complaints and they are both small. First is the sound variation and the reason this isn’t 5 stars. The sound on the commercials is SO loud. It’s not every commercial and Most TV’s now have a setting to fix this issue or adjust it to make it better. This TV does not. So, we end up having to mute the TV during commercials. It’s a small complaint, but it’s quite annoying. The second complaint isn’t really applicable to everyone. We use streaming services in addition to an antenna. This TV has a Live TV section for that to work perfectly. However, since the remote has no numbers, you have to scroll through each and every channel to get to the one you want. Again, a small inconvenience and we might be able to get a universal remote to fix that issue. Overall, I’m happy.

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  4. Ken D. Journagan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great TV!

    I have 3 TCL tv’s. 43″, 50″ and a 75″ I love the vivid colors and everything about the tvs. Love the Roku and aps. There is some ghosting, during quick action. I use the 43″ as a computer monitor. Works great. But, TCL Customer Service is TERRIBLE!, but Amazon took care of the “simple fix” problem FAST and above and beyond expectations. I received the tv, there was a hole in the box, where the left stand leg should have been. Instead of sending me a replacement stand leg, they wanted pictures, a copy of the invoice, etc. I asked to speak to a supervisor—none available. I asked to speak to someone else, more than once–no one available—click, call disconnected. The person was extremely rude and unprofessional. This is a very abbreviated version of the call. They had already talked to Amazon, before talking to me. I boxed up the tv and called Amazon for a pickup. Amazon “professionally” offered a solution to the problem. I ultimately kept the tv and ordered a replacement stand leg on Ebay. TV is working great. I have 9 tvs, some will need replacing. I am not sure that I will purchase a 4th TCL tv, because of TCL’s service. What if I have a real Problem?

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  5. Marcus Taylor

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product but who’s is it?

    I bought this TV a few weeks ago and it came on time surprisingly though USPS. When it came in the box was a little battered but nothing that concerned me. I was so excited to set it up when I I home so I took it to my room and unboxed it. To my surprise it didn’t have the usual tape or film new TVs usually have but I didn’t think anything of it. So I put in the legs, plug in the power cord, and put batteries in the controller. Having it all ready i go to turn it on and connect to my wifi. Everything is going great. I get connected and I start going to the apps to log in but to my surprise someone is logged in to each app I use. So I didn’t buy a new TV like I expected. It was used. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. So I got curious and stated looking though each app and all have the same person logged in. So if you buy this be warned. It might not be new and you’ll have to clear out someone else’s account or factory reset the whole TV.

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  6. Vyctor Gregory

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Investment. Well worth the money.

    This TV is awesome. The sound quality is very good, it makes me feel like i am in a movie theater. The picture quality is very good 100 percent. the TV stays cool and don’t get hot. It is very light weight, not heavy compared to its size. I did receive a error message after hooking up my cable box, I think it was a HDMI 2.1, saying it wasn’t supported on my device. I did a little trouble shooting, by disconnecting the HDMI cable from both ends, unplugged the TV and my cable box, waited 20 to 30 seconds, reconnected the HDMI cable back to my cable box and the TV plugged up everything and turned it on, and everything worked fine. i haven’t had any problems after that. I think the software just had to reboot and recognize the type of connection i had. I consider that to be a normal formality when dealing with software. For those of you who are annoyed by the Standby Light being on when you turn off the TV, just go to Settings -> System -> Power -> Standby Light and make sure it is set to off, this will turn the bright light off that’s in front of your TV. The TV gets a well deserved 5 stars from my end. Whoever is in the market for a 50 inch TV I would advise this one.

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  7. Daniel P.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprisingly good

    First time buyer of TCL. Bought 50in. model on special sale. Price was too good to pass. TV has worked flawlessly. Initial setup was a breeze and I have not experienced any issues since but TV is connected directly to the router not through Wi-Fi so I cannot comment on Wi-Fi connectivity or speed/performance. Roku menu is easy to use. Adding streaming channels is also easy. Some reviews complain about sound quality but I find it equal to other TVs I’ve had (not muted or muffled but no home theather either). Remote is easy to use but sometimes TV does not respond the first time so I have to press again. Changed batteries and it got better but I think it is just the way the TV functions, you have to aim directly to the TV and press firm on the remote keys….no a big deal IMO. Overall a great purchase. I liked Roku so much I bought a Roku stick for a second non-smart TV.

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  8. Jane

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great picture but apps crash

    We love this tv, we have had it for over a year now and the picture quality has not diminished. We do have had a strange problem with it, it started with Netflix crashing, now other apps are starting to crash as well. At first we thought it was the app, we tried uninstalling and reinstalling and all of the other things we read would fix the problem. Now that we’re having issues with other apps we think it is the tv causing the problem. For this reason we would not recommend the tv to others. If it weren’t for this issue it would be a perfect tv.

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  9. chubnik2

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good overall

    If you’re familiar with Roku devices, the Roku TV won’t offer anything you’re not already familiar with. I did have two issues with setup that wasted a few hours…the TV portion apparently came with the scene descriptor feature (for the visually impaired) turned on plus there were issues with getting audio to pass through my A/V receiver through the eARC port. The obvious fixes in the TV’S settings section didn’t rectify the issue. The first issue resolved with doing a hard reset of the TV (as I recall, unplugging the TV then holding the power button for a count of 15). The second involved removing power from the receiver and TV, waiting at least 2 minutes, then restoring power. So if you have setup issues and the obvious fix makes no difference, heed the words of tech giant Dogbert … “shut up and reboot.” Once all that was resolved though, all has been good. I’m no videophile so I can’t attest to the quality of the picture but for general TV and streaming I have no complaints.

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  10. Mark A. Pearson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The TV works, but the remote is awkward and hard to use.

    We bought this TV on the recommendation of some friends and reviews, now I wish we had bought a non-Roku TV. As far as the TV itself, it works fine, no real issues. We don’t have a good internet connection out here in the sticks, so there no such thing as streaming service. We are lucky to be able to sit through one Perry Mason show without it locking up. Regular antenna TV works fine, when the weather cooperates. The Roku channels are nice, except that there is no way to find a channel without scrolling through literally hundreds of channels you don’t want. Once you find one and watch it regularly, it shows up on your Roku favorites list. But that can be a royal pain finding those channels. And, there is no way to switch back and forth between favorites and broadcast TV.Like I said, if I had it to do over again, I would definitely choose a non-Roku TV, even if I had to pay more.

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  11. Anthony King

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    TCL Roku 4K Value

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with my $250.00 purchase. How would it look? How would it sound? Should i have spent more money? Well honestly I needn’t have worried. The picture, sound, functionality of this TV is stunning for the cost. I was amazed actually. I bought this TV set for the bedroom and after I saw it in action I really wish I had bought a bigger size for the living room. I love this TV and you can’t beat it for value and what you get for the investment. The picture was better than I had thought it would be for the price. The built in speakers have a great sound. I have to admit I did add a sound bar, but that’s because i like a big sound. But the speakers that come in this set are ample for any medium sized room. There are plenty of connections for you cable box, blu ray player etc. The Roku features and apps are amazing and the remote is simple and easy to use. I wish it was a little more robust as it is a cheap plastic, but it does the job and you can always use a remote app on your devices if you prefer. I can’t get over how nice a TV it is for the money, buy with confidence.

    8 people found this helpful

  12. lmcrun19

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Happy with this Purchase

    Pros1. It does a good job at upconverting from a basic signal (e.g. Hulu Live) that’s in 1080p and not in 4K.2. Color reproduction is really good. Did not really need to adjust the picture settings from out of the box.3. We have a large great room, at 85 inches it truly does provide an immersive experience, even when viewing regular TV.4. At 85 inches, reading text from the TV (during a movie for example) does not require me to pause the TV, get up and walk over to the tv to see what has been written.5. We’re watching the Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, it looks amazing. From our personal experience, the processor keeps up with fast action scenes.6. Since the TV is so large, the black bars that you get on the top and bottom of movies and some TV shows does not bother me anymore.Cons1. It’s has the same issue that other TVs around this size have (at 85 inches) or even 8k TVs, where your cable provider does not provide a signal that compliments the television. So Hulu Live comes in at 1080p, so some shows are super crisp and others can be fuzzy. Really not the fault of the TV but it can be noticeable considering this TV is at 85 inches.

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  13. rob_seda

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Lasted a year and a half

    This TV was grear across the board but a year and a half later the back light shorted out.

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  14. Me Going FastMe Going Fast

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Give away all your personal info before use and don’t put in bedroom

    To use anything, you must have internet connection. Then, you must put in your email address. Then, you need to finish registration of account with your personal info on another device. Then you can select how your tv will be setup. After you finish, the apps will download to your TV.Note: any app saying “free” likely just means “free… TRIAL”. So keep that in mind.The Android phone app is clunky, pretty much worthless expect the remote control feature is nice if you lose your remote and pretty responsive. The rest of the app is trashy. Like someone trying too hard to both impress you with functionality, while trying to make it look cutting edge, while cramming all kinds of advertising down your throat and trying to get you to pay for things you don’t want.There is a 1″+ standby light on the bottom that is bright white that always stays on. Not bedroom friendly. I used electric tape to cover it up.There are no “buttonS” on the TV for manual control. There is “button”. It’s awful, and no volume control, bumps to the wrong control easily, and good luck when figuring out how to select and navigate with only one button for both. You can do it, but it’s cumbersome.Likely going to come smashed the first time, so be ready to receive when it gets there and it’s okay to tell the delivery company “I’d like to refuse delivery”. Then contact Amazon and have them resend a different one that isn’t damaged. That’s not on the TV, that happens a lot. No exception here, but it a few weeks in advance if it’s a gift and be ready for hoops to jump through.Picture clarity is okay. Navigation I like several other tvs I’ve used better. The remote must have been designed by panda bears or design school college grads trying to be whatever the new young people word for “hip” is.I got a 50″ tv for $240 on a flash deal and I complain like this. I’d be willing to spend money for a better one. Overall, for a first bedroom tv, I hope I don’t spend too much time telling people how to use it with all the roku junk built in and pay for videos under “free” menu like app options.Update: if you tape over the annoying light, the remote control that comes with the TV won’t work with it. So, not good for a guest bedroom. Might return.

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  15. Alex

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Edited 6 month review

    I incorrectly blamed the sound issues on the TV. It was way to low. However I discovered that it was not the TV at all but only certain channels. Prime and VUDU were especially horrible and the volume had to be set up near maximum. So .. it wasn’t the TV’s fault it was the software put out by those companies.Every other channel, live TV and my computer the sound is spot on and the volume is set about 1/4 on the volume settings.So .. the Color is amazing, I love that it has roku built in. Prime has been updated so while you still need to set the volume higher for that channel it is much approved!I have my computer attached through HDMI and playing games on the monitor is a blast. I also have all of my DVD’s backed up to my computer and the TV upsamples the video so long as its through HDMI. Now I can watch my movies full screen and they look AWESOME. When I played those same movies through a standard DVD player and coaxial cables it was awful.All in all after 6 months .. it is a wonderful monitor and an outstanding bargain!!!

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  16. T.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    TCL 43″ 4k UHD ROKU

    If you are looking for a Roku tv that also works pretty good with Xbox one this one does pretty good, nothing real exciting here to make you say wow but it does upscale 4k with streaming don’t think this will even work for Xbox series model consoles (i don’t own a series s or x so don’t know for sure). Picture adjustments can be picky but once you figure it out it’s ok, speakers are not that great so if you want loud get a soundbar, remote seems kind of cheaper made tham older models but my old roku tv remote for smaller screen roku also works with this one only difference is old remote has to be pointed directly to work new cheaper feel one can point anywhere and work. Just to let everyone know there is no Bluetooth. This review is a model made in 2021 new and not a repaired model, if you can get it under $300 it’s a decent buy.

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  17. Christina

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good/OK budget TV

    This is a good/ok budget TV if you’re looking for something that ‘works’ without too much hoops and issues.The processor isn’t as snappy as other expensive brands / models, but the smart TV works fine and the UI is simple and intuitive.My three issues, though not critical but annoying enough:1. If you don’t create a Roku account, you cannot use the TV. (Probably why it’s called a Roku TV). It doesn’t have aggressive upsell flow but you get more emails/junk than getting other smart TV that do not need any signup.2. It says the mount is VESA 300×300 (for model 55S435) but it is NOT! It’s a very random non-standard setting that you’ll need to do some Tetris with the VESA mount fixture.3. The ‘electronics odor’ — it’s subtle and hard to describe but the TV emits ‘toasty plastic’ smell. If you’re sensitive to the smell, it might be unpleasant.

  18. Brett Layton

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Still working

    I honestly don’t even recall buying this thing on Amazon. But apparently I did, it’s in the backyard in northern CA and has been for a few years. Works great hasn’t been directly exposed to any weather but it does sit out all year under the deck and hasn’t had a single issue.

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  19. Scott C.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just a little picture setting adjustment.

    Bought this TV with confidence, as Amazon has a liberal return policy, and there’s a Kohl’s near my house making it convenient. This tv arrived the very next day. Perfect working order. You cannot get a better picture for the money. I replaced a 4 year old 4k lcd panel with this, and boy oh boy is this led with hdr way better. This is my main living room tv, and I’m happy with it.**Edit: After a couple days with the TV, I can tell you that you can disable the standby light, and you can setup so that it turns on whenever you turn on any device you designate, and it will go to that input. I noticed in the reviews these were issues with some folks. One thing that IS kind of a bummer, is that the I.R. remote receiver is mounted in the middle, and so low that you cannot put a sound bar in front of it. I’ve had to elevate the whole TV to accommodate by sound bar. Not a deal breaker for me, but might be for some.

    5 people found this helpful

  20. Uncaged Book Reviews

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great TV for the Price

    This is a great TV for the price. The picture is sharp and clear. I got a independent stand to attach to it so it would fit on my existing TV stand and it works perfectly. It didn’t take me long to set the TV up and to update the apps and services I use to it. It gives you 4 HDMI plugs. The biggest downer for me, is that it doesn’t work with just any sound bar, and does not work with blue tooth. You have to actually get a sound bar that specifically works with the Roku TV. Also, everytime you turn the TV on, you are brought to the home screen, instead of the last thing you were watching. These two things are so minor and with the price of this TV, I can’t find it to be a reason to mark it down. So if you are looking for a TV on a budget, this is a great choice. This was delivered perfectly within 2 days of ordering it and with care.

    270 people found this helpful

  21. Patricia C. Muller

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I was hesitant to order a TV in this manner, but was pleased with the outcome! Installer came after it was delivered and allis great! Good value for the cost!,

  22. Sara

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a 5-Star, But Not a 4 Either — More Like 4-1/2 Stars

    First let me address some of the other reviews. It’s really not fair to penalize the TV itself for using a Roku system. You either like Roku or you don’t — it’s a personal preference. Personally, I like Roku and have used it for years on all my TVs. If you haven’t used Roku before, you need to understand that yes, you have to give them some personal information when you set the system up; the same way you have to do when you use cable or premium channels. If that bothers you, then don’t buy the TV. Otherwise, deal with it. Same thing with the remote control. Roku’s is simple, yet very functional. I prefer it that way. If you’d rather have a massive remote with a zillion buttons you’ll rarely use, then don’t buy this TV or use a Roku system. My only complaint with the Roku system is that the audio/visual synchronization is messed up A LOT. This has only happened on the last 2 Roku series and seems to be a very common complaint among other users. I fix it every time by simply switching channels and then going back and it fixes the problem, but, yes, it is a royal pain. I have 2 Roku sticks and 1 built-in Roku system on 3 different brands of TVs and have used these TVs in 3 different cities with 3 different internet companies and they ALL have that same problem. So by process of elimination, it is definitely a Roku issue. It doesn’t really bother me that much because it’s so easy to fix. The simplicity and full-function Roku system, the features, and lack of any other problems makes up for it. That said, however, fair or not, I did deduct 1/2 a star because of the sync problem.As for the TCL TV itself, I am very, very pleased with the product. The TV arrived quickly, well-packaged, and completely undamaged, and was easy to set up since I already had a Roku account. I did have to contact Amazon when the Series 5 I ordered never arrived (turned out it was out of stock), but customer service was extremely helpful and pointed me in the direction of the Series 4. The picture and sound are great and there are many, many settings for those who like specific adjustments. The blacks are very black and I haven’t experienced any of the picture loss at the corners or in the middle as some reviewers did, although I’ve only had the TV for less than 2 months. The TV is very heavy and solid, but will still mount safely on a wall. I bought the 75 inch, Series 4 only because, as I mentioned, the Series 5 was out of stock, but there really is very little difference between the two except they used different transistors (due to the shortage) and the Series 4 was $100 less. Both were 2021 models. I don’t do any gaming so I really can’t address those issues, but everything else seems to work perfectly.So, yes, I recommend this TV.

    93 people found this helpful

  23. Debra Shirley

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Can’t use wireless headphones with sound on TV

    The media could not be loaded.

     I like the TV but should have read reviews outside of Amazon when getting info. My 93-year-old Mother lives with us. We use wireless headphones so she can hear the TV. The HUGE problem is if you plug into the Headphones plug you loose sound on the TV. So me and my husband can watch TV with NO SOUND or my Mom can watch with sound and not hear the TV. That and not having Bluetooth is unreal for a new TV.We finally worked around it by plugging the soundbar into our Xfinity box, but if I want to watch ROKU I have to unplug her headphones from the back of the TV. Right now she is watching and hearing Heartland while my husband and I are listening to NASCAR.TCL really needs a software update to fix this. We’ve only had TV for a few days. May look at returning TV and buying one that actually works.

  24. J. Faxon

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best TV on the Market for the Price

    I was looking to buy an affordable ~50″ 4K TV for my new home, and I bought this one for my living room and a Vizio V series for my office/man cave. Well, the TCL was the clear winner of the two to the extend that I actually returned the Vizio (lots of issues with software and speakers) and bought another TCL to replace it (so I have a 50″ and 43″ of this model now).Biggest pluses:- Roku software is top-notch, reliable, and intuitive/good UI. Yes, you need to sign-up for a (free) account if you don’t already have one, but the plus there is when you buy another one, it’ll auto-install the apps you already use- Every video app you can imagine is supported (MLB.TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu are my most used)- Sound is pretty good, although I did buy a sound bar to take advantage of eARC port, which was also super-easy to setup once and forget about (soundbar used automatically — volume controlled from TV remote)- I know some people have complained about the remote, but I actually quite like it once you get used to it, outside of two caveats listed below — the sound controls on the side of the remote is very intuitive and I way prefer it to the way most remotes do it- EASY to connect to AirPlay or Windows Wireless Remote Display, which is key for me- I like customization of the input names (and icons) so you don’t need to remember that Input 2 is Cable Box while Input 3 is Playstation etc- Good HRD for gaming from what I could tell, but I’ll admit I’m not a big expertThe only downsides I have, which I think are FINE considering the low price of these models:- The remote doesn’t light-up ever, and since I like to watch movies with the light down it can make me fumble to find the pause button when needed- No way to change from one input to another without going to the homescreen (that I can tell), which makes flipping between a game on Live TV (via Cable Box input) to my game on pause (on PS4 Pro input) take a bit longer — those couple of seconds make a difference when you’re watching March Madness and the commercial breaks are shortOverall, I can’t imagine you’ll find a better TV without going up an order-of-magnitude on price. TCL is my new go-to brand for screens.

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  25. Casey M.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Decent Entry Into 4K – Nothing More Or Less

    Don’t feel intimidated about getting this particular television, especially if you’re on a budget, and if you haven’t upgraded your television in several years. You get what you paid for obviously, but not everyone can afford those UHD 4K OLED offerings – which can cost you thousands depending on the brand.With the TCL 4 Series it’s more of an introduction than a straightforward future proof alternative to what’s available currently on the market, there’s still some caveats to consider if you do end up getting this television, the biggest example being the lack of a HDMI 2.1 port, the viewing angle causing saturation depending on where you’re looking, or the fact you have to create a Roku account in order to actually use your television to name just a few.So far though everything has been working as intended despite those few gripes, it arrived in perfect condition without any scratches or noticeable defects thankfully. Now granted if you can afford a slightly better TV, you should obviously go that route more than anything. Just keep an open mind about what you’re getting into for the price. You won’t get the best experience possible out of 4K at this price evidently – but the whole point is to be an affordable entry. And for what it is, it’s the best place to start.

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  26. Cara Parker

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Only lasted 2 years

    I liked how this TV worked but it just stopped working one day for no reason. I would expect a TV to last longer than 2 years. Pretty disappointing. Nothing we could do to get it functioning again and our friends had the same problem and were told it was more expensive to repair than buy a new TV.

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  27. Chris

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    As a TV it has everything you need but a cheap price means a cheap product.

    As a TV its great, picture is just fine for the price and the Roku interface is the most user friendly around. However the price tag should be a good indicator that this item wont last awhile. As a matter of fact you probably wont get 2 years out of it. Mine died this week just shy of a two years since I bought it here. This wasnt a TV with heavy usage either, just a bedroom TV that maybe got 1-2 hours of usage a few nights a week. The screen went black and never came back on even after powercycling it and following their troubleshooting. You can here the sounds from the menus but no picture. The TCL/Roku logo flashes for a second and then all black again. I guess its in line with the disposability of modern electronics. Especially at that price point. Enjoy it while you can but buyer beware.

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  28. John G. Thomas

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Short review and 2 tips

    Regarding the TCL Series 4 Roku 4K TV and especially as compared to my older Sony Bravias, one of which this TV replaces: Con – picture is not as good as the Bravias (not as sharp and a bit washed out especially when inputting from the cable box). Pro – I really like the Roku features, like the fact that I can choose an Input from the Roku Home Screen. That said, the TCL costs a fraction, like less than half what the Sonys cost, so I guess I got what I paid for.Tips: 1) The Status Light glows way too brightly when the TV is in standby mode, like when I’m trying to sleep. I used a single layer of Light Dims just around the front and sides of this light, which reduced the glow perfectly for me. But it seems the sensor that receives infrared signals from the remotes I use is integral with this light and has also thereby been dimmed over. I had to replace the batteries in the cable remote to increase its strength enough to get through the Light Dims. Remember to check this as you add layers of dimming.2) I like to use my wireless headphones when I watch TV so as not to awaken sleepers though sometimes wifey and I watch together, me with my headphones and she listening to the speakers. At first I tried plugging and unplugging from the TV’s earphone jack, which is unsuitable because this jack cuts the speakers off when you plug in. The solution is to use a digital optical audio cable to connect the TCL to the transmitter of the headphones. This outputs an audio signal of a fixed volume and does not affect the speakers. Neither the Let’s-Get-Started booklet nor the onscreen guide to audio features mention this.

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  29. S.D.Wms

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    Love’em, I have and am enjoying everyone of mine. Good value for the price! Just don’t buy one from Walmart. They seem to have more problems.

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  30. David

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A very good TV, but still could use improvements.

    Okay so first off, the picture on this TV is really good. There’s true distinction between the presets and you do not need to tinker with individual picture settings manually. Each input can have it’s own preset that sticks, such as broadcast TV, Roku streaming, and console gaming. The * button on the remote is a great shortcut for changing presets on the fly based on different sources of the same input, such as whether you’re streaming sports channel or a movie channel. The only awkwardness with the rather small remote, is when it comes to streaming channels you’re relegated to up and down arrow buttons, as it doesn’t have a numpad. You’d have to set your favorites first, then keep the channel filter set to them. Not too big a deal.Networking strikes a Star from the review overall. [Geek Alert] – The networking hardware for wired and WiFi is truly economy level – not even midrange for a TV of this price point. Wired connections are sub-100 Mbps (averages 86 Mbps), and Wi-Fi is barely a notch over 200 Mbps on average for connection speed tests (via TV network check). Rather sub-par for a TV with 4K picture abilities, so do not set your router for a 1 Gbps or even 100 Mbps Link speed for a router wired port, or it won’t connect. It has to be set to Auto if you’re going with Wired connection. This is even with nothing else actively using your internet connection, such as phone or game console. [/G]Overall still a very good TV.

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  31. SDWood

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty great for the price (updated)

    We replaced out 32″ unsmart tv that had an external Roku with this one and so far very pleased! It’s super simple to set up and allows you to connect to cable/external antenna. Picture quality is great with very good contrast and saturation. 4k images are crisp. There are 2 things that are not as good as what i had been using: 1) watching YouTube videos, if you rewind the video a bit, it’ll show you the spinning buffering wheel and then jumps back to where you had left off. So i’m watching a 13 minute video and am 2 minutes in, if i try to rewind to 1 minute, it’ll go to that point but will keep the spinning wheel so you can’t pause, then it’ll jump back to where you left off. Not sure if this is because of the YouTube app (though it isn’t happening on the other tv and the app is up-to-date), but it’s a little annoying. 2) the remote feels cheap. The button clicks are very cheap-feeling and doesn’t have as many features as my other Roku remote (voice command and headphone jack in the remote). Overall I’m really pleased with performance, quality, and price.May 31,2022 – this youtube app situation is really annoying. reinstalled app multiple times & when you rewind a bit, it refuses to buffer & locks you out of pausing. then it’ll play from where to rewound to and then jumps to where you rewound FROM. can never rewatch a clip

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  32. Janey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Smart TV!

    Great quality visuals and color contrasts in both light and dark environments at a good price!

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  33. Feral Cat Sanctuary

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Highly recommend buying this TV!

    Update: The start screen display has started include black rectangles all over then they disappear when you select a channel.Update: The sound volume is too low during movies and too high during commercials…this is not good!!Thus far this TV is great! At first I was worried we’d possibly have problems making it work with our Roku3 and Xfinity streaming box, but it was easy! Coming from the typewriter generation I often feel like keeping a rubber hammer near technology, but this TV calms that emotion.Compared to our older style flat screen TV, this new TV could be moved in the box and out of the box by myself alone. The new TV was easily removed from the box without a second person. Our old TV required my paying two young guys to carry it down from the second floor and donate it to the Goodwill.The other positive attributes about this new TV are the picture quality is high definition, it does not produce any heat like the old style flat-screen TV and our Siamese and other cats also love watching YouTube cat videos with us.A foot note…don’t panic if the screen layout is a tiny bit different. Looking at the controller I was worried how to select, which HDMI connection to select the Roku3 or streaming box, but the new TV sets up everything and icons for each are shown at the top of the screen.We might buy another one of these TVs for the living room and highly recommend that you consider buying this model for its great qualities and low price. Why spend a mortgage payment for a TV when this model has everything you are most likely looking for!

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  34. Martha

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good

    This tv is huge, i ordered a 55”. Its like having a theater in my apartment. The picture quality is lovely and it does colors very nicely. I do wanna get out of the way that there’s a reason amazon recommends a sound bar, and its because the sound on this tv is pretty mediocre. Its not horrible, but my $35 blutooth speaker does a better job. My 43” fire tv sounds better. Maybe that’s difference in brands maybe its different in size idk. I also have never appreciated the rokus limited abilities and customization vs the fire tv. My fire tv can scroll the internet, download any entertainment app, and can be jailbroke (i have not done that though) Rokus have very limited options. However i got this tv because the quality of this tv in picture quality surpasses the fire tv and i wanted something for me and my boyfriend to watch netflix and play video games on- and it certainly does what i bought it for. Also, the remote won’t respond unless its pointing directly at the tv. Which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. If i had several roku tvs and one remote itd be helpful, sometimes its just annoying cause if im changing the channel from far away i have to make sure its pointed in the right direction or it wont work.Pros: great picture quality, great for gaming, great for a theaterCons: limited features, terrible audio, remote is funky

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  35. berlee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Roku for life…

    This is my 4th TCL Roku tv and probably not my last! None have broken, just gotten old or needed/wanted a different size. The simplicity of these tvs and the roku platform is incredible. Very few buttons on the remote, and everything is laid out so simply on the home screen. I’m in my late thirties, so I know I’m supposed to be “techy” but I hate when I turn a tv on and need to spend 20 min just figuring out how to put on what I want to watch. Not these TVs! Turn on, select the platform you want, go to the show. That’s it.I actually work in senior living and recommend these TVs to our residents when they move in and need to get a new tv. Many have bought one and have told me they love not having remotes for the tv, vcr, dvd player, and “whatever that stick thing is” that their kids plugged into the tv lolPicture quality may not be on par with some of the top-end TVs whose goal is creating the best picture on the planet, but it is perfectly good for regular ole tv watching! As someone who wastes her tv-time on things like Love Island and 90 Day Fiancé, I don’t really require the picture to be so good that I feel like I’m there lol

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  36. William

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Value

    The TCL 50″ 4K Roku TV is a good value for the money.Picture quality is decent with good source programming, but at this price point you shouldn’t expect superior imaging. 4K programming looks terrific. Colors are well balanced, crisp and bright.The Roku interface is straight-forward and is easy to set up. Total time between unboxing and actually watching was about 15 minutes. The remote is spartan, but does everything you want to control the TV. Current Roku users will find it a simple transition to this TV. It’s easy to switch between streaming services and OTA signals from the main menu. You can also easily edit and configure the main menu to suit your needs. The TV channel guide is well laid out and easy to read. Sound from the built-in speakers is decent but most users would likely want to use a soundbar.If you plan on using bias lighting for this TV powered by the USB port, be aware that the power to the port does not turn off immediately with the power button. After about 15 minutes it will eventually switch off. It would be nice if manufacturers would provide a dedicated USB port that powers off with the power switch for this popular add-on.The package shipped from Amazon via UPS and was delivered to my door in good shape and on time. In summary it’s a good basic TV that’s simple to set up and use. If you’re looking for a gaming or home theater screen, you might want to explore other options.

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  37. sarah collins

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    The unfortunate warranty!

    I would say that I was happy with the TV up until I began having numerous issues. As I believed it was the roku part that was having the issues, just barely over a year the TV took a complete crap. Now, because of the warranty only being after 30 days of purchase, not even a recommendation was provided. The TV was not super expensive, but, definitely not worth the amount of continuous issues that I have had with it. After about 3 months of having the TV, and it’s issues, I believed (again) it was the roku, not the TV. So I purchased a router device to hook to the TV. I did not have issues until about 4 months ago. Again, believed it to be the roku. Come to find out it was never the roku (as we have it throughout our home in various rooms with various TV ‘s) it was this specific TV. I reached out to inform them in hopes of a fix to their product. I will not be buying this particular brand, nor from the seller, as not even an offer of a slight discount or recognition of their failed products was resolved.

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  38. Scott Sprague

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Let the buyer beware. This TV is extra fragile.

    I purchased this item in amazon during a fire sale and I poked around and found this item to be sufficiently affordable and it being my first large size TV for my bedroom.For the first 6 months it performed rather admirably. However, a leak had developed under the screen panel which bled the liquid within from the top of the screen under the black plastic. Over the course of a week this leak became larger and larger until it covered the majority of the screen. I had checked my emails after some confusion to make sure I had all the purchase information for a refund, and it took some serious digging with not only amazon reps, but with the issuer of my warranty, and then finally with the TCL reps themselves and I showed the damage and all the material I had collected since.Right away, I felt the TCL rep was being evasive by asking questions regarding its power operation. Which was operating just fine. It cycled on and off with very little issue. I kept having to repeat myself in the emails that were sent back and forth. They asked for further photos to determine what was wrong with the TV, even AFTER I showed them what the problem actually was and explained how it all started. The last picture I took I was shocked to learn that while I had stored the TV in a blanket and had only moved the item once since I bought it, more and more very fine cracks and other issues started to form which only made me more skeptical about the fragility of the device to begin with.When I sent them in, they immediately declined to replace this television, which quite frankly I feel absolutely robbed. They simply said ‘there’s a crack in, so no.’ And I explained to the rep that the cracks were only a recent development and likely happened when I was re-setting it back up, but that in no way am I liable because the damage had already started. I’m not the one that made a shoddy super fragile TV that breaks with so very little handling. The Rep was evasive from start to finish. In the end I was just fearful they were gunna talk me in circles until the manufacturers warranty was gunna end (Literally in 3 weeks) or just find a reason to not do it without any real in person investigation.I was so angry by this action, that I looked up the company information on the internet and then I learned something that absolutely set me back. TCL is a company that is based in mainland china. Now, before we get too deep into this and elements of racism come up, this is NOT the first time I bought something that was advertised as an american company and their own website doesn’t go into any detail but talks heavily about ‘standards’ and ‘quality’ and having a mission statement regarding customer focus, and then I come back to myself knowing they failed this entirely in regards to me. It’s a bait and switch. They choose not to own up to the fact they made such a weak product, dressed up the response to imply that I smashed the TV while I knew I had witness to the contrary. In the end, I’m left with having no further recourse but to tell the truth about the company that they wont admit on their own website.So, let the buyer beware. I imagine bad reviews don’t always stop people from buying products, but you should be aware of what you’re getting into, how long the product may function, and what to expect when you go their their customer service system. You’re better off buying from local electronics depots and storefronts where you will actually be able to talk to a person who’s actually willing to back their company line.

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  39. Paulo SerodioPaulo Serodio

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Using it as a monitor, crisp even at 2 ft viewing distance

    After becoming frustrated that the cheap monitor market couldn’t seem to provide a low-cost, large, 4K, 60Hz monitor (yeah I know that’s a lot, but it’s 2020, sue me) I started to open up my options to include the 4K TV market. Out of concerns for resolution and viewing distance, I actually intended to buy a 32″ TCL screen, and got the 43″ version by accident as a misclick. It turned out to be quite the happy accident, as the extra size and short viewing distance wasn’t a problem for me at all when you have true 4K crispness to behold (this is my first true 4K screen, I may be a little biased). It changed the way I use applications too – where before I used to run browsers and programs in fullscreen, now I usually have two things open in vertical panels side-by-side, or even four things open in each corner if I’m really multitasking.As for setup and input selection, like others have said you’ll need a Roku account to use it as an actual TV, but you don’t to use it as a monitor, and I haven’t made one myself. Setup was straightforward, although there was a little bit of complication with display drivers on my Windows computer since it recognizes it as a Generic PnP Monitor and can’t quite do the usual crosstalk, but some manual settings resolved those issues. There are a number of display adjustments available, including a “game mode” with lower latency (although I’m not entirely sure what that means, since I hardset refresh rate already…) , but more often than not I just adjust the brightness with the remote. The one downside is the lack of physical power or menu buttons on the TV, relying entirely on the remote for control, but it’s been reliable for me so far, so as long as that continues to be that case I have no complaints.

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  40. Michelle G.

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    We hung ours in the wall and was easy to do. Set up easily and we easily attached blue Ray player. Picture was clear and sharp. Easily added our streaming apps.

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  41. Phil

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent entry-level 4K TV at a good price with a 1 year warranty!

    Hi Everyone,This is an excellent entry-level 4K TV at a good price with a 1-year warranty! I have been using this TV for over 3 months before writing any reviews or comments. I did a lot of research before buying a new TV and this was considered the best lower-cost 4K TV with Roku that was available. I Highly recommend this TV.You do need to have an Internet connection and email address to register with Roku to use all the superb streaming options. You can always create a free email account just for TV stuff if you don’t want to use your main email. You do not need to add a payment method (credit card or debit card, etc…) unless you want to, otherwise, just select to skip that. You can always sign up for additional streaming services, called channels, on the internet using your computer or smartphone and they will work when added to your Roku channels.So far, I am very impressed with the picture quality, especially when streaming any of the Roku channels (streaming services), or viewing video files, or DVD + Blu-Ray discs, or through the Live TV over the air (OTA) antenna. Anything with 720p resolution or higher looks great, very nice upscaling, and anything with HDR is awesome. Even on my low speed 5 Mbps internet connection, the streaming looks really good, yet for 4K video streaming it is recommended to have a min. 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps+ internet connection.Totally recommend using a quality surge protector or UPS (battery backup) with any electronics you care about.I suggest running a software update in the system settings after setting up the TV for the first time, it is automatic after that. Also, this TV has a large bright LED activity light that stays on disturbing my sleep which you can disable in the settings. You can also select a default startup option like the HDMI input 1 (HDMI cable box on mine), Live TV (coax cable or antenna), or the main Roku menu (the default setting), etc…Initially, I was disappointed with the HOA-required Comcast Xfinity cable service because the picture quality was not nearly as good as the streaming options, or when viewing video files from my media server or USB or DVD Blu-Ray discs or Live TV antenna. But, that is because the Xfinity Comcast cable DTA box is only at 480i and even the free upgraded HDMI DTA cable box is only at 720p or 1080i and the picture quality is just okay. FYI: Progressive (p) video format is better than Interlaced (i). I find that the cable box picture looks better at 720p or 1080i with the TV picture gaming setting enabled and it is still not nearly as good as 720p or 1080p from streaming channels or antenna or video files or discs. Any dark scenes using cable box HDMI are almost too dark to distinguish details, very annoying. I tried 3 HDMI cables, HDMI 2, high speed HDMI 2, and 4K HDMI 2.1 which didn’t help. The coaxial connection has lower resolution, but the dark scenes look better and whatever your watching will stabilize and look better overall. The only way to get higher quality video from Xfinity Comcast cable is through their free Streaming app and your Internet service provider (ISP) or by using their free TV WiFi box which I think requires using their Xfinity Internet Service (X1 Wireless TV Box (Xi5 or Xi6) or Flex streaming TV Box (Xi5, Xi6 or XiOne).Additional comments: I was surprised that a TV purchased in April 2022 and manufactured in January of 2022 did not have USB v3.x port(s) and HDMI v2.1 or newer ports although it does have an HDMI v2.1 audio Arc port, but not the enhanced eArc port. The HDMI Arc port can be used as a 3rd regular HDMI port if not used for audio. More ports would be really nice. This model has a 60 Hz display refresh rate with a 120 Hz CMI (Clear Motion Index); This is not a true 120 Hz display refresh rate, but I have not noticed any negative video refresh related issues except on low-quality videos or slower Internet. Note: Some new gaming systems may require an HDMI 2.1 port and an actual 120 Hz refresh rate. There is no Bluetooth either. Also, the included TCL Roku remote does not have the voice button, yet my $40 Roku Streaming Stick + remote has the voice button??? The Roku app on my Android phone does have the voice option though when connected to the TCL TV.And, the Roku Media Player could use some major updates and or perhaps porting VLC into Roku because I noticed that some videos either through my media server or video files on USB drive would not play audio correctly because this TV cannot handle all the various video and audio formats like 7 or 8 channel audio, yet they all play well on my computers, and the video playback navigation controls may or may not work with various media servers? The Plex media server app works well. The Roku Media Player with USB drives does not seem to recognize the exFat file system either which is a common format.Finally, I would also recommend getting an extended warranty through Amazon or through TCL.

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  42. K. K.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve bought two, one for mom and one for me.

    My brother and I searched for a decent TV at an affordable price for my mother after she moved into a new apartment. We did a lot of research, read a lot of reviews, and decided to try this one out.It’s really good! Even after a couple of years of consistent, everyday, use. The set up is easy, even for people who don’t do things like this often. The remote is pre-paired ahead of time, and while you are required to put in information into the ROKU system, you won’t be charged suddenly because it’s just for if you have a subscription or rent something.The picture is clean, and the audio is crisp. Especially for a TV in this price zone. The subtitles are also really easy to read on the screen, and there isn’t much (if any) delay. So I do recommend this for someone searching for a TV.Now, the only issue I personally have is with the remote. The design is minimal. So on the right side of the remote is the volume and mute buttons, which is frustratingly easy to press when you’re in the middle of a show and forgot to put down the remote. That is the only issue with the remote I have. For those curious the rest of the remote (on the front) has a power, back and then a home button. Followed by on screen navigation, and the video controls. There are also shortcuts to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Sling.Now, after a couple of years, I myself am moving into a new apartment and was looking for a TV. After seeing this in person, and how well it has held up I decided to purchase a second one for myself.

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  43. Daddy Devil Dog Sauces

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice 4k ROKU TV for starters in 4K

    OK, first off, please read this:This is a ROKU TV system. Yes you can use it with cable TV or with an Over The Air antenna, but it is still a Roku. And let me explain one part about Roku.In order to use Roku, you MUST set up an account, and the reason for a payment method on file is so that if you wish to enable a Netflix or Hulu subscription (for example), the payment is automatic.The only time you pay ANYTHING is when you either take a subscription or buy a rental. But at no time are you charged any fees.We cut the cable cord two years ago with Roku Express+ 4K on our HD TV sets, and at that time, when I created the account, I did put my card on file, and have NEVER once been charged without my knowledge, since I DID set the account up to require a PIN. And we only rented one movie in all that time. No extra fees whatsoever.Now, let’s move on to the TV itself.Country of Manufacture is China.In the box you get:TVTwo TV Stand legs with screws6 foot Power CordRemote Control with two batteries. Remote is a Roku remote that is pre-paired to the TV. Even easier than the Roku 4K Express+Quick Start guide with warranty photo registration codeSetup was quick and easy. I attached the legs, put batteries into the remote, plugged the TV in and went through the setup process. In about 15 minutes, I was watching OUR channels that we had selected, and seeing things from a whole new perspective4K is an awesome way to start and yes, this is a starter system. Colors will brilliant and vibrant and life-like, and the set will automatically adjust to your source resolution. Some of the things I like, is that I can attach an Ethernet cord instead of using wireless and ensure a constant streaming experience, although I have tweaked our wi-fi network enough that there is no buffering.There are THREE HDMI input ports for whatever you wish to connect to the TV as well as an HDMI ARC port if you have a sound bar setup. You also have a USB port for movies. songs and photos, an Ethernet port, a coaxial cable port for either an External Antenna or Cable TV Feed, an AV In adapter port (adapter NOT included) for older video equipment and headphone out for either Headphones or external audio equipment.Unit comes with a 1 year warranty and you can opt to buy additional protection if you so choose. The set will upscale 1080P sources to near 4K UHD and there is also a special Roku Channel for 4K to get you started.The set weighs 26 pounds, so if you wish to mount it to a wall mount you will want a VESA 200×300 capable mount. Those are easy enough to find here on Amazon. VESA 200×300 mount will use (4) M6x12mm screws if you already have a wall mount.Is this a Super high end 8K or QLED or OLED TV? NO. But if you are looking to start out into 4K with something that is affordable and easy to set up, then the Class-4 series will be a good choice for you.5 stars and two thumbs up, as well as a recommended buy from us.JPL

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  44. BelkinvarBelkinvar

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Already bought 2 of these things

    So, my friend needed a TV a few months ago. She’s very pretty and well…that’s all I need to say. Decided I’d surprise her one day. Check photos for her reaction, although her roommate ruined the surprise, the butt head. No seriously, if a package comes for your roommate and has their FULL government name, and not the name they use on the internet…it’s definitely for them, bro. Especially a freaking 50 inch TV.Anyway…I decided to finally upgrade myself as well. Ditched the 32 inch I bought in 2013 when I moved out of my moms place. This TV seems to be on a bit of a yo-yo, price wise, so watch it. I picked it up for under $400 both times.Picture is AMAZING, and this baby gets LOUD. I rarely have to turn it up above 22 and it goes all the way to 100!I don’t have cable, haven’t in years, probably never will again. I stream EVERYTHING, and this roku tv is PERFECT for that. I’m currently swimming through Law and Order SVU, and being able to see Benson on the big ole screen is nice, even more so because I don’t have to run my PS4 all night while watching.Oh, you can apparently add games to the TV. I’ve 2048 on it and just beat my high score.3 hdmi ports, clutch!!! And I can rename them and change the pictures??? Also, being able to use the app when streaming and wear headphones is nice. Very slight delay, but not huge.My only complaint is one I wouldn’t have noticed for ages. The remote will control other roku tvs, even from different brands. I’ve got this tcl, and my brother has REDACTED, and literally all the functions on my remote work.Overall, great TV. Can you buy a better TV? Absolutely. I don’t think you’ll find a better deal, however, than a 50 inch smart TV for under $500.Just think…you’re reading this because my friend is pretty, lol. Buy the TV.

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  45. Brett T

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Like it a lot!

    I’ve had this TV for a few weeks now and I only have a lot of positive things to report! I haven’t experienced any major issues minus the delivery person who actually left it at the wrong address but thankfully my neighbor told him that he was at the wrong address and it was delivered to me shortly after.There are many great aspects of this TV but the best part about it to me is the ease of setup and use. I took it out of the box carefully. It was very well packaged. Once the plastic straps are cut the bottom of the box separates from the sides to reveal your new TV. Then I installed the legs with the included hardware once I found a screwdriver. Ended up somehow putting one of the legs the wrong way but that was an awkward but fairly simple fix. Setting up each streaming platform/account wasn’t difficult and everything was was easy to download. The remote is super handy and user friendly. It already has buttons to pull up Disney +, Netflix and hulu plus sling Tv for those that use it. The volume and mute are on the sides which is different than other remotes but it isn’t a bad thing.The picture quality is excellent! I love having the built in Roku as my other TV has a fireTV stick which is also nice. I’ve easily learned and adjusted to both. Overall I really really enjoy everything about it.If an app says it struggles to connect for example I just turn the TV off wait a second and turn it back on and everything works normally/perfectly again. I’ve had to do this several times so I’m hoping that it won’t become a bigger issue especially in the future. I can handle turning it off once in awhile and turning it back on fully functioning again.I definitely would recommend this TV at this point! I love the affordable price and great quality. If for some reason that changes and I jinxed myself (hopefully I didn’t) then I will be sure to update my review pronto!

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  46. Ni

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful picture

    This was a house warming gift to a friend. It work well after we set it up. Smart features easy to utilize. Picture was clear.

  47. Eric R. Roberts

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great TV for the price

    This is the second TCL Roku TV i have owned. The previous one lasted for about 12 years, so I definitely got my money’s worth. The licture is great. Setup is easy. Attaching accessories, like the Roku soundbar were simple and painless. This may be a “cheap” TV, but I think it stands up to some of the pricier competition. My only complaint is the remote. On the bottom half of the remote…and this applies to all Roku remotes and isn’t a TCL issue…has 4 pre-programmed buttons that are programmed to specific channels and they cant be disabled or reprogrammed. The problem is, for instance, one of the button on my remote is for Apple TV. I dont subscribe to AppleTV. I would much rather have those buttons be for channels I subscribe to. I get that these are paid for selections by the channels, but its pretty useless if I don’t have that channel. The other problem is that they are too easy to press. I have picked up my remote, on several occasions, and accidently hit one of the buttons. This then launches the selected app, whether you want it or not. They need to sink these in so that you have ro actively press them. I haven’t had the same issue with other buttons on the remote. As far as what these buttons are linked to, we should at least be given some options for the buttons. I have seen different roku remotes that have different channels on these buttons, so give us the option to switch between different channels that have paid for this privledge(as well as have physically switchable buttons or remove able labels for the buttons). The channels get thier advertising, Roku gets the additional revenue, and your customers get a user friendly remote.

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  48. Scott PetersonScott Peterson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful picture. Good value.

    We bought this to use with an Apple TV 4K in our dining/gaming room. There were a couple surprises, but no actual problems. We’re very happy with this, especially at this price.The TV has only one button. You push it multiple times to pick an input (or power it off) as indicated on the screen. I don’t see a way to control the volume that way, but admit I didn’t look long.I kind of hate the remote, but never intended to use it, so that makes no difference to me. If you intend to use the Roku features, it might be fine. I really don’t want my TV to be smart, just a monitor for my Apple TV, so the buttons on the remote for specific streaming services are an annoying waste of space, and some day will refer to service that don’t exist or are called something else now.I used my Roku account to set the TV up. I’m not sure you can avoid that.I was able to get the TV to power on with a specific HDMI input selected, and let the Apple TV control the TCL TVs power and volume. Now we don’t need the Roku remote at all.The TV has AirPlay support built in. None of my other (older) TVs have that. That would be very useful if I wasn’t already using this as a monitor for an Apple TV. It also seems to have HomeKit integration. I can turn it on and off via HomeKit (separately from the Apple TV). I haven’t looked to see if it supports any other actions.The sound is OK. I didn’t expect much. We don’t really want booming theater sound in this room anyway. I haven’t connected any external speakers to this (probably never will), so can’t comment on how the ARC function works, and if all the volume and power control signals get passed to the external audio device or not (our other TV didn’t reliably turn off its sound bar via HDMI). I expect it will work. The software in this seems to be pretty good. IDK if that’s due to TCL or Roku. Someone seems to know what they’re doing.The only problem is that now that I’ve seen 4K HDR my “good” TV doesn’t look so good to me anymore.

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  49. Jonny Blaze

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Still Working After 16 months!

    Would like better manual controls plus a decent headphone jack for audio output to old stereo receiver. The audio gliches a bit from time to time. A cold reboot of plugging tv back in. Great value!

  50. Soaring Eagle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is a simple TV to use and is reliable.

    This TV was easy to set up and navigate. It has been reliable for over one year. I would recommend it.

  51. Chris & Gina

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    This new model has low profile legs that don’t accommodate a soundbar!!! Otherwise a great TV

    I had a previous model of this TV and soundbar. We had a water pipe in the attic freeze and they were both destroyed by water damage. I ordered the latest matching replacement – this TV and the TCL Alto 8i soundbar. Well, THIS TV COMES WITH MUCH SHORTER LEGS THAT DON’T ALLOW ENOUGH SPACE FOR A SOUNDBAR. If you set the soundbar in front of the TV then you block the infrared sensor on the TV and the remote won’t work (unless you get the WiFi remote). Fortunately I still had the taller legs from the older model and they keyed in properly with the newer model (screw hoses are the same, and there’s a guiding pin on the leg and socket on TV so you install them in the correct direction).Improvements: The cable connectors are more centered behind the TV. The old model, I struggled with the connectors so close to the edge that it was hard to hide the cable mess. I think there’s also 1 more HDMI input.

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  52. Barkyhill

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, basic Roku TV

    Bought this for use in the bedroom to replace an Olivia flat panel. Roku functions are great. Picture is great straight-on. Tends to fade a bit from the sides. Not a problem for most viewing as we see it from the bed for the AM news shows and Late night programs. I like it well enough to recommend it and would purchase again.First one was delivered damaged. Amazon replaced it quickly. THANKS!

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  53. Anna Simulis

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My first 4K television: a 55″ TLC with mediocre internal speakers

    I have never heard of TCL televisions before finding this one on Amazon at 50% off. I just wanted a 4K television that was without headaches. This one is so nice. ROKU is built into it as the default, which I love. I just want to watch my streaming movies on VUDU, Netflix and whatever. Honestly, the only complaint (which may be old news) is that the internal speakers are meh. I had the option of buying the television with a sound bar, and obviously surround sound systems make the TV speakers unnecessary. I did not need any of that…I am going to watch this TV in bed with headphones. (Fun fact: listening to the TV with headphones can only be done through the ROKU mobile app…connect the app on your phone to the TV, use the “remote control” function, and there’s a headphone button on the screen. Connect headphones to your cellphone and you can watch TV while your wife sleeps (wearing an eye mask…it’s a bright TV after all)

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  54. Rob Isley

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great TV for the price.

    Bought this larger Tv for the bedroom. Great pic and great features. One feature I discovered is you can turn off the picture and just listen to the sound which is great when you’re nodding off to sleep with the sleep timer. Perfect for me. !!! I’ve had it for 2 years and no issues. Highly recommend.

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  55. JD

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Just Okay

    I will start of with the disclaimer that I had a pretty bad experience with this tv and TCL customer service.There was an issue with one of the HDMI ARC ports, where the soundbar that was plugged into it became consistently unresponsive. I confirmed that it was in fact not the soundbar itself, nor was it the HDMI cord being used. Upon contacting TCL I was met with a lot of resistance and redirecting the blame, when it was in fact due to a bad port. Needless to say TCL customer service was a headache to deal with.As far as the TV is concerned, it is an okay television, especially for the price. Picture quality is okay, but by no means is this for die hard gamers or for someone looking for superior visuals. Especially considering the glare issues the screen has. You will notice any lights and reflections while watching in anything other than low light situations. And the refresh rates are pretty standard.The speakers provide adequate sound, but are not immersive, which is why I opted for a soundbar. This is fairly common amongst televisions with speakers in the back, so not a deal breaker. Voices are clear and the speakers do an alright job of overcoming environmental noises.The television has pretty good connectivity to which I have not noticed any delays with the Roku tv apps. The processing speed is also an area that this tv has no issues with. Again, not noticing any delay when switching from app to app, including google connectivity commands.Putting aside the glare issues and TCL’s customer service, this really is not a bad purchase. Again for the price, the picture quality is slighter higher than what you would expect.

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  56. R

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fragile But Quite Nice

    First time it was delivered, the screen was cracked all over the screen. So definitely fragile. Amazon did a really nice job to make sure the replacement wasn’t damaged though. So definitely thank you for that.Overall great quality. Built in Roku, has some HDMI ports – quite a few actually – and Netflix, Hulu, you get the idea. You have options to add these “channels” or “apps” onto your TV.Screen quality wise, I’ve never been a picky person so for me I like it. It’s bright, it’s clean – at least to me.What I don’t like about the TV is that I used to use a smart TV that can connect to other devices via bluetooth just by having the bluetooth on and connecting using prompted codes. The TCL TV…. not so simple. So it does the job but I don’t really use the bluetooth function. When I play videos, pictures, and music on my phone to “cast” to TV, everything has to be done seperately; I have to play the next one from my phone and cast it again.But yea… overall, I like it.

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  57. Apollumi

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Makes a decent computer monitor

    Purchased this as a computer monitor to write web code and some C++ but also to do some gaming (60hz is fine for me). I’m writing this review on it after having had it over a week. I’m a bang for the buck kind of guy so I love the TCL Roku TV’s. I have 5 of them and they all still work fine and look good enough for me.Something that blew me away was the 4k with HDR. I have a large 4k in the theater room (75″ 4k) and that TV picture looked noticeably better with the HDR but I only watch Blu-Ray (1080p) from my DLNA server and Netflix. After I put this TV (43″ 4k) on my computer desk I thought I would look at some 4k content and came across video of downtown Tokyo of a night at 4k on youtube. Holy crap, I watched that footage for a couple hours mesmerized. There was other 4k to watch and it was impressive but that Tokyo footage was very close to being there. After seeing that and looking at 1080p it made the 1080p look blurry like 1080p made DVD (480p) look.Now I want a 160″ 8k monitor so I can feel tempted to step through it because it looks so real. Good job on this 43″ TCL. Your products are awesome!

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  58. Melissa Pollard

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    quit working

    stop working in a year

  59. Outta Here

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointing picture quality.

    Bought this because of the built-in ROKU. Spouse streams almost all of her TV content through ROKU. A ROKU tv seemed to be a perfect fit. The ROKU homepage comes up immediately when you power on the TV. Easy to setup. No issues installing Xfinity cable. Pairing Xfinity remote to the tv was easy. The picture quality is not what I expected. It does not compare well to the 8 year old Samsung tv it replaced which isn’t even 4K. Nor does it compare well to our 3 much newer Samsung TVs. Tried for hours to adjust the picture quality in the expert settings. Better, but not great. The picture quality is significantly better when using ROKU than the 4K cable box; OTA antenna feed picture quality is adequate. Also, pic quality is better in the evening, than day. Ambient light seems to affect this tv more than the Samsung TVs. We’ll keep it because of the ROKU convenience factor, but moved it to another room where it’ll be used almost exclusively with the ROKU feed. Moved a 4 yo Samsung to the family room, plugged a ROKU Express in an HDMI port, and will juggle a couple more remotes in order to watch ROKU on the Samsung. It’s worth that, in order to get a much better quality picture.

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  60. Andrey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome cheap tv

    This tv is perfect for anyone on a budget. It works well as intended it does have 4k but only with Netflix and supported apps that are on the tv already. I was able to plug my computer in as well as have it as a third giant monitor to display anything I wanted. It doesn’t stretch or ruin the quality of content but it is limited to 1080p with any type of input device. MAKE SURE YOU USE A 4K HDMI CABLE OR ELSE IT WILL NOT DETECT YOUR DEVICES YOU PLUG IN. With a gaming console, it will see it but with a computer, you will need a higher-end HDMI cable. Tech support tried everything they could to help me out and what worked was buying a 4k HDMI cable from best buy.

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