Yogasleep Dohm Classic (Black) The Original White Noise Machine, Soothing Natural Sound from a Real Fan, Noise Cancelling for Office Privacy, Travel & Meditation, Sleep Therapy For Adults & Baby Health & Household

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Beloved by generations since 1962, the Dohm Classic model features our fan-based natural white noise producing our signature sound – the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air, without the disturbance of actual moving air.   CUSTOMIZED SOUND EXPERIENCE: With two-speed options for adjustable tone and volume, making it simple to create a personalized sound environment, excellently masking background noise and allowing for better sleep, office privacy, effective soothing for kids and babies, and calming for sound-sensitive dogs.   UNBEATABLE QUALITY & GUARANTEE: Sleeping is believing. For over 60 years, Yogasleep by Marpac has been the gold standard in white noise machines – read the reviews and you’ll learn why. Assembled for decades in the USA and backed by a one-year limited warranty and the always exceptional Yogasleep customer service promise, we stand behind each product and offer you a 30-day return policy.   SIMPLE TO USE: Powered by a 7-foot 120V AC plug, just plug in the Dohm Classic, flip the switch to high or low, then rotate the cap and collar to find the best sound for you. Let the noise-masking magic happen for a natural sleep aid, office privacy, baby soothing, tinnitus relief, respite from noisy snorers and unfamiliar hotel rooms, and a relaxing calming balm for barking dogs.

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December 16, 2013

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60 reviews for Yogasleep Dohm Classic (Black) The Original White Noise Machine, Soothing Natural Sound from a Real Fan, Noise Cancelling for Office Privacy, Travel & Meditation, Sleep Therapy For Adults & Baby Health & Household

  1. Sarah Anna Hansen

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought twice

    Mom has one and now we have one. We both keep it on daily.Helps calm moms nerves

  2. Lisa Ambrosino

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    For our doggies !

    We use these to drown out noises that cause our Maltese dogs to frequently bark ! They are perfect!

  3. Alexia & Helena

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Does work, but isn’t loud enough for my needs; issues w/ product construction, too.

    (Note: This review is slightly dated, as I’ve returned this product back in either Feb. or Mar. of 2016).First off, this product does work. It created natural white noise via a built-in fan, and the twist-able external coverings and low/high speed setting adjust the noise to be loud, soft, “muffled”, etc… .I bought this white noise machine because I live in a somewhat-noisy apartment complex and am a college student. Before buying this product, I used an old pair of noise-isolating headphones that blocked out any distracting noises, but not even they could block out the extreme and persistent (borderline 24/7) noise that my previous upstairs neighbor created. If it wasn’t blood-curdling screaming or knock-down, drag-out fights every other day/night, it was the stomping that rattled the walls of my apartment because my upstairs neighbor refused to take his sneakers off when he got home. Calls to my apartment complex manager did less than jack-shit. Attempts to communicate with my neighbor resulted in middle fingers and slammed doors in my face.Desperate, I saved up some money and decided to buy a white noise machine, figuring that if the National Sleep Foundation uses/recommends it, then it must be good enough for my needs. I researched it heavily, and every time I asked the question, “Does it block excessive noise coming from an UPSTAIRS neighbor?” the answer was always “Yes,” followed by reviews of how wonderful it worked for the price. And besides – if it didn’t work, I could always return it, so I went for it, two-day delivery and all.And the results? Well… It did work, but as some other reviewers have said, it’s either way too loud or way too soft; I fell in the latter category. When you get the package, you’re supposed to place the DOHM away from you “in front of” where the noise is coming from. For example, let’s say you’re standing in the center of your living room and hear loud music playing to your immediate left. Instead of placing the DOHM next to you, you’re supposed to place it between you and the noise your trying to dampen. When used like this, the product works great. True, it does NOT completely remove the noise, but heavily dampens it to the point of being ignorable.However, when trying to dampen noise ABOVE you, in my experience, the DOHM fails, miserably. No matter where I positioned it (to my left, right, left-diagonal, right-diagonal, placing it on the highest bookshelf I could fit in my bedroom without it scraping the ceiling) and no matter how open/closed I twisted it, the DOHM could not adequately muffle/dampen my upstairs neighbor’s noise. The result I got was similar to trying to drown out/muffle a jackhammer by gently cupping one’s hands over their ears.Growing desperate, I gave up at trying to position it correctly and instead bought a small bedside table that was flush with my bed height. Sitting the DOHM on that, I opened it was far as it would go and turned it on high power, then forced myself for the next 2-3 weeks to place my head as close as possible to the thing in the hopes that at least it would muffle whatever noises that happened at night. Outside of giving me neck cramps, it didn’t work.During all of this, I kept the DOHM on almost 24/7, only turning it off when I had classes to attend or errands to run. Around the second half of the third week of owning this product, I started to realize not only was the DOHM beginning to grow very warm to the touch after being on for less than 10min, but was also beginning to make weird whirring noises, as if the fan and/or motor was wearing down or coming loose. I only had the product for less than a month, and nowhere in the instructions provided does it say you can’t not let it run for long periods of time, so before the product completely gave out on me, I returned it to Amazon.Looking at some of the other reviews on this product, I’m glad I returned it when I did. Not only was it unsuitable for my needs, but too many reviewers have talked about the DOHM cutting out altogether, making obnoxious whirring/buzzing noises similar to the one’s I heard, catching on fire and billowing smoke, or, as I said, simply not being loud enough. I’m sorry, but for $50 I expected this machine to perform much better than it did. I’m giving it a 3 stars for two reasons: One, the product isn’t loud enough for my needs, and two, the product’s construction is mercurial at best. Some reviewers say they’ve had theirs of 10+ years with no issues; others, like myself, have had theirs die within 15-20min to a couple of weeks.The only reason I haven’t given this product a lower rating is because Amazon credited me a same-day refund when I sent in my package (had to pay a shipping cost, though) nor did they give me a hard time accepting my refund. With that money, I invested in a good pair of noise-isolating headphones and created my own white noise mp3 file of heavy industrial fans and churning water, which I played through my laptop’s speakers on full blast.Absolute silence for half the price.

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  4. Jay W Vogt – Peoplesworth

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Work horse white noise machine

    We own a second home in a Colonial town in Mexico where the night brings fiestas, dogs barking, fireworks, car alarms, church bells, and the like. And this is in our neighborhood which is widely recognized as “quiet.” When it is too much, we plug in this baby and it all goes away. We typically use the lower setting and don’t need the higher setting. We also use white noise apps when we are traveling but we enjoy having this all set up to go, and not needing to have our phones working all night long. Does the job.

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  5. Michele

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great value for 3 noise machines.

    I bought the 3 pack because I needed 2 for bedrooms and the other for traveling. They seem to be working pretty well for the most part after having them for only a week. I am getting a great nights sleep. They drown out noises from my dogs, and any other noises my home is making. I have had one of these before, and it lasted for years. I accidently left it at a Air B & B on vacation. Nothing else has ever worked better for me.One of the machines seems to be making a rattle after a couple days of use. I will wait and see if it fixes itself.

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  6. Jammocah

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Unlike digitally created white noise makers, this produces a natural white noise with a singular sound of rushing air.

    The Marpac Dohm DS, known as the best white noise machine since 1962, is a dual speed sound machine that generates soothing white noise and masks unwanted sounds to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Many people, young and old, have been using & recommending the Marpac White Noise Machine to achieve a better, more restful night’s sleep for many years.White noise sounds like rushing air and is perfect for adults, children, and babies who are having trouble sleeping. Continuous white noise machines are also commonly used in office environments to mask out distracting sounds, improve concentration, and increase privacy.The Dohm has evolved over the years to make it the world leader in personal white noise machines & features two power levels as well as the ability to adjust the tone and volume of the white noise generator.While turning on a fan or keeping the air conditioner running can produce a constant “hum”, these devices typically produce sound in a repeated pattern, which is distracting in itself. Plus, a ceiling fan or air conditioner does not mask out unwanted noises from neighbours or the street. A white noise machine is a much more effective alternative and provides the perfect background noise for sleep.The Dohm, formerly known as the Sleepmate sound machine, is a small, lightweight and portable white noise machine, which makes it the perfect travel companion. You can easily take it with you to create a calming and peaceful environment.Commonly used for office privacy and sound masking of conversations in adjacent rooms. If you do not want someone to hear conversations inside a room, you simply place it directly outside the room so people will hear the white noise, not the conversation.Creating the consistent smooth sound of rushing air to help control unwanted intermittent or continuous noise from;TrafficNearby ConversationNoisy NeighboursDogs BarkingPerfect For:Helping Babies SleepPartners of SnorersShift workersApartment livingDay Care Centres/NurseriesDoctor SurgeriesLoud Office EnvironmentsTinnitus SufferersUnlike digitally created white noise makers, the Dohm DS produces a natural white noise, the most popular white maker that produces a singular sound of rushing air.What About Baby & White Noise Machines?Many a parents sanity (& sleep) has been saved simply because of white noise machines for babies.White sound machines produce a calming effect on babies. Have you ever found the sound of the vacuum, hair dryer or washing machine has a calming effect on your baby, especially if they are unsettled? Ever wondered why?Babies are used to muffled noise in the womb, when they are born into the world it is a huge audiological adjustment. Wombs are noisy little homes and newborns are used to sounds, they are easily startled by sudden loud changes in noise become startled them from their sleep.The Dohm-DS operates at 60 dB, the same volume as normal conversation, making it an extremely safe, natural and effective sleep aid that is not in any way damaging to hearing.

  7. Scott

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s OK, doesn’t mask completely the noise I bought it for, MOTOR SOUND annoying !

    I bought this to mask the noise coming from the neighbor’s TV which is mounted on the thin shared wall (apartment units come with pre-fixed mounts that is on the shared wall, can you believe?!), so every time his TV is on, I can hear everything, even if the volume might be normal. There are also times he turns it up at night which is very annoying. But I don’t want to go through the trouble of having to move mid-lease, so wanted to try this out…It helps. I would say it masks 85% of the noise. I could still hear the lower- bass sounds/dialogues coming from the TV but they are unintelligible when Dohm is on. But you can still hear them to an extent. Dohm makes it less annoying though.One thing I’m very disappointed about is, even though I like that the fan sound is natural, strong wind sound, I can clearly hear another higher pitched sound coming from the motor running when Dohm is running on high. I’m aware the motor is working hard so some noise might be acceptable, but maybe because I’m very sensitive to sound, it really annoys me. Sometimes it is not as audible if you place Dohm at a certain angle to yourself but then when you move you can hear it. The motor sound is not as annoying (or isn’t there) when the fan is running on low, but low setting doesn’t really help me with my situation, I’d say….I think I’d enjoy this more if the motor sound wasn’t there…UPDATE**3/5/18:I decided to return Dohm and get Lectrofan instead. Please read the review below that I also left for Lectrofan.TL;DR: From my own perspective, they are both problematic, Dohm is more natural but doesn’t get loud enough with weird motor sound. Lectrofan, although very close to being natural has weird mechanical audio problems based on proximity to device. If you are too sensitive to sounds, then you might find Lectrofan problematic. If Dohm could get rid of the motor sound and allow higher volumes, I would definitely prefer Dohm.Full review on Lectrofan (comparison between Dohm and Lectrofan):This is my very initial review, after using the machine for like 30-40 minutes after opening the package. Before this I had a Dohm, which I decided to return because it wouldn’t get loud enough while retaining a lower pitch, but instead, a higher pitched wind sound would come out at max setting. So i decided to give Lectrofan a try after a gazillion of positive reviews. I will update this review after a couple of days and trying it at night at different settings but as an initial take on it: I can feel it’s mechanical… yes the sound is almost natural, but at certain Fan settings I could hear a weird higher pitched mechanical “ringing” here and there. When I got close to the device, it would disappear… So there is something about the user’s proximity to the device. Ideally I’m looking for something that can imitate the HVAC fan. Because right now, turning on the HVAC fan is the only thing that drowns out the irritating loud TV sounds-bassy dialogue sounds from the neighbor’s TV which is on our shared wall (apartments come with pre-fixed TV mounts on shared wall).On this device, there is only like 1 or 2 sounds that I can potentially use without irritation in an ideal world, but when I turn up the volume, a mechanical (higher pitched motor-like sound) accompanies the fan sound. Also when I go to another room, ideally I would like to hear the fan sound from there but, instead I hear a higher pitched sound until I come back to the room where the device is located…I also started getting the weird feeling in my ear canals with the device on for a while, the ones that you get on a plane because of the pressure, as if your ear canals are clogging up… maybe this device is not for me but I would like to give it a couple more attempts to see if I get used to it.Comparison with Dohm: If Dohm could get louder, I would definitely prefer Dohm. The problem with Dohm was 1) not loud enough 2) not loud enough while maintaining a low pitch 3) vibrates the surface if it’s like a wooden bookcase, or a desk, etc…so I had to keep it on the floor 4) annoying motor sound is heard from most angles, especially at higher sound setting/volume.

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  8. Neokanobi

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    THIS DEVICE is AMAZING !!!!!! if you have a partner that snores….

    I’m a very light sleeper and I tried ear plugs which works but also caused my ears to itch after a few days of use.So I needed to find a solution other than having me or my partner move to the other room when was time to sleep. I found this device in Amazon and read most of the reviews mainly pertaining to “noisy sleeping partners” and I decided to give it a try. I could not take another week using ear plugs, my ears were killing me (they were itching like hell).I received in 2 days and it came on a protective box and I received a feedback to one of my questions from their customer services in less than 24 hours that I posted here at Amazon. BTW their customer services (Michelle) ROCKS !!!!I placed the device at my knight stand by the side of the bed which is about 2 to 3 feet from my head and I placed in the lowest setting to give a try. Michelle mentioned to try for a week so you can get used and adjust the settings accordingly.The noise (in low level) that it makes is like a small FAN without the air coming out. It took me a day to get used but from the get start I did not hear anymore my partners snoring noises. After a day or two I was fully used with the fan low noise which it becomes very soothing. Now I understand why some folks use it to help baby to sleep. :-)What I also noticed and this is pretty cool is that it seems that create sort like a “surround white noise sound affect” so I have set at the lowest fan white noise level is not just coming from my night stand side but surrounds me like a “white noise bubble”. Is pretty interesting.I hardly wake up in the middle of the night for bio-breaks but when I do and only then when I get out of the bed is that I noticed that my partner still making snoring noises. (pretty cool) I get back into bed, I hear the low fan noise and in no time I’m back to sleep like a baby.I highly recommend this deviceNeo++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Update: 06/23/2014 – My Marpac DOHM-DS is working so fine, that I got one for my friend. :-)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++UPDATE: 10/11/2014 – I have been using every night since I bought this great device and it works flawless at night still using at its lowest setting. Even when my partner is making noises I do not hear them anymore. I also tried during the day, sometimes if I want to take a nap I turn it on because of the car noises and sometimes sirens close to my window during the day and once again all the noises seems to disappeared and I’m surrounded by the relaxing fan white noise. Best thing EVER !!!!

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  9. Clairetta Anderson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s About Time We Got Blissful Sleep, Thank YOU, Marpac!

    We set the Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner up in our bedroom, on the high setting because we live on an, extremely, 24/7, busy street. It seems some people just have to blast their stereos, be boppin while going down the road. Needless to say, their be boppin was causing us to jiggle right along with them in bed. Now I don’t know about you, but I like my jiggling outside of bed, on the dance floor, except on those special occasions where it calls for it, if you get my drift. But, for Pete’s sake, not while I’m trying to drift into dream land! Chee whiz, people just don’t realize how much they disturb others with their airplane loud music. It sure was disturbing us. Not much sleep, if any. We did not realize how much it was disturbing us. And that’s another thing, we live close to an airport, and to top it all off, we also have a train track close by. So we were getting it from all ways. Upper, sideways, and below. Well. Not below. But you know what I mean.Hubby was saying he could not get any decent sleep since we moved here and was tired most of the time. I’m retired and a night owl. So I sleep during the day when roaring cars fly by, trains are rumbling down the tracks, wailing their whistles and airplanes are flying so low, they sound like they are coming into our house. There were those mufflers, that grrrrowl, and emergency vehicles that skreeetch were keeping me from going into rem sleep. And I didn’t know or even realize it!Enters the Marpac. Blissful quiet and no more be boppin, wailing, roaring, rumbling, grrrrowling or screeetching. We have stopped jiggling and now we sleep like logs and wake refreshed. We have also stopped fighting and arguing most of the day.There is one thing I was hoping for, which it does little to quiet down, which is Tinnitus. Hubby and I both have environmental Tinnitus. That is what I call it anyway. We don’t hear it outside of our home. And, if I do, it is so slight, I barely notice it. But here, cheeez. It is like a million people whispering all at once or a microphone pitching. One of the main reasons I bought it was for that reason. A reviewer said it helped someone with theirs. But the benefits of non-raucous noise and restful sleep made it well worthwhile. We didn’t find using it in our living room as beneficial either. So now it’s permanent home is in our bedroom.I, very highly, recommend, if you live on a busy street, have neighbors that keep you up because they don’t understand the rules of etiquette or children are wailing like they are being tortured, that you buy this Marpac Sound Conditioner. I don’t believe you can go wrong, and you might find you are getting blissful sleep like we do.

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  10. None of your Business

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought for Indoor noise, more so than Outdoor noise

    For the past three years I have lived with one of the loudest humans on planet earth. I work nights so I tend to sleep in until about noon. However the person I live with gets up between the hours of 4-7am. Sometimes when I’m getting home from work she’s getting up to face the day. My bedroom has a huge kitchen on one wall, a hallway and my roommates bedroom on the other wall and the outdoors with a compost bin (that attracts loud crows) and a radiator on the other wall. My roommate makes elaborate meals for dinners two days in advance at 6am, using the food processor and unloading the dishwasher. She brushes her teeth with her electric toothbrush, uses her waterpik, all with the door open. She refuses to shut her bedroom door and snores all night long. She also walks up and down the halls talking on the phone at the top of her lungs, and turns on the TV in her bedroom and the one in the kitchen so they echo.Unfortunately I can’t afford to move at the moment regardless of how annoying and rude she is. I’ve been using this machine for about 5-nights. She didn’t wake me up at all the first 4-days, however she did this morning. She was using the food processor at 7am. However I turned on my rain track and the two together blocked her out and I was able to fall back to sleep. Normally I’m not able to fall back to sleep until she finally leaves. She usually makes noise for about 2-3hours before she finally does leave. The crows at the compost haven’t woken me up since getting this machine. There’s also a humidifier right under my vent downstairs that clunks all night and I can’t even hear it with the sound conditioner on.The machine has foam underneath to prevent vibration. I got the dual speed 980, however I have not used the louder speed yet. You can move the vents on the top and sides to make the sound louder, I have mine on the loudest vents but the lowest setting. It’s about 5″ wide by 3 1/4″ high for those who wanted to know. It’s also best to place it across the room from your bed instead of next to the bed, so the sound can travel and fill the room. I’ve been a lot less cranky during the day because I’ve been getting more sleep. The sound to me is quite soothing and allows me to relax, I’m a bit of a restless light sleeper. Sleep is so important, so if you aren’t getting it because of noise or even because you can’t relax I’d recommend this. It’s certainly worth a try. My 2 1/2 year old nephew has one as well, he sleep with it every night.

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  11. Sasa1227

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound Machine Game changer

    This machine does not quit. You decide when it is on/off. No more annoying ads, boring loops or annoying vampire lights disturbing your melatonin cycles. Analog operation makes it even better. The adjustable modes make it easy to find the fan sound frequency that is right for you. Seriously helps drown out extremely high road noise levels outside my bedroom window. Definitely a keeper.

  12. Ron Stewart

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    What a great device for helping you go to sleep!

    This device is absolutely amazing for eliminating background noise. I am a very light sleeper, and live near a lake full of geese who are loudly vocal, not to mention other noises like crows. Before I bought this device I was using ear stopples, which helped some. This device removes all extraneous noises completely. It has several adjustments on it so you can dial in the correct level for what you need. If you have trouble sleeping because of noises, just buy this device, IT WORKS!

  13. CB Bowman, MBA, CMC, MCEC, BCC

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great to block out noise!

    If you have a partner who snores this is they best unit. It is one of the original models at half the price. However, I wish that it could be made louder, My husband can wake the dead with his snoring.

  14. Jeanette

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    White noise machine

    This is a really nice white noise machine and works great. We have used one of these when we travel and at our home

  15. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect sound and size

    This is the perfect white noise for sleeping. The sound is adjustable. It is also the perfect size for traveling. Love this noise maker!

  16. Mediahound 🎧Mediahound 🎧

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Silence is golden, if you can get it. This is the next best thing

    Update: I ended up buying a second one for my living room! It helps block out my noisy neighor who often plays his music when I’m trying to enjoy a good book in the living room, or just take a catnap on the sofa.For the second unit however, I bought the Camo version which I think works well in the bedroom. You tend to almost subliminally think of nature and the relaxing outdoors with the camo version near you when you’re sleeping so I moved the Black one to the living room.–I live less than a mile a way from some train tracks and the train engineers often blow the train horns in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. I have often believed they are doing it out of spite for having to work the overnight shift or something! I also have some neighbors who walk their barky dogs just before they go to bed just outside of where I am already sleeping.The Dohm Classic to the rescue! Sure, silence is best if you can get it. Think a mountain cabin out in the woods or something, I sleep amazing there, but the rest of the time, at home I need the Dohm.It helps isolate you from the outside noise so you can sleep better. Think of it as blackout curtains but for your hearing. (Note: you need blackout curtains too if you don’t already have those).Nice mechanical device, made in the USA and classic retro device. I remember seeing these from time to time when I was a kid in the waiting rooms of various doctor’s offices; I used to think it was strange as kid but now I totally get it.No looping or pausing of the sound, which is important because if it did, your mind would be anticipating that loop and would keep you awake.I have mine plugged in to a remote switch so I can power it on or off from bed whenever I want. This is very useful since I don’t need to have it on while I’m reading in bed, but then when I’m ready for sleep, I can turn it on easily with the remote. Same for when I wake up, I can turn it off while still in bed.Note: I found that there can be a slight high-pitched whine just based on where you have the casing dialed in at, due to the fan resonating but a slight twist of the casing and you can make that go away so the tone is more pleasing.I would really recommend one of these to anyone and can’t believe I didn’t get one earlier.

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  17. Kathryn E. Whitcomb

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Soothing white noise

    To drown out my snoring

  18. Sandy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    This is to replace the same unit, only in a different color, that I have used daily for 20 years. It is just now starting to lose some velocity. I highly recommend this unit!!

  19. Katie B

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleep without noise!

    This is the third one I bought in 20 years. I don’t hear any outside noise and sleep great. Now I can’t sleep without it Over 20 years of using it. It is also great for traveling, It will fit nicely in any travel bag. I love this, it’s the best you can buy.

  20. JD Tucker

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product


  21. James Visser

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    2 levels

    2 ambient noise levels. Works great to cancel my consistent ear ringing AND cover extraneous outside noises.

  22. Bambi Faria

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Bought to put near my puppies to help them sleep and not wake up from neighborhood noises….works great!

  23. Guitarman

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleep. Sleep & Sleep

    No pictures yes due to it being a Christmas gift for our son and already wrapped. I put it to use for a brief time before wrapping and I can say it will probably be as good as the other 4 we have that are over 20 years old and still running properly. Wish my BMW ran this smoothly and cost about the same, not going to happen!!!

  24. Lotus

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I always use while sleeping and it’s great with limiting the noise around me when I need it to.

    Was recommended by a doctor who uses it in their office. Great to use. The sound is comforting when I sleep and doesn’t have the draft that an air-circulating fan outputs during the cold months. Plus, it’s efficient in decreasing or blocking sounds and voices when in use for meetings and appointments.

  25. Jack Young

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Much better design than new one.

    The sound quality is slightly better than the new model and the original design has a tighter outer shell fit for sound adjustment. The one I received was a bit beat up though around the edges of the middle outer adjustable shell so will just swap for one in better condition.

  26. Kevin B. Edwards

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Too loud for our tastes

    The machine has a high build quality. The buttons and moveable parts are very solid. But, after using it for one night, I returned it for a refund. Simply put, this white noise machine is too loud for us. I stress, “for us.” I’m sure there are folks who would be very happy with this White Noise Machine. After turning it on and spending quite a bit of time adjusting the sound settings, I could not get the volume low enough so that we could sleep comfortably. After reading all of the many positive reviews, we wanted to like it. We surely would have kept it if the sound could have been turned down quite a bit more.

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  27. MamaSun

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Night Shifter- Perfect Product

    Excellent quality and longevity. Product is used daily.

  28. Laura M.

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Arrived dirty and used

    I love the brand. Just not thrilled with how it arrived. Returning for an exchange. If I wanted a $50 white noise machine dirty, I would have shopped at a yard sale.Update- the seller replaced this quickly. Thank you.I love this brand and product. The replacement box came sealed so at least I know it wasn’t tampered with and there were no fingerprints or greasy residue on it. Still only giving three stars as there was dust all over it and it was not in a protective bag of any kind within the box. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a gift bc it shipped in its original packaging. It just makes me wonder if the dust is coming from the shipping process after it leaves the seller or from the manufacturer. A plastic or even a paper or cloth bag would have kept the debris off it. I’ve bought this product before and have never encountered it being delivered like that.

  29. KimBurr

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as loud as expected but still works great!

    I thought this would be at least as loud as my air conditioner running in the summer. While it wasn’t as loud as expected the noise it makes does help reduce background noises of other people and outside vehicles. I run it every night and think it is great.

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  30. H Eaton

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best. Sleep. Ever.

    I have always been a light sleeper, and am easily woken up by relatively quiet sounds like the air conditioner turning on/off or floor boards creaking etc – to say nothing about outside noise from passing cars or neighbors mowing their lawn at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning… I tried drowning out the background noises with a “Nature Sounds” CD, but couldn’t find any that I liked. So eventually I started sleeping with the ceiling fan on high – which definitely muted the background noise, but also makes the bedroom feel colder and really dried my eyes and skin out.Then I started babysitting for a family with a new infant, and they introduced me to the Marpac SleepMate in their nursery. If you haven’t heard a white noise machine before, I’m not quite sure how to describe the sound… Maybe imagine a quiet vacuum cleaner? Or maybe a cross between a “hiss” and “whoosh”? Anyway, it has a very soothing womb-like sound that helps their son fall asleep and prevents him from hearing his parents move around the house after he’s in bed.Needless to say, I fell in love! I went home and immediately bought a SleepMate for myself. The unit is small and neutral color, and definitely doesn’t look out of place in an “adult” bedroom. You can adjust the tone/texture of the sound by twisting various parts of the unit, and I was easily able to find a setting that my boyfriend and I both liked. The SleepMate was worth every penny because it has drastically improved my overall quality of life. I actually feel rested when I wake up every morning, because I am usually able to sleep through the entire night uninterrupted. I don’t notice background house noises any more or get woken up my roommate’s TV – and it even covers up pet noise! (My cat had developed a nasty habit of lurking right outside my bedroom door and meowing insistently at around 4:30 a.m. – but he’s given up, having realized that his yowling no longer produces the desired effect because I can now sleep soundly through all of his complaining.)I have to admit, I’ve become so addicted to the white noise that I even bring my SleepMate with me when I travel. In fact, I’ve raved so much about this product that my parents and sister all bought SleepMates, and my boyfriend got me a 2nd unit for our guest bedroom this Christmas. One quick tip – I’ve noticed that on certain hard surfaces, the SleepMate produces a secondary low-pitched reverberation – but this disappears if you simply place a soft cushion underneath the unit.** NOTE – I bought my 1st MarPac SleepMate in November 2008, and it’s still going strong. I recently moved from a relatively quiet subdivision to an apartment in the city that has a LOT more traffic noise – I had to turn my SleepMate to the louder (II) setting, but it still manages to drown out mostly everything. Every now and then a particularly high-pitched ambulance siren or a really loud, thumping bass gets through, but overall the SleepMate is still letting me sleep soundly!

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  31. Britani

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This sound machine is absolutely amazing. I love the fact that I am able to control the settings on it as well as get much better sleep it stays on constantly to create a calm and relaxing setting.

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  32. Theresa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    ATTENTION NIGHT SHIFT WORKERS! This product will save you, if you are a day sleeper

    01/06/2014 I just ordered my THIRD Dohm sound conditioner today. I have been using this product since July 2013. The first one still going strong. I ordered a second to help mask out construction sounds when I moved into a new condo (no more roommates, yay!) but I knocked it off the shelf this morning and it broke : ( I just ordered a replacement today with 1 day shipping because once you have one or two of these, you will realize just how valuable they are for blocking out unwanted sounds. I plan to purchase another one for my living area. I now live in a multi-unit building undergoing renovations, a challenging environment for a person sleeping during the day. The walls are not quite sound proof, but having one of these operating helps.NOTE TO DAYTIME SLEEPERS (NIGHT SHIFT WORKERS): This product works best if you place it CLOSER to your head. I sleep during the day because I work 12 hour shifts at night, and right now my new condo building is undergoing construction. For daytime sleeping, I place one unit on either side of my bed to completely mask out all ambient noises. There is a circular saw operating in close proximity to my front door at the moment and I can barely hear it when these are running. I operate both units on “high” setting to block out the most noise.For blocking out more challenging noises (hammering, loud saws) during the day, this unit will overcome most but not all of the annoyance of having to sleep through construction noise near your bedroom. The best way I have found to mask out almost all of the sound is to operate two of these at once, on high, on either side of my bed, and I wear a pair of noise cancelling headphones on top of that. This cancels out 99% of the noise from the loud construction crew outside in my hallway. But the hammering vibrations can’t be stopped. I wish there was a way to do that.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–In July 2013 started a job that requires rotating shift work about seven weeks ago. I have housemates and we all have different schedules. Knowing I’d have to sleep during the daytime, and during hours there is likely to be noise in the house, I purchased this to mask out noises that might wake me up and turn me into an angry bear.I found out that the low setting works best for me and it truly DOES mask out in a very pleasant way, any sounds that might wake me up. The only sound I have heard above this whooooooosh noise, is a fire truck. (and I don’t think there is anything out there that is going to eliminate that).Highly recommend. I may buy additional units. Worth the money. Has saved my housemates from being yelled at!!!

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  33. barry

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Noisy neighbor? Here is your solution

    This product is amazing. I am so pleased. I live in a highrise on the 15th floor in Boston. I can deal with the outside noise but my neighbor above? OMG !! Rude, inconsiderate. He is one of those people who has no common courteousy with apartment living. He scrapes chairs, slams and drops things, paces heavily and worst of all is his television. He plays it at such a loud volume that the noise resonates down through the vent and walls into my apartment. I can often hear it word for word. I have dealt with management in my building etc. but this guy won’t cooperate.I have tried cds of rain and waterfalls but as others have stated, these don’t work well. I sleep with a fan on me at night and that helps but I can’t have it on all the time. My dear neighbors clock is reversed and noise runs from about 4 pm till 3 am. It was recommended that I get a white noise machine and I didn’t really believe it would help but I knew if there was a place to do my research it was with Amazon. I know the styles that play soothing sounds like rain etc. would not work for me.But this machine does exactly what it says it does. It provides a constant, steady rush of air. It sounds better than my fan and provides a constant background noise that has removed my neighbors nuisances by 95%. Some have complained about the price but I think this item is an amazing deal. The unit is of high quality, has two settings of high and low and further adjustment can be done by rotating the round collar. The directions explain how it works and it says to place the unit away from you so that the sound will fill the room. I have done that in my apartment and the sound resonates very comfortably. It is a sound that it took only a couple of days to get used to. Now I can play my own music, listen to my own tv, be on the computer in silence and sleep with no disturbances. Before, any time at night I had silence I could hear noise resonating from my neighbor.I am so grateful and shockingly pleased at how well this machine works and easily becomes a comfortable part of your life. I love my apartment but my neighbor has had me thinking of moving. Not anymore. For $50 my peace and sanity has been returned to me.Highly recommend this product.

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  34. Carlos Avila Caro

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    El producto es de muy buena calidad, pero esperabamos un sonido un poco más notable. Es muy suave y se asemeja al sonido mínimo y más bajo de un ventilador pequeño. :,v

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  35. Katawampas

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This actually works for me. I am a light sleeper & in the last year, every little thing wakes me up so I have not had a good night sleep. I was desperate to find SOMETHING other than a sleeping pill so I tried this….& it actually works!I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now & have had a big improvement – I feel more rested & alert during the day. I do not wake up as often – maybe once or twice & I fall back asleep quickly. A fan going in the bedroom always helped me sleep better except for the blowing, getting too cool & drying the sinuses. This DOHM solves those problems.You can adjust the amount of sound – there is a lot of adjustability. I find it works best for me on the 1 setting & all the ports closed down – so the most quiet. I put it in a corner of the bedroom, far away as possible from the bed.Another benefit I was not even thinking of….when we have guests at our small cabin, you hear when someone gets up in the night, snores, coughs, etc. I put this DOHM in the hall between the bedrooms & turned it to a medium sound level & everyone slept better! It blocks out all those sounds – kind of a simple miracle. I’m buying a second DOHM to leave there.This unit is assembled in the USA & the person who assembles it, signs their name on the bottom tag. So if you are looking at a cheaper version of this, keep that in mind. You are keeping someone employed here in the USA & this is a well built unit! It does not get hot & it’s heavy so I assume the inside motor is not a piece of junk.

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  36. Rob

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Small, yet functional

    Good day. I am a huge fan of the SleepMate 980A. For about as long as I can remember (started back in college), I have been using a small fan to make white noise. In college it started out as a device to cover up loud dorm mates so I could sleep or study — and then just kept using one after I graduated. Now 20 (cough) years later, I was still using a fan — but even the smallest fans were bulky and packing one in a suitcase just wasn’t happening.I came across this little device when I was in a doctor’s office. The office was small with patient rooms very close to the waiting room. Apparently there was a problem with waiting room patients overhearing doctor-patient conversations — so they bought one of these, put it in the waiting room near the patient rooms, and used it to cover up the conversations — and it worked very well. I figured if it could be good for that, why not sleeping.Until then I had tried digital sound machines — but babbling brooks, crickets, waterfalls, rain, etc. just did’t work for me — and the white noise sounds were awful. I liked the sound of a fan…period.The SleepMate, for the most part, is a fan — but it has a plastic case all around it. Inside is a motor and fan blad — so it sounds like a fan because it generates sound the same way. I loved it…and was hooked. The 2 speeds are nice, but find speed 1 is all I ever use. You can vary the volume and pitch a bit by rotating the outer cover as well as the top until you find a volume you like. Just twist it with your hand — takes but a second to alter. It has a foam pad on the bototm so it won’t vibrate anything on your nightstand. And here’s the kicker — it’s small enough with an easy to pack shape so I take it with me everywhere and fits nicely in my suitcase.My wife got used to this as well so I bought a second one for when I travel. I recently purchased two more for my kids. They currently use fans — but will be replaced by these SleepMates in the very near future.I have been using mine for about 1.5 years and just love the thing. I do think it is a bit pricey for what the unit really is — but it produces a sound just like a fan without the bulk and does not blow any air on you so you don’t have to adjust it away from you like you would a fan.

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  37. Kyle Hill

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for newborns!

    As someone who has used the Yogasleep Dohm White Noise Machine for several years, I can confidently say that it is a great product. I purchased it to help my newborn boys sleep better at night and it worked wonders for them. The white noise it generates is soothing and helps create a peaceful sleeping environment.The machine is incredibly easy to use and comes with various settings to customize the volume and tone of the white noise. I found that the sound quality is excellent and it effectively masks other noises that may disrupt sleep.One of the things I love about the Yogasleep Dohm White Noise Machine is its compact and portable design, which makes it easy to move from room to room or take with you when traveling. It is also very durable and built to last.Overall, I highly recommend the Yogasleep Dohm White Noise Machine to anyone looking for a reliable and effective way to create a calming sleeping environment. It has been a game-changer for my family and I’m confident it will be for yours too.

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  38. Germantown Gator

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve never liked a sound machine (conditioner) until now!

    To be honest, I’ve never been one to like or even want a sound machine. I’ve always enjoyed the peace of a silent night, but when you find that your significant other cannot sleep without either a box fan or a sound machine, you make compromises… Needless to say, I did my research and found that the DOHM was not only the first sound conditioner, but what many consider to be the best.The Sound: Being a sound conditioner (rather than a sound machine), this unit does not offer the several different soundscapes of competitors (ocean, river, rain, etc.). Don’t worry this will not be a problem. With sound machines, you always get an audio track that has a loop function built in… meaning that there is a defined amount of audio that repeats in order to perform a loop for the listeners, so that there is never silence. The DOHM, instead, creates a conditioned sound of white noise that isn’t a digital track. As such, there is no repeating loop for you to be waiting to hear (or hoping to fall asleep before hearing again). I never thought I would like something like this, but honestly, I became addicted to it the first night and dread turning it off in the morning because the sound is so soothing. I can definitely still sleep without it, but given the choice, I choose to go to sleep to it.The Speeds: Honestly, I only use the highest setting with the grill wide open for the loudest sound. I don’t know why, but since I’ve loved it at its loudest, I’ve never tried it on the lower settings. The unit does offer two speeds/volumes though and by turning the top of the unit, you can adjust pitch of the sound.The Color: This is the only thing that I don’t like about the DOHM… The off-white color isn’t my favorite. I’m assuming that this was the original color and why change something that you don’t have to change? I would have preferred a gray or white model, and luckily Marpac does make a DOHM for the National Sleep Foundation that is white, so my second conditioner is that model instead.Conclusion: Overall, if you’ve never tried a sound conditioner or if you’ve had several and don’t have to specifically have rain, waterfall, ocean or some other type of soundscape, I would say this is your best choice by far. Even if you like soundscapes, I would still strongly recommend this one, as I’m sure it would surprise you how addicting this little machine is.

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  39. Kristen

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love It (but I also had realistic expectations)

    When I began sleeping with a humidifier a few months ago during a bad cold, I grew to love the sound of white noise while I was sleeping. Well, it didn’t take long to kill my humidifier by running it every night, so I went looking for a sound mahine on the internet. Now that I’ve been using the Marpac or over a month, I can say I’m very pleased and can’t imagine sleeping without it.To address some of the comments made in other reviews…This machine is not a miracle worker. It’s not intended to block out every noise possible. It does block a lot of noise, and the rest of it is muffled.There are two volume settings (hi and lo), plus you can adjust the pitch. I sleep with mine on low and it’s plenty loud. Those that say they have it on hi and it’s not loud enough are either hard of hearing or they’re crazy. (Sorry….I know it’s subjective, but trust me, for the average person, the hi setting is very, very loud.)If the sound does not seem soothing to you, try using it on low for awhile, then gradually increase the volume over a period of a few weeks. I turn mine on as I begin getting ready for bed, so that by the time I actually crawl into bed, I hardly notice it’s on. The instructions also say it works best if it’s not right next to the bed, so try moving it around the room too.Bottom line…it’s been very helpful for me in both getting to sleep and staying asleep. I’m purchasing a second one today to use while I’m studying in another room. Unfortunately, our backyard borders two other houses with dogs, unruly children on trampolines, and adults who like to party outside during all seasons and at all hours of the night–so my Marpac is getting good use!Update 3/28/10: It’s been nearly a year and I’m still loving my Marpac! My husband would rather not have it on, but he tolerates it. It’s so great for blocking small noises that tend to otherwise keep me awake: hubby watching tv downstairs, dog moving about, chirping birds too early in the morning, barking dogs, etc. I bought a second one for another room so I could study without being distracted by other household noises. I can’t imagine being without it!Update 7/4/11: I’ve had this over two years now and it’s still going strong with daily use. God, I love this thing!!!

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  40. K. H.

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    The ones they make now don’t last

    I have one that is 15 years old and it still works.This one didn’t make it a year before the rattling started.These things are disposable now. I’ll be looking for alternatives.

  41. fab 60-something

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A great item and exceptional customer service

    I always have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms … either too quiet OR mysterious background noises that keep you wondering. At home, I sleep with a fan on, and I’m used to that sound. I found the sound machines with ocean waves or whatnot to be equally distracting. When I read some of the reviews about this item, it sounded like a good alternative. I have used this on the road, and found it to be just right. There is no distinguishable sound at all … just a whooshing sound that you hardly notice after you turn it on, but it provides just the right amount of white noise to help turn off the brain and settle into sleep. I’d love it to be just a bit smaller for those smaller overnight bags, but nevertheless, this is a keeper!UPDATED 4/16/2013**** after 2 years and 5 months, this sound machine DIED (it just stopped working; no sound of motor running, nothing). ****I would have expected it to last longer than that, but we rely on this item so much that we still plan on ordering the same thing as a replacement.UPDATED 5/10/2013******AMAZING! When I received the replacement product, I registered it online (with Marpac) and just mentioned that I was buying a replacement for one that stopped working after 2 and a half years. I didn’t even ask for a replacement or repair, since I figured too much time had gone by; I mentioned this to make the point that I liked the product so much, I wanted to buy the same thing after it stopped working. Anyway, someone at the company contacted me, and sent me a return shipping label. She told me that if it was a product defect, they would repair it at no charge; otherwise, there would be a $25 repair fee.. So, I sent it back, explaining that I didn’t want to pay the $25 since it’s half the cost of the new product, which I had already replaced anyway. If nothing else, they could simply examine the item to determine where it broke, and learn from it. Well … SURPRISE! I received a perfectly functioning, repaired item just about a week after I sent it in. And no charge. I find this level of service exceptional! Oh, and if anyone’s wondering, I don’t know what all they did to repair this, but I do notice that the power cord has been replaced.

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  42. Miriam Garcia

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    I received my Marpac last week after anxious anticipation.I have been plagued by an upstairs neighbor that lives at odd hours and is very noisy. We have hardwood floors and they should be carpeted. I let it go for a few months, hoping it would go away, but one night the noise was so loud I had to go up in the morning to kindly talk to her. She soon bought a carpet runner and claims to be trying to be quiter, I can’t ask for more, I also spoke to management.So even though the noise has diminished, I still hear random noises throughout the night that were waking me up. I’ve always been a sound sleeper, so these noises are clearly excessive, the previous neighbors were oh-so quiet. But life changes and stress factors come and go.So here I am, I’m not planning on moving, I diplomatically did all I could to better my situation, yet I felt I needed to be proactive and cover all my bases. At first I downloaded the white noise app from itunes, It helped but my headphones kept falling off as I slept and it was creating stress for me.I value my sleep and I seek to truly be able to relax, the entire situation was stressing me out!So I did my research and came upon the Marpac, so many good reviews, I just had to try it. I ordered it and couldn’t receive it soon enough.Finally I received it last week and was shocked by its’ size, I had read about it’s compact size but didn’t expect it to be so small. So I took it home and used it at the highest setting (out of 2), I have moved it around and settled at a table about 4 ft away from my bed.I can still hear noises when I’m awake with it on, so I doubted that it would help me, but I’m happy to report I have been sleeping well since. My anxiety has decreased regarding this crisis, and I hope eventually it goes away.I have to say I feel really good after last night’s sleep.So I’ll keep using it and perhaps I’ll raise my review to 5 stars. The reason I’m apprehensive is because it’s not as loud as I expected it to be, but if it does the job then I’ll upgrade my review. So far, so good.

  43. Joel Porter

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent white noise without the draft of a fan! Ozone smell will diminish!

    This is a relatively simple device. It has two speeds and two separately movable outer shields to change the quality of the noise generated. With the shields wide open you get a nice white noise similar to running a loud fan in your bedroom. With the shields dampened you get more of a pink noise. I prefer the white noise as it’s generally more effective at masking other noises, although the pink noise I find to be somewhat more soothing on its own.I’m an exceptionally light sleeper and for years I’ve slept with a fan on. This isn’t ideal in the winter since it makes my room rather drafty. Now that I have the Dohm sound conditioner I can get white noise that’s just as effective if not more so while avoiding a drafty room. I also frequently use it while I’m studying so I don’t get distracted by noise.Ozone Issues: Many people have commented about an ozone smell coming from the device, and I can confirm it is there and relatively strong when first started up. However, as the manufacturer mentions, the smell does diminish with time. The manufacturer explains it as being a “new product” smell, but it is in fact ozone (the smell is unmistakable) and at household voltages the only products I know of that produce ozone are those that generate sparking. As such, I imagine this device uses a brushed motor as brushless motors do not produce sparking and thus do not generate ozone.Again, the smell does diminish with time to nearly undetectable levels, although I can only guess as to why the ozone/sparking decreases over time. It may be that the motor brushes have a break-in period during which they are worn down in such a way that contact is improved and sparking is reduced. Since ozone has such an exceptionally strong odor even at low concentrations and also has a relatively short half-life, I’m not overly concerned about the ozone produced being a significant health hazard, especially once it drops to almost undetectable levels. If you’re an individual who is concerned about ozone, my advice would be to initially run the device away from you at a distance where you cannot detect the ozone smell.Finally, if you’re like me and enjoy the smell of ozone and other chemicals that are absolutely horrible for your health, you may find yourself sniffing this thing frequently when you first plug it in. If you catch yourself doing this, stop.

  44. Matt Turner

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    True Natural Sound for Minimizing Distraction – Great Company

    What I really love about this sound conditioner is that is it uses air movement to create noise rather than speakers. This gives the product an unmatched natural sound. Moreover, it is infinitely adjustable. If you want a cozy, muted feeling, close the vents. For a more natural, breezy feeling, open them up. And find an infinity of noises in between.This product draws a very low amount of electricity (I keep it on 24/7 and noticed no real rises in my electricity bills) and is simple to operate.I only have a few real beefs with this product, which I really would never live without again:First, I am addicted. I can’t sleep without this baby, or something like it at the very least. In hotels, I take the hair dryer out and turn it to low all night. Maybe not safe, but hey, like I said, I’m an addict. This really isn’t the fault of the product. In fact, it means it may be TOO good at what it does.The second is related to the first issue. This product isn’t really portable. You could take it with you, for sure, but its not designed for travel. This is only a minor problem.The final problem is a bit more serious. One night, I kicked a blanket off myself and it landed on the floor over my sound conditioner. The result? A dead, non-functioning product. I have to think it over-heated without an adequate amount of air movement through the fan. That’s a bit scary, but then again, perhaps it was built to cut power rather than dangerously overheat (or maybe not, I don’t know). Either way, I had to buy a new product. Keep this on a table to avoid the problem.UPDATE 03/01/13:Any company that cares enough to respond to customer concerns on Amazon is a good one in my book. I already love this product, but if you look at the comments, you’ll see that my few concerns were well addressed. The blown-fuse that occurred due to my covering of the product with a blanket was confirmed to be a safety mechanism. And it turns out the company makes a portable version for travel. What can I say? I love this sound machine! Changing to 5 stars.

  45. Jeff

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A new type of noise for your brain to get used to, works in a busy city environment

    I live in the middle of Hong Kong, which is one of the busiest cities in the world. Unfortunately, that means that I am bombarded with 24 hours of non-stop traffic noise, noise from people chatter, slamming doors, upstairs, downstairs and all around (it’s an apartment after all). I bought this so that I would not be waking up so much in the middle of the night, or early in the morning on days that I don’t have to work. I must say I was a little skeptical at first as I cannot return this without any cost born on me (international shipment) and there wasn’t any product demo available over here. However, I went purely on the huge amount of positive reviews here on Amazon.It took a while to get here, and it did not arrive unscathed. The frustration free packaging meant that the Dohm-DS had to survive the rigours of international shipping through i-Parcel in just a simple paper box and a bit of bubble wrapping. So when I unwrapped it, it arrived with the top snapped off the base. Fortunately, the tabs that held it in place only appeared slightly bent and did not snap and so I was able to put it back together.An international voltage down-step transformer had to be used as it’s 230V over here and after a bit of adjusting the sound of the device, I proceeded to sleep. I made the mistake of putting it right next to me head and ended up turning if off after about an hour as I still hadn’t fallen asleep. However, the next day, I read the manual and proceeded to move it all the way to the back of the room. It worked a lot better this way and the sound reminded me of a rumbling airplane. It did take a few days for my brain to get adjusted to the sound of the device (which is the sound it makes with all the holes closed), but whenever I fell asleep with the device on, I remained asleep a lot longer. This was proven with an activity band that I wear at night to track my sleep patterns.It worked so well that I even purchased the travel version which includes an international voltage adapter so I can take it to the hotel when I travel.

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  46. Alex D

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best thing Ive ever used to help me sleep

    Let me start this off with telling you how bad a sleeper I am. I sleep very warm, I wake up pretty much every two hours and I’m always up at least an hour before my alarm goes off. The only good thing is that I can fall asleep in mere seconds.Sometimes I take an advil before I go to sleep and it helps me stay asleep a little bit longer, but I dont like taking any type of medication more than I have to. Most of the time when I wake up a half hour-hour before my alarm goes off, I turn on the news. What I found out is that I tend to fall back to sleep quickly and sleep until my alarm goes off. Over the past year I had been on the search for the perfect pillow thinking that would help me sleep better. That wasn’t the solution though.I cannot sleep in total silence, that’s one of the issues I found. I tend to find myself waking up after a couple hours and my TV is still on. The problem with sleeping with the TV or radio on is that there are obviously times when a commercial comes on or something that is louder than the programming and it jolts you out of sleep.I happened upon this somehow and read the reviews. I had seen one of these before in person and figured why not try it.Let me just tell you that I have had this for a week now and have never had deeper sleep in my life. I have it on the first speed setting with all the holes open and set on a stool across my room. I sometimes have a tendency to still wake up in the middle of the night, but when I do I feel very groggy and fall back to sleep immediately, as opposed to before when I would be wide awake. Also, every day so far I have slept until my alarm clock wakes me up. This hasn’t happened in many many years. I absolutely love this machine and how I sleep now.This might not work for everyone but its a minimal investment to try. I have suggested to my sister to try this for her kids also to help them sleep.

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  47. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love DOHM

    This is the second DOHM in my house and it lasts for years! My first one ever bought is still surviving so it’s definitely worth the money.

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  48. Travis Fandrich

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good not great

    It works well with another fan in the room but on its own it’s too quiet, the little micro adjustments you can make with it are completely useless

  49. Hugh R.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    An old friend

    I am happy to recommend this product. I have been using these for about fifty years. This is my third one (my first with the Yogasleep brand). The first one lasted for about thirty years, and finally gave up the ghost when the motor bearing seized. The switch on my second one is getting iffy, so I decided to get a new one, keeping the old one as a spare. The new one is very similar to the previous models with the exception of an improved rocker switch replacing the old rotary type. I expect this one to last longer than I will.I have always liked the white noise generated by the enclosed fan. It does a good job of masking outside noises as well as the little creaks and groans of the house and helps me get a good night’s sleep. It is easy to adjust to the sound level I desire.I miss it when I travel, as it takes me longer to get to sleep without it. I find it a little large to pack, as I tend to use a medium sized suitcase which fills up quickly.

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  50. Hope

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect item to help with sleep!

    Perfect size, ability to distract noise and assist with sleep!

  51. Just Someone

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Peaceful Sleep to Keep Insanity at Bay

    We moved from the east coast to the west coast about 14 years ago. One of the biggest differences (for the worse IMHO) is that the west coast has housing developments where the houses are almost on top of each other. There is literally 6 to 10 feet between your house and your neighbor’s house. The back yards contain a sliver of land before it meets your backyard neighbor’s house. In addition to this close proximity causing other problems, one of the problems is that noises generated by neighbors (some of them not so respectful) are exacerbated. You name it: dogs barking all dang night, mowing the lawn and using other loud equipment for yard work (like a blower, string trimmer, etc.), loud music, loud talking, etc. There are also other noises not caused by neighbors such as planes, trains and (to me) the horrible sound of morning doves at the crack of dawn.The most annoying and frustrating noise emission we’ve had to deal with are dogs barking, incessantly and/or during “normal” sleep hours…incredibly rude and this can literally drive one insane!! Our neighbor’s (at the time they were renters) would leave their dog outside virtually all night, maybe taking it in the house at 3:00am sometimes, only to let the blasted thing out again at 6:00am (including weekends!). Our bedroom, which was on the first floor, would literally be a few feet from the neighbor’s side yard and back yard because the houses are so close together. Many talks with the neighbors and their landlord failed. We tried the police…they said we needed to file something in court. We looked into court options and, unfortunately, the criteria necessary to file the appropriate action was not met, so we couldn’t do anything there either.Finally, we discoverd the Marpac Sound Conditioners (a prior name). They are unbelievable. Lifesavers, and savers of our sanity. We have had three of them for almost TEN years…one for each of our children and one for ourselves. The sound is incredibly soothing. There are no “repeating cycles” that you can oftentimes here with digital white noise and sound machines because the unit is generating the noise like a fan, but without the cold air. I have many digital sounds too (beach waves, rain, white noise, etc.), which are good for me at times, but I still feel the Marpac units are clearly the best for me for sleep. Additionally, if your mind/ears are like mine, and you HEAR a digital cycle start over (like rain that has been recorded, plays for 30 seconds and then starts over), it can interrupt the process of going to sleep because you noticed the loop starting over. There are no loops with the Marpac.There are two settings, high and low. The low has worked for my wife and I and one of the children this entire time. The older child likes hers on high. There are holes on the top and slits on the side. The top can turn to open or close some of the holes and the side has a sleeve that can be rotated to open or close the slits. Manipulating the slits or the holes adjusts not only the volume of the unit, but also the tonality of the sound. So, there are quite a few options for you as far as volume and tonality.Incidentally, these items are small enough for travel and they have a long cord (on purpose) for more placement options.With this on, ALL of the outside noises are gone, and we can sleep in peace. The external noises melt away.An additional HUGE bonus for me was something I discovered after I started using the Marpac. I purchased the Marpac to drown out EXTERNAL noises. I didn’t even think about the INTERNAL noises in my head!! I’m talking about laying in bed and thinking too much, which can also cause sleep loss and insomnia. Sometimes my mind can race. You know, where you are just laying there, thinking about things…what I forgot to do today, what I need to do tomorrow, a work issue, etc. The sound from this unit helps me to NOT think about things so I can fall asleep, and stay asleep. It is one sound (the type you choose using the sleeve and the top) that simply continues without changing, so it is not distracting and you become immersed in its calm soothing sound.I can’t recommend these enough, not only for downing out external sounds, but to also help one NOT to think as much when trying to sleep.

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  52. Kellie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ah, sweet sleep!

    As many people who reviewed this product have complained, we, too, live beneath ‘those’ neighbors. We’ve suffered through countless sleepless nights and sighed in relief when air conditioning weather rolled around again. While we could still hear noise from above and were still frequently rudely awakened, it happened less often and was less jarring, making it easier to fall back asleep. Well, the cold weather rolled around again and once again we were functioning on very little sleep. When earplugs, quiet music, and nature sounds failed to have any effect, we had to find an answer. A fan was not practical in our tiny room, leaving us feeling chilled no matter how we arranged it, beside the fact that I hate blowing the fan constantly and trying to keep it dust free. We had to find an answer. The great reviews inspired me though the bad reviews cast doubts. To me, the price was well worth it to have even a chance at sleep. At this point I often found myself in tears at 4am praying for the relief of sleep .When the unit arrived ahead of schedule, I ran into my room to set it up. I put it on a dresser about six feet from the head of our bed. I set it to the loudest sound it could make and looked forward to bed. Two words: It worked! We got the same effect as the air conditioning, pretty much. The noise was greatly reduced. The noise that came through was less bothersome so that often I could just turn over and drift back asleep since I didn’t literally jump out of bed thinking something happened to one of my kids. I run this 24 hours a day since I like that it muffled some of the daytime noise, which, while not waking me up, can really get on my nerves (guitar playing, balls bouncing, things being repeatedly thrown and dropped on the floor, kids screaming, parents yelling).What I like: Blocks a lot of noise, muffles the rest. Doesn’t take up a lot of room. Doesn’t stand out like an alien device. Easy to use. So far very reliable. Not as loud as my air conditioner but I feel it does just as good a job.What’s OK: The noise isn’t annoying, but neither is it soothing. Being fair, I feel that if it were soothing, it wouldn’t really neutralize as much sound as it does. I can hear a little vibration from it sitting on my dresser, though I have a couple of things I haven’t tried yet to help that.What I don’t like: There is nothing I do not like.Let’s be fair. This unit does exactly what it promises. The noise may bother some, true, but the only way to know is to try. I don’t know why people say, “Don’t buy this, the noise is horrible!” Definitely tell us if you find it horrible but understand that not everybody will. I know people who can’t sleep with a window air conditioner or a fan. They don’t tell people not to buy them. Would I prefer if my house was quiet and I didn’t need this? YES! I would! I love when it is dark and silent and I can sleep. Unfortunately, right now I do not have this option. This machine has literally given me back hours of sleep PER NIGHT and, in turn, made me feel less stressed and I am rarely short tempered. (I say me because my husband has lost a lot of hearing and simply sleeps on his good ear. It seems to work for him as well as the machine works for me!)One point I would like to make is that this machine does cover noise, so if you have kids (or even sometimes pets, I would imagine) you might want to keep in mind that chances are you won’t hear them when you are in the room with this machine, sleeping. My seven year old woke up with a stomachache one night and in the morning he told me he’d been in the bathroom for a while. The bathroom door is directly across the hall from my bedroom door and I never heard him. (Ha – that shows you how loud the neighbors are as I still hear them!) If something is going on in the house, it could be easily missed. That also makes it great for kid’s rooms to block the sounds from the rest of the house when they go to bed early.If you have noise that keeps you awake or wakes you from your sleep, this machine could be the answer to a better night’s sleep. If you can sleep with a fan or window air conditioner, this may work for you. It has been a life changer for me!Update: We have been using this product continuously for coming up on five years. I can no longer sleep without it. We use one to travel with and is a lifesaver in hotels where rude people talk loudly late into the night, or you hear road noise, or even just the strange noises of a new place. Sleep saving device!

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  53. Shan Siddique

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Tranquil Nights with Yogasleep Dohm Classic – A 5-Star Experience!

    I recently purchased the Yogasleep Dohm Classic White Noise Machine, and it has been a game-changer for my sleep routine. The soothing sound of this machine creates a peaceful environment, effectively masking any disruptive noise. Its simple, elegant design fits seamlessly into any room, and the ease of use is remarkable – just a flip of the switch and you’re enveloped in calming white noise.What truly sets the Dohm Classic apart is its unmatched sound quality. Unlike digital recordings, the natural, fan-based sound doesn’t loop, providing a consistent and relaxing background noise that lulls me to sleep. The ability to adjust the tone and volume offers personalized comfort, making it suitable for different preferences and environments.As someone who struggles with sleep, the Dohm Classic has been a blessing. It’s not just a noise machine; it’s a sleep therapy device that has significantly improved the quality of my rest. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a natural and effective sleep aid. Five stars for its exceptional performance and reliability!

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  54. Cyrena Johnson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great machine and LOUD

    This is a great machine but I will be returning it. It’s WAY TOO loud for us in the lowest volume and completely shut down. I guess we’re weird because others have said it’s not loud enough.Also, the sound, even in its deepest, is too Brite for us.

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  55. get your hands dirty

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Finally some bathroom privacy!

    We have a downstairs powder room at our front entry way. It’s conveniently located and highly used, but the walls must be hollow! You can hear everything from the sink faucet, the flush to coughs and the TP roll spinning! So, I wanted to get a privacy noise maker/white noise machine. What I found between the privacy noise machine and a sound conditioner is well, different names, different costs, but same affects! When I received my daily-deals email from Amazon recently and this machine was on sale, I knew I had to get it then.Item arrived safely and on time, Prime order. Simple packaging and set up. In fact, just plug and play. You can adjust the sound volume by turning the top lid and/or twist the container side. There are holes, as seen in the picture, which allows for more or less sound to project. In addition, this unit has a low and high on/off button. So there are many configurations to perfecting just the right amount of noise your needing.I set this up on the floor near the doorway of our power room and placed it on low and dialed in the container top and sides to find a happy-medium volume. IT WORKS GREAT! The only faint sounds heard from the powder room was the actual flush. I couldn’t hear the faucet nor any of the business conducted. It was a nice!In addition, I have been using this more during my study hours, to mask out my rowdy children’s bickering and the annoying neighbor dogs barking. My husband, who at first, thought it was a gimmick and laughed at my intentions, has now grown accustomed to it and has been bringing it upstairs at night in our bedroom! I almost think it works too well! I was napping recently and had my bedroom window open for fresh air and was using the Sound Conditioner to mask those pesky neighbor dogs. We had a guest come over in his big diesel truck and parked directly below my window! I didn’t budge. I had no idea we had a guest over!So, what does it sound like? My best description is when boarding an airplane. When you step through the doorway, there’s that settle whoosh of air and that sound to go with it. Or perhaps, if you’ve ever walked through a doorway into a business that has a fan blower above the entrance. The door opens and the fan blows strong, noisy air downwards into the doorway. These are my best comparisons.If your thinking a box fan, I can’t comment, but I’d think that’s an awfully loud fan! At first use, if your not accustomed to any traditional white noise, then it probably will seem rather loud or even annoying. For us, after a weekend of constant usage, it becomes background noise, but also fades the other noises in the area; music, children, dogs, tv.How big is it? Best comparison is to a spindle of 50 pack CD disks with a cord.If your having trouble with noises while sleeping or am looking for conversation or bathroom privacy, this will do the job. Small enough to pack in a suitcase or carry-on. Not knowing the success we would experience, I only wish I had ordered a second unit! Highly recommended!

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  56. Modmabel

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Ok for sleeping but not noise cancellation privacy.

    We used this model to cancel noise and offer privacy for clients outside the office doors in our counseling clinic a few years ago but the unit I just bought is much quieter than the older ones. It isn’t loud enough now for privacy but would be good for shushing a baby or for sleeping. I still use it because the sound is nice but I have to add a white noise app on my phone to make it noise cancelling for therapy sessions.

  57. Jeff

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A must have for anyone that doesn’t live in the country or a nice and quiet suburb

    A must have for a baby/toddler’s room. An absolute must have for shift workers.I used to have it bad, for ten years I often worked nights and lived in hotels. Maids vacuuming in the next room, doors slamming shut, kids running and yelling in the hall. Without the Marpac Sleepmate II, now the Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner my sleep was constantly being disturbed. I would toss and turn in bed for nine plus hours and would still feel unrested. With the sound conditioner I would sleep for 6.5 to 7.0 hours and wake up before my alarm went off feeling like a million bucks. It hides noises that would wake you, but it also hides the lesser noises that would just disturb your sleep by barely waking you (small wakes that you won’t remember in the morning) or just keeping you from going into deep recuperative sleep. I fall asleep faster and sleep better with it.My daughter as a baby, toddler, and now a five year old sleeps like a dream with it. I would turn it on when she was a baby and that plus one or two short lullabies and she was out for a long nap or a long night. I believe, that when she would wake prematurely, as naturally happens, the soothing sound or perceived quietness from the sound conditioner, ensured her brain that everything was as it should be, so she would not get curious or upset, and if her mind/body needed more sleep she would fall right back into it. She wouldn’t wake until she was thoroughly rested. Sometimes I would have to stir her from three plus hour afternoon naps instead of letting her wake on her own. Even if she was just a naturally perfect sleeper and it wasn’t so much the sound conditioner, It did allow adults to not have to tip toe around the house while the baby/toddler is sleeping. That right there, makes it worth it. I lived in a small apartment and I would do dishes, watch TV, flush the toilette right outside her room, and even vacuum while she slept. I’d make the noise and peek inside her room and she wouldn’t even stir.My girlfriend would sleep with a table top fan on her nightstand blasting air across her face all night because she needed it to sleep. Of course after years of that she started waking up with bloody noses. I figured she needed the white noise of the fan blades more than the sinus drying gale force wind. I bought her a sound conditioner and convinced her to run the ceiling fan at a moderate speed. It worked, she loves it.Quality: I have had mine for four and a half years (as of April 2014) and I can guarantee that I have abused mine more than just about anybody out there. I used mine when I was at home and I tossed it in a suitcase to travel an average of 18 days every month. In and out of home, suitcases, and hotels. I would also fly with it in my checked baggage several times a year. It still works and looks great. The only thing I can fault it on is that the still functioning fine switch doesn’t have the same solid click/feel that it had when new when you switch it back to center. Up or down to switch it to low or high and I still get the reassuring feel/sound from the switch. A solid accomplishment for the years of abuse I’ve given it. Yours will likely sit on a night stand and last forever.Buy it!=)

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  58. timer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works

    It has no rerun noises. It is a nice steady noise and can be adjusted to your liking. It has a real fan. I can’t say enough good about this item. Was familiar with the item as I bought one In about 1972. Liked that one too.

  59. Marla

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound Machine

    Love this sound machine. Used to live with a heavy snorer, so I purchased this and it really helped drown out the snoring. Years later, the snorer is gone, and I still use it to sleep. Uses actual fan inside, so it’s not a sound loop that can skip. In 35 years, this is my third one. Only improvement I would suggest would be that it could be a little louder. Oh, and my doctors’ offices use them for privacy outside their exam rooms.

  60. Jennifer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    7+ years

    We originally purchased this in 2016, and it has worked amazingly. We used it every time we went out of town, because at home we sleep with the fan on. In the past year, we’ve even started using it with the fan.Only in the last month or so have we noticed a rattle. It’s intermittent, so we bought a second one. No hesitation…we got our money’s worth on the first one and have no doubt the second one will be great. We added the travel case, too, which fits nicely. We’re keeping the old one and plan to use it for travel, so it can “live” in our suitcase, while the new one will be on the nightstand.

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