Thai Teak Wood Thai Traditional Musical Instruments , Wooden Xylophone 8 Bar Notes.

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  1. Teakwood wood carving
  2. Small 8-11 inches, not full size
  3. Small size Thai xylophone 11 inches
  4. Distinctly crafted from beautiful teak wood in a natural tone


10 reviews for Thai Teak Wood Thai Traditional Musical Instruments , Wooden Xylophone 8 Bar Notes.

  1. Henri Duong

    This product is a beautiful addition to our music collection, working as both an art piece and instrument. I highly recommend this product.

  2. AmyB

    Very pretty was my 1st thought. Originally purchased because my 11yr son is a beginner percussionist & he’s been learning marimbas so I thought this would be good for him to just practice. With the price being so low, I bought 2 so he could teach others to play. Once received, these are so small, they can’t be an instrument but more a decorative item. Does produce different sound per key & can be played as such, xylophone or marimba, etc. Could be a great teaching tool, kids toy, practice piece for beginners, or simply a nice decor piece for music lovers or your fav music / band teacher. But do be aware of what you’re buying here. My pic has a ruler to show you the size of the sticks as well as the item. Yes, I’d buy it again. Beautifully designed & crafted. Price is really good for the item. I could see these going for double as a novelty in a music shop.

  3. Matt M

    Really nice piece, hand carved, and can be used as a basic instrument. Stands approx 6″ tall and 10″ at the widest top portion. It has a nook below the teak planks to store the xylophone sticks – 2. I was bummed that some reviews knocked it as “not a real instrument”. You can play the basic notes which sound better than I expected for the cost. The best feature – virtually everyone picks it up to play it!

  4. J. Reed

    This piece is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Says decorative only, but it DOES play different keys of sounds! I thoroughly recommend this item. It’s handmade by a family. Five stars all day!

  5. Colin Harper

    Technically it is an instrument. Is it necessarily a good one? No.If you strike the wood, you will hear tones change, just like a regular xylophone. However the tones are not bright or even distinct, really.I bought it for decoration, not for use. For that reason, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

  6. david l rupp

    So nice for the price. I love the sound, easily adjustable. delivered on time. Thanks from a sleepy little town nestled along the rivers edge in Lowell Wi.

  7. Tamra

    This is way too beautiful and unique for the price.Its functionality is a bonus if you have reasonable expectations for the size and media of the thing. The reviews suggest that people are expecting melodic tones. Its perfectly functional for percussive tones but the beauty of it far outweighs its musical value. Make this purchase for the handcrafted beauty. If you’re going for the musical value alone, well, pots and pans are still more expensive, so just dont expect long melodic tones; think percussion. All in all, its an absolute steal. Triple the price on it and its still well worth it imo.

  8. J. Sedgwick

    This is a beautiful piece to have on the shelf. We bought one for our son and one for his music teacher as a gift. It’s lovely.

  9. Sandra Stepp

    I have two boys that have everything in the world. So I bought them each one of these as a coffee table conversation piece. They both love them and thought it was the coolest thing. I will definitely search for similar items at the similar price which was definitely a good deal to see them smile. Getting some thing out of the ordinary always does

  10. M. N. M.

    This is a very beautiful percussion INSTRUMENT. It is truly an instrument. Maybe the word ‘xylophone’ is misleading to some. It is a percussion instrument not a xylophone. If you are looking for a typical rainbow steel ‘xylophone’ then this isn’t the piece for you. If you are seeking a unique percussion instrument to enhance or begin your appreciation for international percussion differences, this is an excellent choice. Makes a perfect gift for a percussion professional, teacher, or enthusiast. Makes a great student/child teaching piece (world cultural instruments, not twinkle twinkle little star), but it is most certainly NOT A TOY. This is something to put somewhere special, use for percussion, and a great conversation piece. The science alone of how the different tones are formed from different sizes and elevation of the wood adds to conversation, learning, and percussion appreciation. The color is beautifully dark and it came wrapped very carefully.

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