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50 RS Racing Wheel

Official racing simulator for PS4 and Windows.
900 degree Force Feedback system: Mixed belt-pulley and gears system with metal ball-bearing axle.
Comes along side with the T3PA 3-pedal pedal set: 100% metal pedals and internal structure. 3 fully adjustable pedals.
Sequential gear shifts are facilitated by the two large (5”/13 cm tall), 100% metal wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters.
11 inch/28 cm diameter racing wheel, with an ergonomic design

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T150 Pro & TH8A bundle (PS5, PS4 & Windows), Thrustmaster T150 PRO Racing Wheel, Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing Wheel

10 reviews for Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel (PS4/PS3 and PC) .

  1. Amazon Customer

    Without previous experience with “sim racing” i’m happy with it. I was considering this for months, toss up between it and LogiTech G29. Despite the T150 averaging 50 dollars less it’s belt/motor mechanism was rated higher than the motor only G29 for feel and operation. That’s why i went with it despite the G29 looks alot better. the leather and switch gear is definitely better, but i went with performance. Also consider some kind of gloves, the blue rubber wrap is certainly “grabby”, too much so. I can see friction blisters happening, so already ordered some basic leather driving gloves, under 20 bucks, nothing fancy. Probably good move over time to keep it cleaner. Also, despite all the YouTube guys wearing socks, i recommend some well fitting, light slippers with a thin but solid sole. Socks will slip off the stock plastic pedals. As for performance, you’ll find yourself tuning the cars more to this wheel, than tuning the wheel to the game, for Driveclub, GT Sport, Crew2, or the new Grid game. Project CARS 2 is a different story, the game itself delivering a wider spectrum of feedback effects through it’s miriad of settings. More complex sim racing games i wouldnt say because your probably on a PC and wouldnt be looking entry level equipment

  2. C. E. Toutwid

    Edit: Update 1/6/16Still loving this wheel. Didn’t care for the plastic feel with the rubber part on the rim so I bought a standard wheel cover for a car and modified it to wrap around the rim. It’s not perfect but it feels light years better than it did, adding a little thickness helped also. Slowly assembling my cockpit and added a Thrustmaster TH8a for handbrake use in my rally races.Original review:Great wheel for the price. The pedals will flop around if you don’t keep a heel or foot on it since the base is a bit too small. If you have a wheel stand or cockpit, the pedals have mount holes so that should fix that problem. The wheel itself is great, same size as most of wheels on the market. Not sure why people complain about it being small. Upgradeable to a new pedal set and/or shifter is a plus in the future. Plug and play in the PS3 and the drivers are great for the PC with everything adjustable. I chose this over the G27 because I don’t currently need a clutch and a shifter and if I decide to get that in the future, the add on for this wheel are far superior in quality to the G27s. PS4 compatibility is a plus if I ever buy one.

  3. Derek

    I really wanted a wheel with force feedback for racing but I also enjoy farming simulator 19, bus simulator, mudrunner etc… I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a wheel and I must say I am very impressed with this wheel! It performs differently for each game and I love it, on F1 2018 its tight and responsive and really puts you in the game but I must say project cars 2 is where this wheel really shines! You can feel every wheel lock up, under steer, over steer you name it. I found myself in situations where on controller I would have spun out but with the wheel I was able to correct it. I will say there is a lot of tweaking to get the wheel feeling the way I want it to, not one default setting has been the way I like it and in project cars 2 the force feedback is especially strong. For games like farming sim and bus sim it just adds a whole new level of immersion. The pedals are great in my opinion, the gas and clutch feel good and the break has great resistance. It comes with the conical break mod which adds more resistance but I haven’t tried it yet. Now for some cons, on carpet the pedals slide so you’ll want them up against something. I wish the wheel had more buttons similar to the G29. My advice is to buy a stand, if you’ve just spent $200 for a wheel $50-$70 isn’t bad for a good way to enjoy the product. Another con is the shifter cost $150! I mean its $50 less than the wheel and pedals, that’s insane! Other than that I would highly recommend this product, if you’re on the fence about this give it a try!

  4. Josh

    I have been using a Logitech Driving Force Pro since PS2. The Logitech is not compatible with the PS4, it was time to upgrade. The wheel is belt driven along with gears for the force feedback. This wheel feels much more realistic and less choppy than the Logitech wheel. The only thing that you are sacrificing at this price point is the pedals. They seem decently built, but the brake pedal is a little weak. You need a progressive feel to really simulate a real pedal. Luckily there is a cheap remedy for this issue. The guys over at inside sim racing have posted a tutorial. Trust me on this, if you use this mod the pedals are great. The only thing missing is a clutch, but most people are fine with paddle shifting.

  5. Daniel C.

    Good wheel for the price.It is a little notchy, even with force feedback completely off, but it’s still smooth enough; you’ll probably only notice it if you’re making small adjustments like in American/Euro Truck Simulator.Worth the extra money for the Pro version with the upgraded pedals. You get a clutch pedal the actual foot pedals are metal, as opposed to all plastic. I was afraid they’d be very flimsy but they seem solid and have a decently realistic amount of resistance right out of the box, in my opinion.I mostly use it for the aforementioned truck games so I’m generally quite gentle with both the pedals and wheel, but I feel like they are solid enough to stand up to a reasonable amount of abuse.Would like it if there was an optional fitted wheel cover for it that I could buy (hint hint); the rubberized part of the wheel is okay, but it can get a little gross when sweaty, but I guess I’ll just have to improvise and cut down a wheel cover for a real car.

  6. Dale K.

    I have to say that I am very impressed with this wheel so far.It took me a little bit to get it set up. Downloading the drivers and such. Once I got it going I was able to play Assetto Corsa and GRID. There is no reason to give it any low scores for someone having trouble setting up the steering wheel. If you carefully read the instructions and have patience it is not hard to set this up at all. I am using this wheel on a PC. Once installed on PC, some games will require you to set up your preferences (which button does what) on the wheel.-The wheel feels nice and solid, nice rubber grip feel where you would grab wheel for example 10 and 2 o’clock. The wheel is plastic however.-The shifting paddles are nice metal and seem real solid.-I am not the biggest fan of the pedals, but just knowing that I can upgrade the pedals and add an optional shifter later on with this model is what sold me. I had to put something down in front of the pedal controls for now to keep it from sliding forward. I am on hardwood floors. It could be just the way I have it positioned too.-It also clamps down nice and solid to my desk. Once I have it secured to my desk, I have never had to re-tighten at all.I am just very happy that I was finally able to buy a wheel controller with force feedback that did not cost a fortune. It is allowing me to explore whether or not I may be interested in investing more on something in the future. $200 is a great price for this as far as I am concerned.I hope this helps, thanks for reading

  7. mdude

    Note: I bought my set used for $180. I’m new to racing, and after buying Gran Turismo 5 for a couple bucks, I wanted to give sim racing a try. Hooked it all up to my PS3 and it all worked amazingly, just remember that some of the older GT’s you need to start a race and fully press down on your brake/throttle to get the full range of motion active. The force feedback is great, but the conical brake mod on the pedals didn’t feel as great as I had hoped, I wish it was a little bit softer, but I understand that making this change might have caused some long term durability concerns, so I won’t complain too much about it.The T150 has flawless support with Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 (as far as I can tell, anyway) and am loving going through driving school and time attacks, while slowly getting good enough to want to compete in online events versus other players. On PC with Assetto Corsa, binding throttle, brake pedals, and shifters works great, but the D-pad buttons are an issue. You have to do a work-around with a third-party program like Joy2Key to bind D-pad buttons to the keyboard so the game can read the inputs. This is a common problem in niche genres like sim racing where developers are usually small in size and cannot support EVERY wheel. So if you’re looking for a plug and play experience on PC… EVERY game is a case by case basis, so do your research on what kind of wheel support a game has before buying. Also, don’t forget to put this wheel in PS3 MODE when using it on PC, it’s what the manufacturer recommends.Overall, I’m very happy with this setup. It’s moddable if I want to upgrade to a load-cell brake in the future, and it fits my desk setup where I have my PC and consoles in one small area. The gear/belt system in this model doesn’t make a ton of rattling noise like I’ve heard the Logitech G27/29’s do, which is nice. If you’re looking for your first wheel and pedals, this is a great entry point, and when you’re racing you can usually only blame yourself for making mistakes. (Quick last tip: try using those cheap kitchen non-slip mats to keep your pedals from moving if you don’t have a sim chair like me.)

  8. RAYBO

    I use the Thrustmaster T150 Pro on my PlayStation Pro, the force feedback is awesome. I have used with Nascar Heat 2, Drive club, and Grand Turismo Sport so far. I have also been able to use it with my PlayStation VR setup. In each game you can setup the Wheel as you like, and you can also adjust the force feedback to how you like. This really helps make the games more realistic, you can actually feel every bump in the tracks. I know there are many different and more expensive wheel setups out there but this setup more than serves the purpose of simulating a race wheel in the games and for the price you just can’t beat it. I have not tried to setup on my PC yet, but plan to do so when I get back on IRacing in the near future. This wheel will be more than enough for the PC sims as well.

  9. GJHinsey

    The wheel has a very good feel when driving. The force feedback isn’t too strong. BEWARE, when you plug the wheel in, it rotates a couple of turns left and then a couple turns right and then center to calibrate the wheel. Dont hold onto the wheel it may injure small children.The foot pedals aren’t terrible, but the base slides and the pedals adjusts but I have found the perfect fit for me.My lap times on iracing have improved.I highly recommend this product.

  10. Shawn N.

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     Update 4/9/19After 2 years of occasional use my gas pedal spring gave out. After doing a quick google search I found this is a common problem. I contacted Thrustmaster and they had a replacement spring available but had to pay more for shipping than the spring itself. Not a big deal but be aware. See below for original review.This wheel isn’t perfect but offers great value for the serious gamer.It might be slightly smaller, and offer fewer buttons than more expensive wheels but it’s significantly cheaper. I’ve owned this model for over a year now and I’ve had no problems with the mechanics. It continues to work as expected. The feedback this wheel offers is great. If you are serious about racing games this is a good entry level wheel. Thrustmaster offers cheaper models like the T80 but they don’t have the same force feedback.The wheel doesn’t come without flaws. The rubber grips on the side feel good but I don’t understand why it doesn’t go all the way around the wheel. Most of the time my hands are on the rubber section of the wheel but still, they cheaped out. Also, it could have more customizable buttons for things like traction control but I guess that’s how they get you to spend money on more expensive models. There are work arounds such as using the d-pad.I believe there are several other wheel options that mount to the main motor unit. So if I want, I can replace my wheel with a better one without buying a whole new setup.

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