Thrustmaster F1 Racing Wheel. (PS4, XBOX Series X/S, One, PC)

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(PS4, XBOX Series X/S, One, PC).

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Collector’s item. Detachable Ferrari 150th Italia racing wheel replica for the Thrustmaster T300RS (PS3 & PS4); T500RS (PS3, PS4, Xbox One & PC); and TX Wheel (Xbox One & PC), all sold separately
A precise, robust and realistic racing wheel
Full-size replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel, under official license by Ferrari
Reinforced scratched-brushed metal face is heavier and more solid compared to plastic, ensuring optimum stability and inertia
Rubber-textured wheel offering a realistic and comfortable grip

10 reviews for Thrustmaster F1 Racing Wheel. (PS4, XBOX Series X/S, One, PC)

  1. MRC

    This by far exceeded my expectations. While I would prefer a non-Ferrari replica with a blank center area (instead of the fake dials and stickers), all of the real buttons and switches are of a nice quality. I do mostly open-wheel racing on iRacing (Pro Mazda is what I’ve been testing it out with) and it’s a huge step up from the standard T300 RS-GT wheel. I play in VR so the quantity of buttons are very welcomed too. As far as ergonomics, I have a nagging wrist injury and during long sessions with this my forearms get tired before my wrist hurts… so, for me at least, it is far superior to the standard RS300 wheel. The hokey fake dials almost scared me away, but I would definitely buy it again and am very happy with it.

  2. Mark Kedrowski

    I thought this was a relatively cheap wheel, but a respectable friend recommended it from iRacing. I was worried that she wouldn’t have enough buttons based on the fact that the dials – also lending to the apparently “cheap” feel.When it came in and I opened it up and immediately saw that my friend was right. It feels even little more solid than the standard T500RS. Plenty of buttons – just make sure you go into into “properties> advanced mode” from the Thrustmaster control panel in Windows.Major bonus: the panel shifters are *on the wheel* She and they go both ways. So, if you have to drive with one hand occasionally, you press into downshift impressed out to upshift on the same hand.

  3. Awesomo 3000

    I recently got a full racing sim setup (Logitech wheel and racing seat) for my living room to play F1 2017 and Gran Turismo. This wheel seemed like an excessive add-on, but it actually makes driving in F1 2017 far easier and more enjoyable than the regular, round Logitech wheel. It takes a little time to remember what all the buttons are (hint the DRS button on the steering wheel is not that actual DRS button in F1 2017) but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty awesome. I would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys the F1 games.

  4. CGM

    I mainly bought this because I like having lots of buttons. This thing does not disappoint in that area. I’ve used it regularly for about 8 months and it seems to be holding up well. Everything works very precisely. I only use this one wheel, so I have not swapped it out with others with the TX base… no idea about the viability or durability of that feature.All of the dial-type switches that you see in the picture that are in the “hub” part of the wheel are just fakes/decals. Which is a little cheesy and unfortunate, IMO. I’m a real tifosi, so I appreciate the Ferrari logo, but I think this thing would look less like a toy without the fake switches.The wheel is also, like every other game controller I’ve ever come across, smaller scale than real life.All in all, if you have this base and need a controller with lots of buttons, I think this is your only option. It works great for me, though and ironically is one of the less expensive wheels for this base.

  5. Zan Ador

    Amazing steering wheel. Feels like im driving an actual formula 1 car. And you can map the buttons as well. Overall happy with it for the price. Makes gaming more realistic

  6. Nolan B.

    I absolutely love this wheel. I bought it with the TX servo base and let me tell you, it’s just amazing for the price. The paddles are smooth and metal and have a louder click but are nice. The buttons/switches/knobs that work on the wheel are as follows: K, PL, DIF IN, CHRG, N, DRS, PIT, 10+, PUMP, 1-, the two D-Pads under PUMP and 1-, and BO, START, and WET. The D-pads can’t have different mappings and some of the buttons are the same as the two buttons on the TX. The grips on the sides are nice and I just love using this wheel for racing F1, LMP1, and some GT cars.

  7. Rusty Shakleford

    A lot of the dials are fake, but the layout of the wheel is great for simulation Formula racing. I’d recommend this to anyone with some extra $ laying around…it’s not going to make you faster, but it is more convenient than using the stock wheel (at least for the T300RS).

  8. David B.

    Out of the box this wheel has some weight to it, it does give a quality feel. Matching the buttons to the game is a little challenging and the center dials are just for show. This wheel really takes racing games to another level and in my opinion is well worth the price.

  9. Rockyall

    This is a must have if you play any f1 style of games as it puts all of the controls right at your finger tips. I have played f1 2017 with both a farrari spider (replica wheel that came with my base) and then this wheel the difference is vary clearly night and day for me preferring this wheel. The build quality is what you would expect from thrustmaster (it is durable plastic with minimal metal parts). I will never be able to play any f1 game with my old steering wheel but that is fine with me cuz I love this wheel and it dose look vary nice on my base. If you have a thrustmaster wheel base and having fun with any f1 game this is a must have.

  10. Matthew Little II

    This thing is a blast. I threw it on my sim racing rig for F1 2013, F1 2015, and various F1 style cars in other games, and the added realism as well as the excitement factor from using an F1 style wheel is just superb. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to do F1 sims or just wants a wheel with a bunch of cool buttons on it. They’re all a bit easier to reach than most on my T500RS GT wheel, and the rocking paddle shifter that stays with your hands through turns is awesome.

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