Tone Fitness Stability Ball / Exercise Ball | Exercise Equipment, Blue, 65 Centimeters.

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  • ANTI-BURST CONSTRUCTION – This Exercise Ball is made from phthalate-free, latex-free burst-resistant material for a safer, long-lasting product
  • STRENGTHEN CORE – Using a stability ball during exercise provides a platform for your entire workout & can be used for specific exercises; Increase intensity by moving your feet closer together, making your body put more effort into remaining balanced
  • IMPROVE POSTURE & BALANCE – When using a stability ball, your abs are constantly engaged while exercising, making your core stronger, which promotes better posture, improves balance and stability, and protects the lower back
  • EXERCISE CHART & DVD – Learn how to strengthen and tone your core and ab muscles by using the included exercise sheet and DVD! To inflate the ball, use the INCLUDED hand pump that designed to help you keep the ball at the accurate size
  • VARIETY – This stability ball is available in 55cm (pink) and 65cm (blue). The 55cm ball is suited for people up to 5’3” tall; The 65cm ball is suited for people between 5’4” to 6’0” tall

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Blue, 65 Centimeters, Pink, 55 Centimeters

10 reviews for Tone Fitness Stability Ball / Exercise Ball | Exercise Equipment, Blue, 65 Centimeters.

  1. Noelia G.

    Fantastic exercise ball. The pump provided is great and makes for quick, easy inflation (which is great as I am pregnant and tire easily).I am 5′ 6″ and so the 65cm ball is the perfect size for me. I previously had a 75cm ball that I bought from Amazon but it was too big for my height.I love that they give you a free CD for exercises – i have found this very useful!The material is very thick and durable, especially compared with other exercise balls, so all-in-all this has been a bargain and would highly recommend anyone to go with this manufacturer!

  2. Kindle Customer

    An excellent replacement for an office chair. Been using the ball for my desk chair for a year and my core is stronger, more flexible. I can, if my workload demands it, sit on this all day and not wind up with a back ache. I was leery of the lack of back support – the idea of an unstable ball ran counter-intuitive to the logic of an ergonomic and supportive desk chair. But the ball is superior. Actively engaging the muscles of the back works far better than attempting to support the back. Amazing. This is a change that every desk worker should explore. I thought the ball would pop – occasionally I catch my keys under me, but the ball has proven tough and resilient. Very pleased with this purchase.

  3. JS

    This is my 2nd review actually. Amazon refused to allow my original review because it dealt with the packaging of the product which I thought was a bit ridiculous considering what I ordered is made of inflatable rubberized material and a plastic pump with a pointy end. Why would this purchase be shipped in nothing more than plastic “saran-wrap” type covering?! I was upset because I assumed it would be punctured or dirty before I even got to open it. For the record, I fully intended to come back and give an update once I had opened it. But that doesn’t matter now, cause censorship of the first review will not allow it. HOWEVER…. I am very pleased to announce the exercise ball is way better than I had expected, nice color, good quality, easy to inflate, and all around a great product! I’m really happy with it. They should just package it better before shipping, that’s all I was saying.

  4. Jen

    I have no problems with this product. I am 5’4 of average leg length (an important factor when determining size of ball) and this works out great as both a desk sit and as a workout ball. Mine came with a hand pump and I had it 85% inflated in just a couple minutes. I let it set a good 18 hours and then pumped it up the rest of the way. It does come with 2 seals which is nice because those can wear and sometimes even new ones just don’t fit the best due to manufacturing or whatever reasons. I will update if something out of the norm of regular wear-and-tear happens to it.

  5. Natasha

    I’ve had this ball since Apr 2015. Ever since I had back pain, I use it as a replacement to my office chair. It has worked well so far. I have to top it off with air every few months. It came with its own hand pump which still works.Very satisfied with the purchase and if I had to buy one again, it would definitely be this same brand.

  6. AP Boyles

    I was hesitant ordering the ball for a couple of reasons-not sure on the size and the negative reviews all of the various balls have. I have spinal arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I didn’t feel like waiting until my next physical therapy session to find out the exact size of the ball I use there, so went by the manufacturer’s suggestions. I’m 5’3″ and this ball is perfect. I have it inflated pretty much all the way and my feet are just planted on the floor. If you’re around my size DON’T go for the 75cm!Besides using it for my exercising and sitting, my two sons (on of who is 5’7 and fits on it fine, feet touching) love the thing and have spent hours bouncing and rolling around on it-it hasn’t lost any air.I didn’t have any problem using the hand held pump that came with the product. The directions say don’t use an air compressor due to that air being cold or whatever…if I had started w/the compressor I would have felt fine using it-I blew it up the majority of the way so didn’t want to use the air compressor for the final little bit, paranoid of it popping, so had my husband do the last couple dozen pumps as my hand strength wasn’t too good. I think you’d REALLY need to force a lot of air into the thing to get it to pop, this isn’t the same material as play balls!It came with a couple 1″ thick grey strips. I think they’re supposed to be like exercise/therapy bands. The box and directions don’t make any mention of them. I haven’t watched the DVD but assume they’re mentioned in there!This was an awesome price for the ball-another reason I was hesitant, cheap price, did that mean cheap product? Thankfully no, that wasn’t the case at all, this is the same quality as the ones in my therapy office. It doesn’t have any smell to it whatsoever, and I am very sensitive to smells!!!I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I ordered it on a Monday afternoon with my Prime two day shipping. Later that night I got the email it shipped and it showed up Tuesday morning!!! Can’t beat that kind of service and pricing!

  7. Kyle

    I absolutely love this ball. It is a little smaller than I expected, but that’s because the cheap one I got last year from Wal-Mart (Gold’s Gym) has stretched to a 75cm ball. This one measures in at 65cm circumference, so it’s all good!The material is a matte finish, so slipping, even when sweaty, is not a problem. Compression feels natural too; the Wal-Mart ball kind of felt like a thick plastic bag. This one feels good, like a thick physio band or silicone.Blowing up the ball takes a while, and I expected that, having blown up one of these physio balls at least five times (I’ve moved multiple times and had three [different] balls now). This one holds its air very well, unlike the two other balls I’ve owned. It also seems to hold its shape well enough. I’ve had it about three weeks. I’m about 185# and sit on it for a few hours every workday. It’s not an egg yet!I’m about 6’3″, and it works for me, but I like a little smaller ball. My knees are bent slightly past ninety degrees when sitting on the ball. If you don’t know what size to get, go by the suggested sizes for your height.I’m pretty sure my 65cm is meant for guys [and gals] from 5’8″-6’1″ or so. All body shapes are different though, I have pretty normal legs, but a long torso, so this ball works for me!

  8. TeeJay

    Very nice ball. Don’t know what some are getting an oval shape – my guess is that they either got a defective piece or didn’t inflate it completely. I bought mine as an “used–very-good” item from the Amazon warehouse, so it was a customer return. I read the reviews after ordering the item and was a bit worried that I may get a defective piece. But it is perfect.Took the ball out, unfolded it and let it lie for an hour so that it got to the room temperature. The included pump is decent but takes a long time to get the ball fully inflated, I had an electric inflator from an air bed and used that. To ensure that I reached the correct inflation, I held the ball between a wall and a big card-board box and measured the distance with a tape. It should be 65 cm (or 25.6 inches) for a correctly inflated ball.The ball is round, has the optimum amount of bounce and is the perfect height for me to use as a chair or do some exercises (I am 5′ 7″). All-in-all, and excellent purchase. I liked it so much I got the smaller 55cm (Pink) colored ball for my kid too.

  9. flolikewhoa

    The 55cm Tone Fitness Stability ball is sturdy and comes with a hand pump that makes it super easy to inflate. Yes, it takes a little bit of effort, but hey, you just purchased a ball for working out, so it seems silly to complain that you have to put a little bit of elbow grease into inflating it. The material is a type of rubber that doesn’t stick, yet it has enough grip that you won’t slip off. Also included is a brochure with useful illustrated exercises.I stand 5’5″ and made the mistake of purchasing the 55cm ball. I purchased a 65″ ball (a different brand and slightly lower quality) and found that I still use the 55cm for a number of exercises. If you would like to get serious about integrating other exercises into your routine, you may want to consider buying multiple sizes anyway.It’s easy to deflate – just take a coin (dimes work best because they are thin) and wedge it underneath the plastic pin.

  10. Tesscinnamon

    I purchased this ball to do exercises on to help with sciatica after my chiropractor offered to sell me one for twice as much as this one. He said his were unpoppable but I found this one to be very sturdy in a household with 2 small children and pets. We’ve all used this ball, both correctly and creatively (as children like to do) and haven’t even had to add more air since purchasing it over a month ago. It was easy to inflate, though I wasn’t sure if I got it inflated enough since the instruction paper it comes with doesn’t really indicate how big the ball is supposed to be. There’s a piece of paper that resembles a measuring tape included and the instructions show that you use this to measure but the paper tape is blank and much larger than the ball’s circumference. The instructions make it look like the tape is supposed to only be a few inches over the ball but I had at least 6 inches and didn’t feel safe inflating the ball any more. I had to guess on it and suspect I over inflated it a little. There is also nothing included to easily get the stopper out of the ball if you want to add more air. That aside, it’s a great product if you’re in need of a fitness ball and has helped me in getting my health back.

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